The reasons that push love in a relationship to fade over time


Relationships begin with head-over-heels love and feelings for each other. In the starting phase, the craze doesn’t seem to last, and the wildness tends to infinity. But, as soon as the time passes by, the two persons in a relationship get used to each other, and they start getting over the passion they’ve attained with time. Here are a few reasons that make your love fall apart with time:

  • Overthinking on Almost Everything

Instead of understanding each other, if you lead to over-analyze and overthink everything, things definitely get worse with time. It creates a negative impact on the other person’s mind that rather than considering clear intentions of one, you keep on sticking to one thing, and never let that go. 

  • Not Getting Over the Past

If you are being ditched in the past, and you didn’t get enough time to feel the pain and react over it, you carry that pain with you. Even if you love the person, you’re within the present, but you still keep on projecting the things on them that you have suffered in the past. This habit doesn’t only keep you dissatisfied but also makes the other person mentally puzzled. 

  • Considering That You Know Your Partner/Lover Inside Out

Even if there have been countless years that you’ve spent together, you cannot know your partner completely. You cannot know everything about a person, and considering the same may get you into serious trouble. Perceptions, thoughts, and feelings of a person keep on changing with time, and you also need to change with time.

  • Stop Connecting and Touching Each-Other

When you’re in a relationship, the sex drive gets amplified through your skin and brain. When the craze is at the top, i.e., the beginning of your relationship, you keep on kissing and touching each other. But, as time passes by, you get lazy about it, and thus, the hormone oxytocin doesn’t get produced in enough quantity. Oxytocin proves to be a significant love drug, and you should keep on producing the same by touching and physically, as well as emotionally connecting with one another.