Best Juicer For Celery To Sip Healthy Drinks All Day Long

best juicer for celery

Best juicer for celery – Do you need to find the best juicer for celery juice?

Functionality and mobility are two aspects you should take into account. A little juice extractor will work perfectly if you mostly juice celery.

After testing more than a hundred different models, the best juice extractors for producing nutrient-dense celery juices were determined.

Here are the Best Celery Juicers of 2022 without further ado.

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Top 6 Best Juicer for Celery Juice list:-

1.Omega MM900HDS Celery Juicer

The Omega MM900HDS, commonly known as The Medical Medium Juicer, is currently ranked as the finest masticating juicer and the best celery juicer in our ranking.

Because it strikes the ideal mix between price and usefulness, it’s a competent celery juicer that won’t empty your bank account.

This product was primarily created by the brand to process these delicious stalks. It follows the same structure as the Omega 8006 Juicer if you’re acquainted with it.

The MM900HDS model’s adjustable celery end cap is a novel addition. When juicing celery, it has a tighter clearance to increase yield.


  • Designed to produce juice from celery
  • For optimum nutrient retention, use a slow RPM motor.
  • 72-hour juice shelf life and higher juice output
  • Excellent for juicing leafy greens, citrus fruits, and thick produce
  • Stainless steel components
  • Effortless and silent functioning
  • ejection of external pulp for continued juicing
  • The authorized medical medium juicer


  • This product can only be used for juicing; it cannot be used to create nut butter, baby food, non-dairy milk substitute, grind beans, extrude pasta, or make breadsticks.
  • unable to process soft fruits
  • Some users report pulpy juice; a filter may be necessary.
  • slower than centrifugal juicers at extracting juice
  • Your juicing procedure will be considerably slower because the narrow funnel involves cutting your vegetables into little pieces.

There’s a reason the Omega Juicer MM900HDS is an excellent appliance for juicing celeries, besides the fact that Medical Medium is its official spokesperson. Anthony William asserts that a cold press masticating juicer is the finest juicer for juicing celery, and I couldn’t agree more.

The statement that “Masticating juicers more gently and carefully remove the juice from celery and do not generate as much heat during the juicing process” is also accurate. This minimizes oxidation while preserving as many of the nutrients in your celery as possible. 

2.Ninja Juicer Pro – Budget Pick-

Already reasonably priced is the Omega Celery Juicer. However, you might prefer the Ninja Juicer Pro if you’re looking for even more affordable. When I was writing this buying advice, it was a little over $100.

In addition to being extremely cost-effective, it is a highly effective machine that creates a bone-dry pulp. It’s one of the greatest juice extractors for leafy greens. Thus, celery stalks would certainly function well in it.

I should point to you that the Ninja Juicer Pro’s inlet is relatively small. For your celery to fit through a 1.5-inch chute, you must cut it into smaller pieces. Besides that, it’s a wonderful machine for various fruits and vegetables in addition to celery. 


  • a cost-effective product
  • for improved texture control, including interchangeable pulp filters.
  • The best possible juice extraction method and nutrient retention
  • simple assembly
  • Stainless steel components
  • 72-hour juice shelf life; 1-year warranty; BPA-free


  • Usually, masticating juicers operate slowly.
  • Due to the feeding chute’s limited width, you must prepare the materials in advance.

The Ninja Juicer’s dishwasher safety is a blessing. That makes juicing less of a chore. It is not necessary to wash it by hand. You can store all the removable components on the top rack of your dishwashing apparatus.

The pulp filter and pulp spout are the only parts that need your complete attention. Fibers and residue can become lodged there. The business did, however, supply a cleaning brush to remove those troublesome food crumbs.

The effectiveness of juice extraction is the best feature of masticating juicers. In comparison to vertical slow juicers, it creates a dryer pulp. In terms of juice quality, it comes second to triturating juicers.

Not only does your drink have more volume, but it also has additional nutrients. Therefore, in theory, this kind of machine will eventually pay for itself.

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3.Kuvings EVO820 – Premium Pick-

The Kuvings Evolution entire slow juicer caters to a separate sector of the juice market.

Other than Kuvings, no other company can provide attractive leather pattern finishes. Several other color options are available for the EVO820, including dark silver, white, dark red, gunmetal, black champagne gold, and rose gold. Juicing celery ensures your fashion sense is always current.

Kuvings is the market leader in the slow juicer sector. You shouldn’t expect anything less from this Korean producer of kitchen equipment as they invented the technology.


  • larger feeding chute by 10%
  • New drum design for a more steady operation
  • The flap gate system keeps children’s hands out of the juicing chamber, making it safer.
  • Slow RPM juicers extract juice more effectively.
  • This machine’s juice can be kept for three days.
  • low-key operation
  • components devoid of BPA
  • You can blend juices thanks to the design of the juicing chamber.
  • comes in a variety of opulent leather pattern hues.
  • With an add-on citrus module, your device can function as an electric citrus juicer.


  • You will pay more for a piece of kitchen equipment if it has leather.
  • Dishwasher incompatible
  • Not as effective as horizontal masticating juicers for juicing leafy greens
  • centrifugal machines take longer to juice than other methods.

The Kuvings Evolution Cold Press Juicer requires manual cleaning labor because a dishwasher cannot be used. However, washing it by hand will just require 5 to 10 minutes of your time. If you want to be thorough, soak all the removable components in warm water for around 30 minutes with a teaspoon of baking soda or a few drops of dish soap. This will soften any accumulation of residue. 

4.Hurom H101 – Best Compact Juicer for Celery-

Hurom is unrivaled when it comes to vertical slow juicers.

Although the Hurom H101 is not cheap, you should consider it because of its “easy to clean” feature.

It is currently ranked first on our list of the best juicers, is the finest cold press juicer of the year, and is now the best compact celery juicer.

In addition to being very user-friendly, it is also quite portable and compact.

The absence of microscopic holes in the filter basket, where pulp usually gets lodged, makes it simple to clean. Instead, it has extended grooves covering the filter basket’s height in half. A second internal filter basket with longer grooves is also present.

It seems to work like a charm; however, I’m not sure how it accomplishes its magic. Put an end to cleaning that bothersome strainer. Just give it a thorough rinse will do. With the Hurom H101, juicing will be considerably less of an inconvenience.


  • new top set that is simple to clean
  • updated, simple-to-clean smoothie strainer
  • 16.9 oz (500 ml) (500 ml) Juicing chamber capacity able to handle all product types
  • can handle wheatgrass more effectively than vertical masticating juicers with an 80 RPM speed
  • yields bone-dry pulp
  • works discretely
  • excels at retaining nutrients and efficiently extracting juice BPA Free elements
  • Juice has a 72-hour shelf life. 


  • Dishwasher incompatible
  • A narrow feeding chute necessitates more time for preparation
  • Cold press juicers typically operate slowly.

In addition to being simple to clean, Hurom H101 excels in terms of juice quality. Vertical slow juicers typically operate at 80 RPM, while more recent models, such as the Hurom H101, operate at a 43 RPM ideal speed.

5.Omega CNC80 Series-

The company’s line of horizontal masticating juicers starts with the Omega CNC80 Series, the most economical model. It has a cleaner appearance and a larger funnel shape, and it retains all the beneficial features of the well-liked Omega 8006 model.

It is a fantastic celery juicer machine and excellent at juicing many other kinds of fruits and veggies. The product’s narrow feeding chute is its only drawback; similar to the Aicok AMR-521 and the Hurom H101; it will take much preparation time.

You can anticipate having additional food processing capabilities, as with any Omega product. In addition to extracting juice, it can also grind coffee beans, extrude pasta, homogenize baby food, mince sauces, and create non-dairy milk substitutes from nuts or soybeans.


  • Affordable
  • There are two options: red and silver.
  • Comes with a larger funnel to make it simpler to feed fruits and vegetables. Slow juicing movement reduces juice oxidation.
  • Juice yield from horizontal masticating juicers is significantly higher.
  • Juice shelf life of 72 hours
  • All varieties of fruits and vegetables can be processed using it.
  • It can also serve as your own food grinder, noodle maker, and homogenizer.
  • more compact and streamlined design, low-key operation
  • Stainless steel components
  • Produce can be juiced in big amounts thanks to external pulp ejection.


  • Comparing masticating juicers to centrifugal juicers, slowness is normal.
  • Your juicing process will be slower due to the narrow funnel because it needs cutting your vegetables into little pieces.
  • The casing of this device is the only component devoid of BPA; all other components may do so. 

The Omega CNC80 Compact Juicer is simple, just like its forerunner. You may start juicing in only seven simple steps, with nine parts. You won’t need to consult the handbook if you are familiar with horizontal masticating juicers like this one. The components are extremely straightforward.

I want to draw attention to the bigger funnel. For quicker feeding, it can hold more fruits and vegetables. You will undoubtedly need to spend more time cutting your produce with slow juicers, but it will all be worthwhile in the end. Who wouldn’t want to sip a fresh juice packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants?

6.Hurom H200-

The Easy-Clean Hurom H200 Juicer, the larger sibling of the H101, is another item from Hurom on this list. It might have taken the top spot in our compilation if not for the cost.

The Hurom H200’s large feeding tube is what distinguishes it as one of the Best Juicers for Celery. It is large enough to fit an entire apple, which makes things much simpler.

You don’t have to cut your produce into one- to two-inch chunks, but you still need to remove the pits, seeds, and rinds.


  • Modern, space-saving architecture, notably with the integrated pulp container
  • the biggest self-feeding chute available.
  • extremely simple to clean
  • simple assembly that happens quickly
  • is quiet in its motor
  • excels at retaining nutrients and efficiently extracting juice
  • made using BPA-free components
  • 72-hour battery life and a 10-year motor guarantee (2 years on parts) 


  • It’s a high-end juicer with an equally high price.
  • little pulp bin
  • Dishwasher incompatible

The Hurom H200 is at the top of the heap regarding usability. It has a 3.5-inch extra wide feeding chute from Breville but a much larger ultra-large self-feeding chute.

Because of the broad opening, you can juice most fruits and vegetables without cutting them into little bits as you would with a conventional cold press juicer. It saves a tonne of time. The largest apple in your preferred grocery store will most likely fit through its 6-inch chute.

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Final thoughts

The majority of juicers come with a free container that is made to collect spills. Verify that the juice container is included with your juicer model. Otherwise, you must search for the ideal glass that precisely matches the spout’s height.

Although I think I’ve reduced your selections for the Best Juicer for Celery Juice, many possibilities are still available. Just keep in mind the advice I provided. Depending on your budget, you can’t go wrong with brands like Hurom, Omega, Kuvings, or any Breville juicer.

Slow juicers have largely dominated this area, so I’ll leave you with the finest of the best: the Omega MM900HDS.