A Super Simple Evening Skin Care Routine


Going to bed with clean, soft skin can set the mood for a good night’s sleep. Getting into an evening skincare routine can help us unwind from our day, and it can make sure that our skin is ready for the next day. An evening skin care routine is so much more than just washing your face, although that is a fundamental step and one that should be part of your routine for sure. Making a simple routine can help give you much-needed time that is required to stay centered and help you quiet out the rest of the world so that you can keep a balanced and healthy lifestyle. 

A skincare routine can seem as though it may require more than simple steps; however, it is essential to note that there are easy steps you can work into your night-time routine that will barely take any time out of getting ready for bed. 

Use Oil To Remove Makeup 

Adding makeup, cover-up, or sunscreen to your face is a daily part of your morning routine. Make sure to take it off at night. 

Using Vitamin E, grapeseed, or olive oil will not only leave your skin looking great and feeling soft, but it will also help remove hard to remove makeup like mascara or lip-stain with minimal effort. 

Using these types of oils will help your skin stay moisturized and will get any makeup that would be leftover from washing alone. The great news is that olive oil and grapeseed oil tend to be organic and are usually a healthier brand of oil to use even while you are cooking. While these oils don’t smell as great as coconut oil, they do come in a liquid form. 

Vitamin E oil can be found in many drug stores near the cosmetics aisle, and while you cannot eat it, this oil is an excellent treatment for scars as well. 

Whichever one of these oils you use will be a win-win situation for your skin. Just grab a cotton ball or washcloth, splash a little oil on the material and wipe away your makeup with ease. 

Wash Your Face

Washing your face needs to be in the mix, and picking the right face wash depends on your skin type (oily, dry, or combination), but once you settle on the right face wash, make sure to use cold water. 

Cool water helps keep your pores open and does wonders to your skin when you are trying to remove the dirt of the day from your face and neck. Using your hands or a washcloth will work equally well and try to keep the soap away from your eyes because it will burn.  

After the washing is complete, make sure to dry your skin thoroughly and get ready for the dry brush. 

Dry-Brush with Batteries

While there are many websites that promote exfoliation with an exfoliating wash, the point of this article is to help you maintain a super simple routine. Dry brushing is easier and will do the trick just as well. There is a lot of research that states that dry brushing is good for circulation, weight-loss, and to achieve youthful-looking skin, but it also feels great. While you can get a handheld dry brush at a cheap cost, you can also find one that works with batteries. Plus, the small battery-charged dry brush tends to be able to fit into more of the nooks and crannies your face holds (like under your eyebrows or around your nose). It also brushes your jawline very well, and you don’t have to create circular motions because the battery-operated dry brush will rotate on its own. 

Using a dry brush will help exfoliate your skin also. When you exfoliate, you can make sure to get all the gunk and grime out of your skin that washing didn’t catch and will be able to work on preventative measures to avoid acne and other environmentally-caused blemishes. 

This part of your routine shouldn’t be done every day, so that you don’t scrub your healthy skin away, but making it part of your weekly routine (as in use the dry-brush about three nights a week) will help make your skin look fantastic. 

Lotion and Moisturize

After you use your dry brush, wipe any dry skin away with a towel and pull out some great facial and neck moisturizer, as well as an eye cream for areas where a moisturizer might be too heavy for the skin under and around your eyes. Not all lotion is created the same. The facial and neck moisturizer are lighter to encourage your skin to breathe better, but while still promoting healthy and hydrated skin. 

To make lotion part of your routine, you can make sure to always apply the moisturizer in the same circular motion. This method will encourage your face muscles to stay toned.

Relax With Antioxidants

While you are working through your evening routine, you can relax with the scent of essential oils, and after your skin has been cleaned, make yourself a cup of herbal tea. Green and herbal teas are rich in antioxidants that help your body function well. However, green tea is caffeinated, therefore, be careful not to drink too much as it can dehydrate your skin. Choose a decaffeinated option, if you can.

Taking time out of your evening to drink a cup of tea can relax you and help you get ready for a great night’s sleep.   


Getting into an evening routine can help you carve out a small part of the day for yourself. It will promote self-care and will give you a way to have clean, healthy skin. Using vitamin oil or grapeseed oil will help get hard to get makeup off with ease. Washing your skin will make sure your pores are cleaned. Using a dry brush three times a week will help keep your skin exfoliated. Using facial and neck lotion and an eye cream will keep your skin hydrated, and drinking antioxidant-rich tea will help keep you looking healthy and feeling relaxed. 

Forming a daily evening routine is simple. Try it out for yourself today!