A Guide to Glowing Skin: How to perfectly Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturize the Facial Skin

tips for glowing skin

This article helps you get tips for glowing skin and build you own skincare routine at home.

Dust, pollution, sun, and harsh chemicals are scary words when it comes to the welfare of your skin. Your skin is the most sensitive and delicate part of your body and hence, it requires special daily skin care routine. It does not matter if you are blessed with clear skin or cursed with skin redness, acne, pimples or black heads; you need to take care of your skin no matter what. But how to cleanse your body and face?

Dirt and sweat clog the pores of your skin. They did not let your skin breathe and results in dullness and dryness. The pollution forms a layer of grime on your skin which, if, not cleansed on time becomes a part of your epidermis. The harsh chemicals in makeup and the sun strip your skin of its natural oil; making it look dull and lifeless.

Not caring for the skin can not only make it appear dull but can also lead to various skin diseases such as fungal infections. You can keep your body toned by doing toning exercises and you can eat healthy to keep your body fit. But, what do you do to keep your skin toned, moisturized and to protect from UV rays? you need to keep it healthy, fresh and clean by following daily skin care routine for glowing skin? It is essential for everybody to have a cleansing routine and give the much-needed attention to your skin.

Read on to find out how you can care for your skin and build your own skincare routine for glowing skin.

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Steps: How to Build Your Own Glowing Skin Care Routine

Step 1: Wash your hands

Yes! That is the first step. Your hands are laden with bacteria that can do worse to your skin. Before beginning the cleaning ritual, wash your hands to wash away all the germs that have made your hands their home.

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Step 2: Know your skin

It is vital to know your skin and its type. Dry, oily, sensitive, normal, they all have issues of their own. You must know what you are allergic to and if certain things can cause you an allergy. You may develop a rash if you do not know what suits you and sometimes, the damage is irreparable. You can only buy the products or make natural homemade remedies if you know your skin type and what suits you best.

Step 3: Soak your face

Use lukewarm water, remember: not hot. Hot water can damage and dehydrate your delicate skin. Soak your face and ensure all the areas of your face are wet. Soaking the face softens the skin making it easier to get rid off the dirt.

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Step 4: Cleanse

Squeeze the cleanser on your palm. Slowly massage it on your face with finger tips in circular motion. Avoid eye contours. Spread the cleanser down to your neck since it is closer to your face and may seem like a contrast if it is dirty. Massage for two minutes and rinse the cleanser. Use a cleanser that is not too harsh. Buy products that say ‘for sensitive skin’. Even the products that read natural are sometimes harsh on your skin. If your face feels tight, dry or sore after cleansing, immediately change your cleanser. Use can opt for Himalaya’s cleanser for sensitive skin. For a natural remedy, milk is the best option. Dip cotton in milk and wipe your face clean. You may also use face masks made of papaya and yogurt.

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Step 5: Dab your face

Take a soft towel and dab your face dry. Do not wipe your face too roughly. It can be painful and can cause your skin to redden and may develop a rash.

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Step 6: Tone

We have plenty of tutorials out there that would guide you on how to tone you body. But what about toning your skin? To term it simply, A toner is used to even your skin tone. Due to tanning and pollution, we all end up with a patchy, uneven skin tone. It is, therefore, important to tone your skin to make it look smoother and glowing.  It is also used to restore your skin’s natural pH levels making it more resistant against bacteria and other microorganisms. Toning is mandatory for people with oily skin. Take little toner in a cotton swab and remember to wring out the excess liquid. Simply wipe your face with swab. Pay extra attention to your nose, chin and forehead as they are frequently the oiliest parts of your face. Avoid the mouth and the eye contour. Do not rinse off the toner. Let it stay on your skin. It causes no damage to the skin. Use Oriflame’s sensitive skin toner. For those who prefer natural therapy, use lime juice but avoid if you have dry skin. You may use potato juice instead. The natural toners need to be washed away.

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Step 7: Moisturise

This step cannot be avoided even if you have oily skin. It is imperative to moisturize your skin in order to rehydrate it. When you cleanse, it washes away essential oils with excess oil. So, to regain the moisture, use a moisturizer. Take some moisturizer on your finger and apply spots of the moisturizer directly on the face. Rub it in and massage your face with the fingertips. Massage at least for a minute. Choose a moisturizer that matches your skin type. An oily skin type may develop pimples if a dry skin type cream is applied on it, whereas, moisturizing for oily skin may be too mild for dry skin. For dry skin, Pond’s cold cream gives good results and for oily and sensitive skin Nivea’s cream is best suited. Glycerin is a great moisturizer for any skin type and gives a glowing skin. You may also use gels such as Aloe Vera to hydrate your skin and keep it healthy.

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 Tips for daily glowing skincare routine at home

  1. Avoid using soap on your face. It contains harsh chemicals that affect your skin and imbalance the pH level
  2. Drink lots of water to have a clear skin. Water flushes out toxins and cleans your body internally.
  3. Use products that are gentle on your skin. Products that are made for sensitive skin may suit any skin type since they are low on chemicals.
  4. Stick to natural remedies as much as you can as they do not have any adverse effects.
  5. Have a routine and follow it twice a day.

Apart from these 4 ways to establish an effective skincare routine for glowing and radiant skin, you can also use natural face packs like these and after having this wonderful pampering to your skin, please leave your comments in the section below.