7 Easy Healthy Tips Every Student Needs to Be Aware Of


Your college years have the potential of being some of the best years of your life. However, if you don’t take care of your body while you are there, you might spend the decade after that trying to restore your body and mind to its former glory. 

The problem is that you are not getting any younger and the habits you form during college are hard to break when you work full-time. Here are some easy health tips for students to follow to make life after college even better.

Your diet is 90% of the weight battle

One cannot stress how important a proper diet is at college. Of all the healthy tips that you can follow, maintaining a healthy balanced diet is probably the most important. During college, you will be tempted to follow a bad diet as the opportunity to do so is around every corner. 

Don’t try and cut out every form of unhealthy food. You’ll only end up over-indulging. Rather, pick your battles and allow for a cheat day or two during the week. 

Keep exercising regularly

You are in college to get a degree, but you will soon realize that getting that degree is harder than you might think. Studying takes its toll on the body, which is why you need to stay fit. 

When you exercise, your body sweats much-needed endorphins, which will help you stay motivated. If you only sit and study, you will burn out and eventually get less done than when you sacrifice 30 to 40 minutes a day to exercise. 

Your sleep is more important than you think

Depending on the course that you are taking and your personality, sleep is easily one of the things that people tend to neglect the easiest. They feel that if they waste time sleeping, they won’t get to study enough or miss out on an epic party. 

The truth is that your body needs sleep as much as it needs food and if you deprive yourself of some shuteye, you become less productive.

You could even end up with depression. If you are troubled with non-ending writing work or pressure of the exams, receive help from trusted assignment writing service. It’s trusted by thousands of students from the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

Don’t neglect your sexual health

It is no secret that college is probably one of the wildest times of your life. You’ll probably have more than one sexual partner throughout your tenure, which is why you frequently need to monitor your sexual health. Be wise and use protection and get yourself tested for STDs. 

You are protecting yourself as well as others when you put your sexual health first. The one thing that you should always remember is that you should always feel comfortable with what you are doing. 

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Basic hygiene will keep you healthy

This might seem like a no brainer, but when you leave your house for college, there isn’t someone who tells you to wash your hands or make your bed. That is all on you. If you live in a dorm, you’ll be sharing a small space with a lot of people and if you don’t practice basic hygiene, then you are sure to catch something. 

Stress is a killer

One of the biggest reasons why students drop out of college is stress. This is mainly due to not planning well. Studying takes its toll and it is stressful, but when you don’t plan your weeks and semesters well, you end up adding to the pressure. 

Your time is precious, and you must balance it out. If you spend all your time studying and no time relaxing it is also counterproductive. 

Your brain needs care as well

Your brain is complex and it needs stimulation, but there is also such a thing as overstimulation. You need to take a break from your studies now and then and touch base with the people back home. 

You need to give your brain some time to relax and recover. Remember that college is a marathon, not a sprint. Cramming will only get you that far.


Healthy students are generally happier students. Don’t fool yourself in thinking that the ones who party all the time are having all the fun. In the moment, they might feel like they own the world, but when reality hits, it hits hard. 

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