Ultimate Guide For Canine Bites Piercing – Everything You Should Know About Canine Bite Piercing

Canine Bites Piercing

Canine bite piercing is the type of lip piercing in which four perforations is done on both the sides of the lip. In canine piercing, two perforations are done on the upper lips and two others on the lower lip located at the point of the canine. This lip piercing is also called the combination of snakebite and angel lip piercing. 

If you are looking for prominent and sexiest adornment for your look and if you are in love with the lip piercing, then Canine lip piercing is the best for you. This piercing is not common among the folks as it has four perforations, thus people are afraid of the pain it causes, but yet it is considered as one of the most beautiful and attractive lip piercing among the piercing community.  

The Canine piercing gets its name as each perforation is located just at the point where canines are located. If you want to have almost all the types of lip piercing for your look, this Canine Bite lip piercing can be the best for you. This is a bold and stylish piercing that is attractive and grabs lots of people’s attention, and everyone should once appreciate your fierce look. 

This piercing is symmetrically placed, each perforation on the equal distance with each other. If you also want to have this piercing with the other piercing, this piercing can easily overpower the other types of piercing. When Canine lip piercing mixed with others, it also enhances the appearance of all the other types of adornments you have on your face. That’s why this type of lip piercing is considered as one of the most recommendable piercing by the experts. 

What Are Canine Bites Lip Piercing?

As we have discussed earlier, Canine Bite Lip Piercing is the type of lip piercing that consists of four perforations, two on each side of the lip upper as well as the lower lip. This lip piercing gets its name as all the four perforations are located symmetrically with the same place pointed with the canine. 

This piercing is the combination of Snake Bite and Angel lip piercing that give you a beautiful and robust look. Most of the people are afraid of this piercing as it involves a large part of the face around the mouth covered in the piercing. This is the reason why Canine Bite Lip Piercing is not much common among the people.

But if you dare to have strong adornment to your face, then Canine Bite piercing is for you. This piercing is so appreciable by the piercing community folks, and you will become an important part of their community. 

Canine Bite piercing is also called as the anti-bites, located on equidistant, two on the upper lip and two on the lower lip. 

The right placement of this perforation is so important that if there is even a single mistake in one perforation that could lead to hamper the symmetry of the whole piercing and distort your facial looks.

That is the reason why one should not do this piercing by his or herself, you must always seek the help of the professional piercer who holds good experience in this type of piercing. Always consider the established piercing studio and ask from the piercing community for the best canine bite piercing studio. 

You may have seen people wearing the snake bite piercing or angel piercing, but seeing people with the canine bite or both are so rare, thus it is perfect for you if you want to look different and attractive among the crowd. Canine bite piercing will present your bold nature and dare to experiment with the adornment that makes you look beautiful and set your style statement. 

Canine Bites piercing healing process

How Much Do Canine Bite Lip Piercings Hurt?

The canine bite lip piercing is reported as the less painful type of lip piercing as compared with other types. Most of the people rate the pain on less scale than any other type of piercing. The pain occurring during the canine lip piercing is half compared to that of others. 

If you are going to have your first ever piercing, you may experience some swelling and also feel discomfort than you experience if you go for one or two perforations. 

It may also be possible that you will get surprised having four piercings together on both sides of your lips. So if you are new to the piercing world, then you must consult the expert or piercer who advised you to have all piercing at one time or in different sittings. 

The level of pain is dependent on some factors like your health, tolerance power, and your body ability to heal it. 

People give this type of piercing the 6 levels on the scale, which means it is slightly higher in pain but not much as compared with all other types of piercing. 

So if you like to have Canine Bite Lip Piercing, then we suggest you have different sessions so that you feel less pain and get the next piercing after the first one gets a little healed. In this way, your Canine Bite piercing will be less painful, and you can have all the four perforations on your face with lesser pain. 

But for those who have high tolerance power and know their body can handle the pain, they can have all four piercing on the same day, this will help them in having less healing time, as all four piercing will heal at the same time. 

How much do Canine Bites piercings hurt?

Canine Bite Lip Piercing Healing Process

The healing of the canine bite lip piercing can be higher as compared with the other types of lip piercing as it involves four perforations. The healing time a canine bite piercing will take is usually about 8 to 12 weeks. 

The most challenging and difficult part of having canine bite lip piercing is that we experience the swelling in the larger area of mouth compared with others. As a matter of fact, swelling is much greater on the lips than any other part of the body. So as you are going for four perforations, the swelling might be widespread, and it will take more healing time. 

So if you don’t want to have widespread swelling, then you can first go for any two perforations on either side at one time, and once the previous one gets fully healed, you can then go for the other two remaining perforations. 

There might be chances that getting all four piercings at one time can increase the chances of health-related issues or problems in the skin, getting two piercings at one time is a much better option. This might increase the duration of the healing process, but it will likely lower the chances of developing health skin problems. 

Jewelry Styles for Canine Bite Lip Piercing

Canine bite lip piercing allows one to have different types of jewelry options to get inserted in their perforations. One can go for piercing jewelry like hoop styles, which include seamless rings, curved barbells, bead rings, or labret studs. 

What is the best part about these piercing styles is that you can mix different types of jewelry styles to insert in your piercing. For example, some people like to insert seamless rings on either side of the lip and like to have studs on the other side, this makes their look more attractive and prettier. However, if you like to make your look bolder, then you can have circular barbells inserted in all four perforations. But pay the attention while choosing the jewelry for your canine bite lip piercing, as it can make your face overwhelm with the adornments. 

Canine Bites piercing jewelry styles

Why Shouldn’t I Get a Canine Bite Lip Piercing?

Getting canine bite piercing is usually more complicated than any other type of piercing. There are lots of issues that may arise if you don’t take proper precautions and care for the piercing. There might be problems in case you have some kind of oral problems, that might create hygiene-related issues and infect the area. If you have such problems, then you have avoided this type of piercing or any other type of oral piercing. 

The bacteria presented in the saliva increases the risk of getting infections in the piercing. With the four perforations, the infection can get worse and widespread throughout the mouth. 

Moreover, if there is also receding enamel wear or gum line, then you must choose piercing that is away from the teeth because the jewelry may get rubbed with the gums or teeth that make the condition disastrous. 

How Much Canine Piercing Will Cost?

The price range that canine piercing experts will cost you can range between $30 to $70, depending on the experience of the piercer. This price range is not the price of jewelry, although. Do not worry about the costing, always go for the experienced and expert piercer who has much experience in the canine bite lip piercing. The piercing involves the symmetrical perforation that only an experienced piercer can do perfectly. An expert is also the right place to locate the piercing so that it gets healed faster and does not cause harm to the skin.