How To Open Native Body Wash Pump?

How To Open Native Body Wash Pump

How to open native body wash pump – Lots of body wash brands out there, but if you like checking labels, ‘Native’ is a good choice. It is a local US brand known for having fewer ingredients for skin care.

Some people find it difficult to open and close the pump that comes along with the ‘Native Body Wash Pump’ option.

Are you wondering how to open native body wash pump? How to do it right? Let us figure that out together.

How to open native body wash pump? Easy Steps?

You can find the Native Body Wash Pump at places like Walmart, Target, and Amazon, it is pretty easy to grab. People who made it put effort into making a pump that’s easy and comfy to use.

Now, let us break it down into simple steps. To know how to open this pump, you must understand how it works. This gives you a clear picture of what is happening inside and helps you follow the steps easily.

The pump does a good job because of its special function. It smoothly pours out the liquid once you have opened it. There are some important parts inside the pump that make sure it works well, all on the inside of the pump itself.

Let us zoom in on how to open native body wash pump the usual way. Follow these 3 easy steps:

  • Take the bottle out of its packaging and put it on a flat surface.
  • Put a finger on the Native body wash pump, holding onto the bottle’s shaft. Twist the pump.
  • The pump should pop up. If you press it down, you will get some body wash out of the bottle

More methods to how to open native body wash pump

Having trouble with your Native Body Wash Pump? Do not worry, try these fixes:

Even though the pump was made to be a handy addition to your shower routine, there are certain individuals who find it difficult to open.

If the usual 3 steps do not work, grab the bottle’s shaft tightly, then turn the whole bottle to the right. This should help open the pump.

Now, if the pump is blocked, mainly at the nozzle, you can unscrew it by turning its shaft. Once it’s off, run it under warm tap water. Let the water flow through the nozzle to clear any clogs. It is rare, but sometimes blockages can happen after a few uses.

Did you get the pump open? Now, let us make sure the issue does not come back.

  • Do not press too hard or too fast on the pump, that is a big no. Instead, go easy on it. Lightly press down to avoid air bubbles and lower the nozzle’s chance of clogging.
  • If it is a new Native body wash pump, gently press twice to get the liquid flowing. This primes the pump, so it is all set for your shower. 

Some Questions Related to this topic

What is the process of opening a native body wash pump bottle?

All you have to do is hold the bottle with one hand and turn the pump counterclockwise until it pops up (just don’t twist off the pump’s base or you will get soap everywhere). If the pump does not jump out, lightly kick it on the counter a few times.

How to open native body wash pump?

A rubber band or rubber glove may be used to provide a better grip while tapping the lid with a spoon gently could also break the seal. But in the event of all else failing, specialised tools could be resorted to like rubber jar openers or adjustable wrenches for tough lids.

Why does my body wash pump not open?

  • The pumps have a locking system that tends to loosen and refuse to unfasten. Try this tip: Remove the top and loosen its screw off from that neck. 
  • Re-tighten the top onto the neck of the bottle after turning it a few times in all directions.


Opening or fixing a Native body wash pump is a breeze when you know what to do. Follow the tips we discussed, and you will have your pump ready for this awesome nature-inspired body wash.