Choosing Photographer: make your wedding unforgettable


A wedding is a happy and joyful event in the life of young people. Every couple in love is eager to make this day romantic and unforgettable. High-quality and creative photos will forever leave in the memory of the newlyweds and their guests the most beautiful and touching moments of the celebration.

Choosing wedding photographers in Dublin among the many offers is not an easy task. To realize all the preferences of the bride and groom, it is not enough to be a good professional, your wedding day photographer must become an understanding and friendly friend, ready to guess your most cherished desires.

What should be a wedding photographer?

  • a creative person, full of ideas and plans, how to transfer your vivid and touching feelings to the photo;
  • open in communication – a good mood and easy conversation helps the newlyweds to relax and look as natural as possible;
  • experienced – to provide for all the nuances of session up to weather surprises;
  • responsible – the memories of the wedding day depend on the quality of his work;
  • flexible – ready to work in a classic style and to experiment, be able to create excellent photos in nature and in a photo studio;
  • handsome to bride and groom – harmonious interaction between the photographer and the couple in love provides original and unique photos.

Where is the best place to choose a photographer? You can use the recommendation of friends, but for this you should have approximately the same expectations from the photos. Newlyweds can also take advantage of the offers of special sites.

Your photographer needs to know the most picturesque locations in Dublin, where the best shots are taken. Their choice depends on the wishes of the newlyweds.

Where to take photos in Dublin

Dublin is one of the most beautiful cities in the country and Europe. At any time of the year it has a calm, peaceful atmosphere. Vivid summer photos full of emotions perfectly convey the whole gamut of happy feelings. More restrained photos in the winter season emphasize the harmony and sincerity in the relationship of a young couple.

For a wedding photo shoot in Dublin, you can find many picturesque and unusual places. You can get vivid photos near Trinity College or St. Patrick’s Cathedral, romantic and slightly mysterious shots in front of Dublin Castle, and mischievous off-the-wall photos on Grafton Street. Whatever location you choose, an experienced photographer will help you create the most natural and sincere photos, full of happy emotions.

Dublin is a very green city, honeymooners and their photographer will have no problem choosing picturesque locations that look charming at any time of the year.

A photo session in St. Stephen’s Green Park will help to realize any romantic ideas. This island of beauty and tranquility in the very center of a busy city, where there are many well-groomed lawns, flower beds and ponds, will help a couple in love to keep only the most romantic impressions of the happiest day of their lives.

Do you want to save your love story for future generations? In this case, you can order a Love Story photo session. This is additional material for the future family album. The photo session is held a few days before the main celebration.

6 rules for choosing a photographer on a website on the Internet

It is better to decide in advance what kind of pictures you expect from your photographer, how you want to look on the first day of your life together – cheerful and carefree or gentle and romantic.

To make the right choice, use our tips:

  • carefully study the portfolio – an experienced photographer always has an impressive collection of pictures at different times of the year against the backdrop of various locations;
  • evaluate the style and photo processing – the most successful choice is to preserve natural colors and shades;
  • take a closer look at the quality and volume of the retouching, which allows to remove many details that spoil the photo, it will be good if you can compare the photos before and after retouching;
  • view a full photo report from the entire wedding celebration – you can appreciate how the photographer captures the most significant moments, from the time of the bride’s gathering to the cutting of the wedding cake;
  • evaluate the photos taken at different times of the year, this confirms the skill of the photographer and his ability to adapt to the situation;
  • read the reviews – on the website and in social networks you can find out the various details and nuances of a wedding photo session and choose a true professional who is the best for your couple.

What you shouldn’t when choosing a photographer

A couple in love should not put off choosing a photographer until the last moment. The best photographers in Dublin are always in demand, especially for wedding photography. In order not to face unpleasant surprises at the last moment, arrange with the photographer in advance.

The desire to save money on wedding photos is the most common mistake. Very low prices should not please, but alert the bride and groom, because high-quality pictures can only be made on expensive equipment, they cannot be critically cheap. In this case, photos cause complete disappointment.

Refusing a personal meeting with a photographer before the wedding will also be a mistake for a young couple. Direct communication will show how much you can cooperate with this person, whether it is possible to create a trusting friendly interaction.

The right choice of a wedding photographer in Dublin will leave only pleasant unforgettable memories of the celebration of the newlyweds and their guests.