8 Easy Ways to Add Volume to Your Wig

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Do you like flat or voluminous hair? Of course, tastes differ, and someone may not want to have poofy hair. Still, many of us prefer to have a choice. As the mood takes us, it is cool to enjoy a full head of silky and fluffy hair. Especially when natural hair obviously lacks volume and we want to enhance a look. There are so many ways to do it using numerous hair care products. But when you wear a wig, is it possible to keep its volume under control? 

Indeed, when adding volume to a wig (many wigs for sale at Unice now), you make it look natural. And you may get what you want if you apply styling tools, but first, read this article to get it right the first time.

What should be considered when you make your wig fluffy?

You should understand that some approaches require skills and a deep understanding of the process. You may spoil things if you ignore the specified rules. We bet you do not want to damage the wig, so when you decide to change it, please make sure that you:

  1. Have chosen a quality wig that allows various procedures, including heating, even if you are sure you would do it with your own hair.
  2. Use only high-quality sprays and other products designed specifically for artificial or human hair (depending on the material of your wig), as well as hot tools in moderation to avoid over-drying, which can cause wig wear and tear.
  3. Employ correct techniques of hair styling and do not comb out too intensely because it is easy to get a reverse result and get a flat wig instead of a fluffy one.

Use tongs or curling irons

We cannot say that straight hair is dull. Absolutely not! You can have a very elegant look with such a hairstyle. But if you want to make your wig less sleek and change your overall appearance, you may make it poofy. There are so many ways to add volume to your hair. You can use tongs or curling irons to create gentle waves, stunning curls, or even funny ringlets. This approach is commonly used to add more volume.it is easy to do with short wigs, buy short wigs.

However, you should know that synthetic wig styling is more difficult than natural ones. They often do not like heat and can easily burn. But there are quality ones that are heat-friendly. Just do some asking around before you choose a wig to ensure that you’ll be able to apply various tools.

Pay attention to the roots if you want to have straight hair, but a fluffy wig

Also, you can take hair rollers and apply them to the roots. In such a way, you’ll be able to add volume but not change the style. We’ll provide you with a brief guide:

  1. Take your rollers (it would be nice to find the ones of various sizes) that are needed to add volume to wigs, and prepare your hairspray and hair dryer (you will need them too).
  2. Take your wig and comb and divide it into sections. While making the layers, keep the undivided hair arranged in a bundle on top with the help of hair accessories. Start from the bottom, dividing the 4 strands, for instance.
  3. Take one of the divided portions of the hair and roll it around a roller a couple of times. If you do it at the wig’s base, you will not get curls throughout the length, meaning that you will get volume but the ends of the hair will be straight. We hope this technique is clear.
  4. Take your hairspray and apply it to the rolled segment of hair. Then use a blowdryer and fixate the curl on a roller. Take it away. When the hair gets cool, remove the roller and you’ll see the elevated top but a straight wig.
  5. Repeat the above two steps with all other portions of the hair.

Experiment with backcombing

If the above methods are too complicated, you can take an easy route and apply what is so-called backcombing. It is efficient and simple but demanding. You should be careful in order not to damage the wig. You may divide the hair into two or more sections. Hold a strand endwise and pull the comb starting from the ends towards the base of your wig. Do it from underneath the strand, leaving the top hair neat. We recommend using a rather dense comb for this purpose.

Cut your wig

Think of a shorter haircut. It may help. The length changes things greatly, and also, a thoughtfully chosen haircut may add a lot of volumes. For instance, you may try a layered cut, which will definitely help to make your wig look thicker.

If you decide on groundbreaking changes, you should understand that you will never be able to undo them. It is clear that if you do not have the needed skills, you should go to the salon and ask an experienced stylist for styling recommendations. Let him cut the hair of your wig.

Make a ponytail

This hairstyle is easy to make. Just divide the hair into two parts and make a ponytail from the upper one. The remaining hair should be left as it is. Try this approach and you’ll see what we mean.

Experience dry shampoo

There are a lot of special hair care products for this purpose, and one of them is dry shampoo. Even if it is not dedicated to adding volume, it still impacts the hair in this way. 

You know, this is an effect of dirty hair, which becomes a little bit heavier and thicker. The shampoo removes an unwanted shine and at the same time, it helps to refresh the hair between proper washings. You can mix the dry shampoo with backcombing to achieve a better result. In this case, do not apply hair spray too much to avoid a really dirty look.

Use hairspray to add volume to the wig

The hairspray itself can be a solution. It helps to make the hair thicker. When you apply it for this purpose, you should cover every strand of the divided hair and not only the hairstyle in general when you do if you just want to fix it. If you perform the task carefully, you will get full and thick hair. 

Please pay attention to the composition of hairspray so that its elements will not damage your wigs. For instance, if it contains alcohol, you’d better look for the other one.

Get a stylist’s help

Finally, we are going to offer the simplest approach. If you are not sure about all the above methods and your gift for hairstyling, you’d better refuse attempts, but do not abandon hope. Just look for a professional who styles your wig in such a way that it becomes fluffier. 

This is a very wise decision because even such simple techniques as backcombing and the application of dry shampoo can mess things up. The stylists know exactly all the ins and outs to achieve the expected result without damaging your wig. Moreover, they have hair care products and tools that you may not have. So, the result will be more accurate, beautiful, and lasting. 

We hope that you have found some useful secrets and this information will help you to add volume to your wig without effort. Try new hairstyles, enjoy your new looks, stay trendy, and feel happy with your versatility and individuality!