5 Unique Themed Party Ideas

theme party ideas

We’re all stuck at home now, and parties seem like a faraway dream. However, what better way to beat the blues than to think of all the fantastic events you’ll throw once the pandemic is over?

Today, our lifestyle expert, Michelle Thomas, brings you unique suggestions to wake up your inner party animal. Drinks and food are great, but with these house party theme ideas, the long-awaited reunions will become that much more fun!

Online Casino Party

These controversial yet adrenaline-pumping establishments could be a guilty pleasure or a long-desired experience. Still, not everybody is willing to visit a land-based casino, so why not throw a casino party at home?

The internet makes it possible and affordable. There are many reputable, 1$ deposit casino in Canada that allow you to enjoy all your favourite games from the comfort of your home.

All you need to do is create an account and set the stage. Prepare fancy drinks and make a playlist of all the most popular, thematic soundtracks. Have everybody wear their Casino Royale outfits for bonus points!

In the end, you can even agree to donate all the winnings to a charity. Alternatively, organize a real-life game of poker as a finisher and have the winner take it all.

Board Game Party

If you enjoy games but aren’t ready to place any money on them, board games are the ideal solution. It’s all oh-so-easy to set up, making it a staple of easy party themes. You’ll need a big table, drinks, snacks and some games.

The chances are that most of your friends already own a childhood favourite, such as Monopoly or Risk. They could bring to the party. If not, gather the guests, pick a title that you all find interesting and pitch in to purchase it.

Cooking Party

Food is one of the essentials of any good house party. Ordering takeout can be expensive, though, and who has time to cook for ten? What you can do instead is have everybody take part in creating a meal that you’ll share.

First, find a recipe – it can be super complex, too, since you have so many helpers. Have everybody bring some ingredients and divide the tasks. Nothing beats catching up over the sound of sizzling deliciousness.

Yoga Party

If there’s anything that quarantine taught us, it’s that mindfulness is key to sanity. During the time spent inside, you might’ve already picked up an activity that boosts mental clarity. Now it’s time to share it with your friends.

The wholesome health benefits of yoga are well-known. What not everybody is aware of, though, is how fun it can be. Lay down mats, light scented candles, and find an instructor you like on YouTube (Yoga with Adriene is our most definite recommendation).

Afterward, you can enjoy a cup of yogi tea or some essential oils. Who knows, it might turn into a self-care day.

Roaring ‘20s Party

Remember when the decade was about to start, and everybody was on about the Roaring Twenties? The year wasn’t that glamourous thus far, but it can be, at least for a night.

Speakeasy menus are, luckily, as simple as it gets, and the costumes are just fabulous. Ensure that your decorations are gold and shiny, play the appropriate tunes, and challenge people to a dance-off – 1920s style!


Finally, remember two things. First, although you may already be imagining these best party themes in execution, wait before it’s safe to throw them. Second, check with all your guests to ensure they’re interested in your theme of choice.

The more informed and excited people are, the better will the final event be. If they don’t like our ideas, ask them for house party theme suggestions. After all, it’s less about the theme and more about having quality time with loved ones.