10 Personality Traits to Make You More Attractive Than Ever

personality traits

Have you ever met that specific type of person that has a unique and intriguing personality, which gradually wins you over? Not with stylish looks or physical appearance: these things don’t make enough of an impact to overshadow the personality.

These kinds of people stay true to themselves and their beliefs, no matter what. Their general fearless attitude makes them inspiring and beautiful, outside of any physical aspects. A cute face or a hot beach-ready body may gather lots of looks, but it’s the personality that captures the hearts of others.

We’ve realized that certain personality traits are very similar between the fearless and inspiring folk. Of course, not all people find these traits attractive, but it seems very much that many take a definite liking to these qualities and think of them as admirable and respectable. So, if you’re looking to enhance your attractiveness, you might want to work on the following aspects of your personality:

1. Have a Backbone and Know How to Do Your Own Thing

When you’re in a group of friends, don’t just agree to every idea that’s being thrown around. The main point is to have firm beliefs and interests, and you have to express them fearlessly. For example, you’re in a group of 10 people, and 5 of them actively want to go to a pizzeria, but you want to visit a jazzy-looking bar down the street. Well, don’t be silent and express yourself!

If nobody respects your opinion, then you should be able to confront the group about it. In the case where nobody is still considering your words, you need to be able to withstand peer pressure, separate yourself from the group, and do your own thing! Sure, it may make you look unpopular at the moment, but you will gather tons of respect for your individualistic attitude.

2. Say No Pettiness in Your Life

Try to become an observer for once in your life when interacting with other people or seeing your acquaintances interact. Be extra attentive and look for all the bickering that’s happening around you. See these little fights for what they are: arguing for the sake of arguing, and be sure to rise above such nonsensical behavior.

Have you ever known people in your life who constantly worry about nothing and blabber on about the smallest of issues? Yes, you want to be the opposite of that. People who don’t get bogged down with insignificant issues and petty problems are often admired and respected.

3. Actively Listen to Other People

Do you know what people really like? Being heard and acknowledged. With this point, we don’t mean that you should remember to say “happy birthday” on the special days of your acquaintances. No, that is a given, remember smaller details about other people, like their obscure interests or hobbies, the things they are passionate about but don’t mention that much.

For example, does your acquaintance just love Roman mythology, and you run across an article they would find interesting? Send it their way and tell them that the article made you remember about them and you think they would enjoy it. This kind of behavior will show that you are indeed thoughtful and caring. On the other hand, if you were to disregard everything other people say as insignificant and you won’t pay any attention, then you’ll just come off as a jerk.

4.  Stand Up for Just Causes

Just like you have to stand up for your own ideas, you must also stand up to any injustice you meet in your daily life. No, don’t go off and become a vigilante crime fighter, nor is there a need to be a publicist that does social commentary custom writing for blogs. However, if you encounter any amount of bullying in your work, in the shops, or just on the streets, don’t let it just happen.

Most people admire personalities who have a loud voice against any wrongdoings in the world, even the smallest ones. Still, remember not to go overboard with this and police everybody’s behavior. This will only make you look like a complete square. The general rule of thumb for this is whether anyone being actually mistreated at the moment. If you see a boy or a girl being harassed, then it’s definitely time to step in.

Be Unapologetically Yourself

All of the points above have to do with having strong beliefs in something and being present in the moment more than anything else. Staying true to your inner nature is what truly inspires most and gets the biggest amount of admiration, because, sadly, a lot of people are too shy to show their inner beauty to the world. That’s the essence of being attractive – regardless of your appearance.