How to use launchpad brevard Schools?

brevard launchpad

Launchpad Brevard is launched by the Brevard Schools to help students and parents trying to access online classes at home. Like if parents have multiple children and trying to access launchpad & focus, they may have problems in switching between student accounts. The solution is to use chrome incognito mode only.

Follow Below steps to access launchpad Brevard

Brevard Student Access for Instructional Continuity (Schoolwide) At Home Learning with LaunchPad, FOCUS, and Digital Resources 

Link to this page: Link to video help:

1. Use Google Chrome browser.Open an incognito Window (close the browser completely between students if you have more than one child).
2. Go to Brevard Public Schools website
3.  Click the round “LaunchPad” button
1.   2. 3.
4. Click on the “Sign in with SAML” button 
5. On the next screen, enter your username and password.
Student Username:   
Student Password:  Your school computer password
Example:  a student with student number of 1234567 will have a username of
K-12 StudentsTo access FOCUS, click the BPS FOCUS live app tile inside LaunchPad.Find upcoming assignments and teacher posted material here.
K-6 Students 
Use these app tiles to find subject-area assignments in Launchpad.

Teachers have been asked to post classwork to FOCUS “Upcoming Assignments” or “Webpages”.

FOCUS Desktop Computer ViewFOCUS Mobile App View

This is how you can access the newly launched Launchpad Brevard.