What is Angel Bites Piercing? – After Care Tips and Cost for Angel Bites Piercing

Angel Bites Piercing

Angel bites piercing has gained high popularity in a short time. This piercing provides a fantastic look and is also considered as a style statement. It is an unusual combination of Madonna and Monroe piercing that leads to the creation of eye-catching angel bites. Here is everything you need to know about angel bites piercing.

What are Angel Bites Piercing?

Angel bites piercing includes symmetrical perforation that is done on the left and right sides of the upper lip. It is consists of two piercings, namely Madonna, in which piercing is done on the right side, and Monroe, in which piercing is done on the left side. When these piercings are applied together, it leads to the formation of the Angel bites piercing. 

Pros and Cons of Angel Bite Piercing

Having an angel bites piercing is fascinating as well as a crazy idea. Below mentioned are some pros and cons of this piercing. 

Pros of Angel Bites Piercing

  • Angel bites piercing will provide you with a fantastic style. It will give you a new look that will make you stand out in the crowd
  • This piercing is a tremendous combination of two hottest piercing so you can be sure that it would look gorgeous
  • Angel bites piercing is comfortable and has lee healing time. It is an advantage for the individuals planning to have angel bites piercing
  • A wide range of jewelry options are available for wearing in angel bites piercing 
  • This piercing will allow you to try different jewelry and combos. For instance, angel bites and nasal septum make a fascinating combination

Cons of Angel Bites Piercing

  • Keep in mind that two perforations are done in angel bites piercing. Therefore, angel bites piercing require more healing time; however, the result will be worth
  • If you do not take care of the piercing appropriately, this lip piercing can lead to infection. You need to follow the aftercare guidelines provided by the piercer to avoid infection
  • If you are sensitive to metal jewelry, you might feel reactions and irritation on the skin
  • A lot of nerves end in upper lips, so if the piercing is not done correctly, it might lead to loss of blood and cause irritation
  • There are higher risks of infection in lip piercings as the area is mostly exposed. Hence it is essential to follow aftercare routine.

Angel Bites Piercing cost

Angel Bites Piercing Procedure

If you are planning to get angel bites piercing, then the procedure of the piercing is something that you would want to know. Make sure to visit a professional and experienced piercer to get the perforation. Next, you need to make sure that there is a hygienic environment, new packed tools, and all the equipment is sterilized. Keep in mind to make sure everything is clean and hygienic to avoid any kind of infection. 

During the piercing procedure, the piercer will make a mark on the upper lip using a surgical pen. It helps in making sure that the process is carried out appropriately. Moreover, it also helps in illustrating the position of the piercing. It will also help you in getting an idea, where you will get the first perforation.

After making the mark, the piercer will hold your upper lip with the help of a clamp. The piercer will then make perforation by inserting a labret inside the upper lip. This insertion might be from down to up or up to down. It entirely depends on the experience of the piercer. Finally, the piercer will cut the labret and will then fix a ball on the top. 

You will be asked by the piercer one more time to get the second perforation. It will help in reducing the pain and minimizing the risks. 

What is the Cost of Getting Angel Bites Piercing?

Angel bites piercing’s costs vary based on the location and the piercer. Here is an approximation of the cost.

  • In the US the cost of the piercing is around $50 to $80
  • In the UK, it costs £40 – £75
  • In Europe, it would cost four €45 to €90

How Much Angel Bits Piercing Hurt?

The pain in angel bites piercing largely depends on the tissue thickness and characteristics of the individual. Usually, the pain level in this piercing is measured as 5 out of 10 on the pain scale. A lot of nerves end in the upper lip area; hence you might feel some discomfort during the piercing procedure. 

The perforation is performed quickly; however, you might have a swollen and sore lip for some days. If you feel that something is wrong, then do not hesitate to get medical help.  

Angel Bites Piercing Healing Process

The healing time in angel bites piercing can extend up to 3 months. Usually, the healing time in this piercing is 2 to 3 months. The healing time depends on the aftercare procedure you follow.

Below mentioned are some of the do and don’ts that you should follow as a part of the aftercare routine.


  • Practice good oral hygiene
  • Use antibacterial soap to clean the area near the piercing twice a day
  • Use a soft bristle brush to brush your teen and keep in mind to clean the mouth after having a meal
  • Use a good mouthwash
  • Consume cold foods such as ice cream; it will help in reducing chances of swelling
  • Always clean your hands before touching the pierced region
  • Wash the outer side of the piercing using saltwater to fasten the time of healing


  • Do not remove jewelry or do not rotate it before proper heal
  • Do not consume spicy foods as they can irritate the piercing area
  • Avoid sharing spoons, cups, etc. until the piercing heals
  • Avoid kissing and other oral activities to avoid infection
  • Avoid swimming at unhygienic places to prevent any type of infection
  • Say no to alcohol and smoking until proper heal

Angel Bites Piercing healing process

How to Clean Angel Bites Piercing?

A wide range of cleaning and aftercare products are available in the market. However, you can make something at home. Or you can also opt for market products. Whatever you choose, make sure that you clean the pierced area properly. You should use an excellent antibacterial mouthwash to avoid infection. 

Saltwater is a practical choice if you are worried about inner cleanliness. In angel bites piercing, the labret goes through the lip; therefore, it is essential to clean thoroughly. 

To make the saline solution at home, mix ½ teaspoon salt with 8 ounces of hot water. Stir it well. Let it cool, and the answer is ready to use. You can use this solution to clean the outer side of the pierced area. To clean the piercing, soak a cotton ball in the solution and clean the piercing gently. Perform the procedure twice a day to enhance the healing process. 

Angel Bites Piercing Jewelry Styles

The best jewelry to wear in angel bite piercings is tiny and pretty labret studs. However, if you want to look cool, then you can opt for shiny long barbells. You can also wear crayfish if you like unusual jewelry.

Wearing a labret can help in avoiding irritation and infection. Choose the jewelry of the right size and opt for the ones that are made of hypoallergenic material. It will help in preventing infections and quick healing. 

Why Shouldn’t I Get an Angelbites Piercing?

Getting angel bites piercing is an excellent idea to get a unique look. However, there is a wide range of risks involved in the process of piercing. You might be aware of some of the risks. Here is a list of risks associated with angel bites piercing. 

Infections – Infection is the most common risk associated with facial piercings. Therefore, it is essential to follow aftercare guidelines and take precautions. Moreover, it is important to follow a proper cleaning routine timely to avoid infection.

Jewelry Rejection – Our body can reject external interventions. Also, all the metals are not suitable for everyone. Therefore, it is better to opt for jewelry made of silver, gold, or surgical steel. 

Gum and Dental Erosion- The jewelry in this piercing is located inside your mouth so that it can cause damage to your teeth or gums. To avoid this, it is better to choose smaller and suitable jewelry.

Piercing Bumps and Scars – If any tissue is damaged due to piercing, then it might lead to a scar. Consider wearing cute and small studs instead of the longer bars.