Everything You Require to Know About Rook Piercing


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Rook piercing is a piercing that developed in the Southern United States. This piercing type involves a slight amount of skin separation and quite a bit of soft tissue injury during the procedure. However, after the tissue has healed, it typically falls back into its natural state.


Those considering what rook piercing is must understand that there are different methods for doing so. Because of the swelling associated with the procedure, there is always a need to keep extra care. It is a type of rook ear piercing, the most unusual type. It is often recommended that while opting for rook piercing, one can wear either bar or hoop and explore a variety of jewelry pieces while appearing as the most versatile one.


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Many people are curious about how long does rook piercing take to heal? If you’ve had a piercing done by a piece, you know it’s important to let the healing process run its course. However, there is no standard way to tell how long it will take for your piercing to heal. While many people believe that a week is the average amount of time to heal, there is no reason to have faith in these estimates since they are based on when you have been pierced and that particular piercing.

Rook Piercing Healing Process

A rook piercing generally takes approx from six to nine months to heal. As with any other piercing, this is dependent on the way that how well you do follow your after-care as well as your general health tips. After-care must be followed until the piercing is entirely healed as per your piercer. It is forever advisable to try to neglect to sleep on a new rook ear piercing until it gets fully healed. Keep in mind that they’re just estimates and may be different from one person to the next. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll have the same experience each time since so many factors can affect how fast you heal quickly.

Take the Process of After-Care Seriously

One way to get an idea of how long a rook piercing takes to heal is to research how long it takes for various piercings to heal. Take note that while these estimates are based on normal levels of healing, there are exceptions that can occur. If you intend to find out how long rook piercing takes to heal, it’s best to ask a professional piercer.


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Rook ear piercing Jewelry is a safe piercing procedure that is almost always performed on adults as they can bear it generally. It will not interfere with your life if you decide to have a rook piercing done. The doctor will use a small piercing needle to pierce the cartilage of the ears. It may take several weeks to a month for the pain to subside, so your doctor may want to take some time to make sure that the piercing needle is gentle on the ears.

Using Hoop as Rook Piercing Jewelry

Many people choose rook ear piercing jewelry that does not feel as awkward as ear hook piercing. The most common earring or hoop jewelry types that people wear have a tube-shaped or bar-shaped exterior. Most rings come with a ring that is also threaded through the tubing, making it easier to clean. There are also ear hoop jewelry pieces that attach to the ear by a metal hook to which the earring is attached.

Using Bar as Rook Piercing Jewelry

If you do not want to use jewelry connected to the body, you can choose a single-line piercing. The piercing is called a single line or bar because the jewelry only goes through the skin. Some women prefer to have an additional line carved into their ear lobe. This additional line looks like a belly button but is not pierced.