How long after a divorce can you marry in US?

How long after a divorce can you marry in US

The number of Divorce in USA every year is very high. Although now the rate of divorce is decreasing, still 39% of marriages end up in divorces. Have you got a divorce recently? Do you want to know how long after a divorce can you marry in US

  •  State Laws- Every state has different laws mentioned for remarriage after divorce. If you are planning to get married after getting a divorce recently, check your state marriage license rules beforehand. Here we have mentioned the waiting time period for getting married after a divorce in the U.S.

    Alabama- 60 days Nebraska- 6 months

   Kansas- 30 days Texas- 30 days

   Massachusetts- 90 days Wisconsin- 6 months

Other states have no restrictions on the marriage license application.       

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  • Making certain if the divorce is final– It is essential to make sure whether your divorce is truly final. In some cases, a judge can grant you and ex-spouse a divorce nisi. Nisi is final unless that if in case one of the partners changes their mind or they lied about their property. It is a waiting period between the day of the final divorce and the time when a judge grants the divorce.                                                                       
  • Avoid Unintentional Bigamy– Family lawyers help in negotiating the remarriage issues after the divorce and help in preventing the unintentional bigamy. Bigamy is when a person is married unlawfully to two spouses at the same time. Sometimes due to miscommunication and misunderstanding, couples get married before the other partner’s divorce is absolute. In the case of bigamy, the couple should consult a family lawyer, because the new marriage will be invalid. In some states, bigamy is considered a felony.

Causes Of Divorce In USA:- 

There are three main categories of divorce causes in the USA

  • Financial Issues
  • Infidelity                  causes of divorce in USA
  • Basic incompatibility

Money or financial issues include different financial goals or disagreements on how to manage finance, too much debt, and financial infidelity. Too much debt is a deal-breaker in among 75% dating couples. Incompatibility can include a lot of things like differences in religious views, political views. Annoying habits or hobbies other partners can’t look past. 

Reasons to remarry after divorce:-

Being into a new relationship after a divorce can be exciting and intimidating. You can’t expect to jump into long term commitment again with the same enthusiasm like the past. Your past experience gives you an advantage in this new relationship. You are more clear about what you want from this relationship and the future and the level of independence you want. If you are planning to get married again after the divorce, you might need some reasons to support the idea.

Below are some of the reasons you should think about getting remarried after divorce

  • You are in Love- falling in love with someone is one reason to consider marriage but you should know that this love should be strong enough to stand the test of time. If you both have stood by each other through ups and downs and make each other truly happy, then remarry.
  • The power of giving and receiving- after getting married you will have one more person to take care of. Marriage is about giving and receiving, efforts, love, trust, faith, attention, care. Give what you want to receive. Appreciate your partner.
  • You don’t need marriage but want to get married– after you have healed the scar of divorce you won’t think of marriage as a need and requirement for financial security and stability. You would want to get remarried because you love this person and want to spend your life with them.
  • Compatible finances- Differences in financial situation is no reason to get out of a relationship. But it is important to know about your partner’s financial situation before deciding to get married. Be sure of the debt, child support, credit history, and assets and when both you are comfortable then you can decide to move forward.
  • Your partner is liked by family and friends– it is easy to be blinded by love and see everything in rose-colored glasses. It is important to get your friends and family to meet your partner and ask for their opinions and views about them. If your family and friends have doubts then you should step back and take your time.

Rules for A Successful Second Marriage:-

People believe getting married after the divorce is the only way of being happy again. But statistics tell a different story altogether. The divorce rate of second marriages in the US is 60% more compared to 50% for first marriages. 

Marriages fail because of blended families. This causes a loyalty problem within stepchildren and co-parents, and many other differences and difficulties also come with remarriage. Trust And intimacy are the two vital elements of a happy marriage. 

Below We have mentioned ten powerful rules for making a second marriage successful. 

  • Practice vulnerability in small steps- Build an open and confident relationship with your partner. Discuss by starting small issues like meals and schedules before coming onto bigger problems like managing finances and disciplining kids.
  • Build a culture of respect and appreciation- Author Kyle Benson says, “When you can express what you cherish about your partner. The idea is to catch your partner doing something right and say, ‘thanks for doing that. I noticed you unloaded the dishwasher and I really appreciate it.'”
  • Make time and relaxed environment for interacting with a partner- hear to each other’s side of the story and ask questions in a non-aggressive and assertive way. Partners should be attentive, supportive and affectionate to your partner’s bid. For example- “Please make a cup of tea “something as simple as this or when your partner is sick accompany them to the doctors.
  • Prepare for conflict- conflict does not mean your marriage will end. It is essential to solving the underlying problems in your marriage. If you are too angry to respond at the moment, take your time to cool down, think about the conflict, and the problems. Discuss with your partner in a soft tone.
  • Discuss expectations to avoid future misunderstandings- taking the risk is important. Deal with hurtful feelings when it is something important you need to discuss instead of shutting down. A healthy argument can clear the air between you two.remarriage after divorce
  • Effective Communication- Be responsible for your actions in situations of disagreements. Listen to the request of your partner and ask for clarification on unclear issues.
  • Attune to your partner- Body posture and eye contact demonstrate your intentions and compromise. Even when you have differences, relax together, this will keep you connected. Turn towards one another and show empathy rather than willingly turning away.
  • Embrace your stepparent role- a stepparent is the role of being a mentor, an adult friend, and a supporter instead of a disciplinarian. Learn new ideas and strategies and share ideas with your spouse. Don’t expect an instant love. When stepparent feels disrespected and unappreciated by stepchildren, bonding between the two becomes difficult, causing stress in the family.
  • Open-ended dialogues- Don’t make ultimatums or threats. Avoid saying harsh things like you will regret later. The most common issue married couples fight about is Money. It is important to have full disclosure of finances for a successful remarriage so that resentment does not build up.
  • Practice Forgiveness- we all have our own flaws. Forgiveness doesn’t mean condoning the hurt you felt. The practice of forgiveness will allow you to remember that you are together in the same team and will help you to move on. 

Guide to stay successfully Married:-

  • If you are thinking of getting re-married take it seriously. When you think of a person imagine them in different situations, will that person be ready to move in the same direction as you, will that person make sense in the future? Ask yourself why do you want to get married again? What problem is the marriage solution for?
  • If you are struggling with your current marriage and planning to get a divorce think about your obligations and rights in a marriage. Marriage changes the ownership rights to your property. It changes your responsibility to support and all kinds of legal rights. Thinks about everything that divorce comes up with.

Some frequently asked Questions Relating To Divorce:-

  • How long you have to be married before filing for divorce?
  • There is no fixed time period mentioned. You can file for divorce at any point.
  • Who will pay the fees for a divorce?
  • The spouse who files for divorce pays the fees. You just need to pay the consultant fees for the attorney.
  • What are the steps to be followed after filing for divorce?
  • Filing for divorce, you need to follow certain steps. You will have to check with the court clerk for the set of instruction paper or check your state court official website.