Character.AI Alternatives Without NSFW Filter

character ai alternative

Character AI alternative – Character AI is a good computer program that can make text that looks like a person wrote it. But it won’t show content that’s not okay for kids or is too grown-up.

But if you want to see that kind of content, other programs like Character AI will let you see it without any rules.

What is Character.AI nsfw Issue?

Character.AI has a rule to stop bad or unsafe talk. It is like a filter to keep people from talking about naughty or mean things. This is really important to make sure everyone is safe, and the talks are good.

Some people want to turn this rule off to talk about more things, but there is no way to do that.

Can you use bad content on Beta Character AI?

No, Beta Character AI does not allow any bad content. They do not want people talking about inappropriate things at all. So, it is best not to talk about those things.

If you talk about bad content with Character AI, they might close your account forever. In this article, we tell you about other Character AI alternative where you can talk about those things.

List Of Character AI Alternative


SoulGen is another choice if you do not want Character.AI’s rules. It lets you make cool pictures and animated graphics that look real, and it can show people in a nice way. You can try it for free when you are new.

Promptchan AI:

This is another tool that’s not safe for kids. It helps you make pictures that look very real and are not censored. It is like a super advanced Character AI alternative for making it not safe for work pictures. You can make images that look like Anime or real life and even put the characters in different positions for adult content.

Make Your Perfect Girlfriend with DreamGF:

DreamGF is a tool like Character.AI that helps you make and talk to AI girlfriends. These girlfriends look and act like you want, thanks to smart computer programs. You can choose things like their looks, age, hair, and more. However, to use all the options, you need to pay.

Crushon.AI: No Rules Talking:

Crushon.AI is one of the best Character AI alternative if you want to talk without rules. On this platform, you can have free conversations with characters you like without any limits. You can even create your own characters. 

It uses big computer brains to talk back to you. You can make a character by giving it a name, a picture, and more. Just remember, the answers can be a surprise. You can make up to 50 messages for free each month.

Chai App: Talk Freely with Chatbots:

Another option like Character.AI is Chai App. It is a chatting service that can understand what you say and talk back like a person. Chai has many chatbots you can talk to, like friends, teachers, and therapists.

Lots of different chatbots make Chai App very popular. You can chat with more than one bot at the same time. You can use it on the Chai website or get the app on your iPhone or Android phone.

With Chai, you can even make your chatbot and talk to it. To make one, just click “Build a Bot” on the app or website. However, some things are not clear, and you have to pay $13.99 every month for the best content, which can be pricey.

Janitor AI: Fun Anime-Style Talking Robot with NSFW Option:

Janitor AI is another cool choice instead of Character AI regarding not being safe for work content. On this platform, you can talk about lots of things without rules, even the naughty ones, which can make the answers quite fun.

To use Janitor AI, you have to sign up on their official website. However, once you are in, you can chat with thousands of AI characters for free. It is a great way to have relaxed talks with computer characters.

Janitor AI also lets you create your own anime characters and chat with them, which is a creative way to have fun. The best part is that it does not cost anything, and it is easy to use.

ChatFAI: Talk Freely with Naughty Chatbots:

ChatFAI is a well-liked choice instead of Character.AI, especially for talking about not safe for work content. It does not have any filters, so you can freely chat with AI characters, even in a naughty way. You can also make the AI characters do what you want.

One cool thing about ChatFAI is it remembers what you talked about before, so the conversation flows smoothly. It is great for having easygoing talks with AI characters that use fancy computer smarts.

PygmalionAI: Talk Freely without Limits:

PygmalionAI is another great choice for having open conversations instead of Character.AI. On this platform, you can chat with many AI characters who like different things. You can talk about anything you want, and your privacy is safe.

You can also pretend to be someone else in your talks, despite some limits. Also, PygmalionAI is free to use because AI powers it and does not cost anything.

Kuki: Chat Freely with No Rules:

Kuki is a chatting service that uses AI, and it is like Character AI, but it is okay to talk about being unsafe for work things. You can chat about those things without any limits here.

Kuki talks to users like a real person, which makes it a good choice for not being safe for work talks. You need to pay $75 each month to use Kuki a lot, and then you can have up to 100,000 chat conversations.

Cleverbot: Talk to a Computer About Everything:

Cleverbot is a popular chat service that uses AI. You can talk to it like you are talking to a person. Cleverbot does not clearly say if it is okay to talk about adult content, but you can chat about anything, even content that is not safe for work content.

Still, Cleverbot has some rules, so it is not the best if you only want to talk about being unsafe for work things. You can use Cleverbot for free, but if you want to use it a lot, you may need to pay from $10 to $200 monthly, depending on how much you use it.

Jasper Chat: Talk with Jasper:

According to some online reports, Jasper Chat is a top AI chatting service and a choice instead of Character AI for unsafe work content. Even though it doesn’t directly support safe-for-work content, it lets users freely share their ideas without any rules. 

Simply put, it is a safe place for people to chat about many things without limits, which is different from many other AI tools.

Tavern AI: Make Talking AI Robots:

Tavern AI is like Character AI, but you can make your own talking AI robots. It does not stop you from talking about not safe for work content. So, you can chat about what you like without any rules.

Live Person: Make Your Own Talking Characters:

Live Person is a flexible choice instead of Character AI. It lets you make, control, and improve AI characters. It is really good at making them talk like real people.

You can give these characters your own look and talk to them. Live Person also lets you chat with them on different messaging and voice apps, which is great for both serious and fun talks. You need to pay $40 each month for the regular plan.

Botify AI: No Rules for Adult Conversations:

Botify AI is a great AI platform for unfiltered, adult-themed talks. It has no rules for not being safe for work content, and it is rated for people 17 and older. It is perfect if you only want to talk about adult content.