A UCSC Tradition—the Naked Run

UCSC Naked Run

UCSC Naked Run – UCSC is a traditional school program or activity usually held by the schools at its beginning. If the word ‘naked’ sounds confusing, you must understand that you will notice numerous students participating in this program without clothes in a naked run. The UCSC naked run begins from porter college to OPERS and is the school pool’s finishing point of this naked run.

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What are the reasons behind the naked run?

Undeniably, UCSC naked run seems a bit weird, but there are some valid reasons behind it. According to some reports, the earthquake of 1989 blazed the trail of first-ever rain. But you might wonder how it is related to the naked run held by the school authorities at the beginning of the school year. But the incident of this earthquake led to the invention of the naked run. In the instance of the earthquake, a game named Simon says it became popular. 

Simon says the game was centered on getting naked and running around the campus after the incident of the earthquake. Some people claim that these are merely rumors, and there was no game named Simon says that existed at that time. But in many interviews, some of the students of that time referred to this game and how it led to the introduction of the naked run. The rules of this game have correspondingly evolved with time. Let’s have a look at these rules in detail.

  1. The rain must not occur on weekends and should occur on weekdays. 
  2. The time frame of this game is not constant at all; some say the time frame is from 10 AM to 10 PM. 
  3. The rain must not stop in between. 
  4. As the name, ‘naked’ suggests, you must run naked without clothes, but running barefoot is a condition. As per reports, you can wear shoes while the UCSC naked run. The prominent reason behind this is that UCSC is not an urban area surrounded by nature. The authorities advise you to wear a pair of clothes with you so that you don’t have to travel naked back home after completing this run. 

An extremely famous rumor is that you can only participate in the naked run at the beginning of the UCSC period. However, there is no such restriction for the later students to participate in the naked run. Most people don’t even believe that a thing like naked run exists. If you are also a student who doesn’t believe that naked run exists, there is nothing to worry about. 

People usually don’t believe in the existence of the naked run because the UCSC run is equipped with some crazy rules and regulations. Although it is a complete naked run, you might see some people wearing undergarments, and some try to avoid looking at other person’s personality traits. But most people don’t even care with whom they are running naked, as the run is about feeling free.  

One best thing about the UCSC naked run is that it does not merely happen on the first rain students can think of any rain as free rain and run naked. It is hard to identify between the fake first rain and the original one; however, in the original first rain, you will notice a large number of students, nearly thousands.

 Many people who witness a naked run gets shocked, but for a student who has been into UCSC, it is nothing but a sense of freedom. UCSC students don’t judge people by their looks or personal traits; they just look forward to running naked as a joyous activity. In addition, the naked run tradition is all about increasing the closeness between the students so that the students have great memories after school.