Consider the Form of Your Eyes Before Returning to School

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What? Have you never analyzed what type of eyes you have? Well, this is a definite must, because knowing your eye form is just as important as being aware of your skin tone. We, as humans, give a lot of attention to the eyes, as we think of them as the windows to the soul. So, it’s very important to have mesmerizing and stunning eyes.

If you’re a student, then you definitely need to know how to impress your classmates and other people at your school, because looks are a big part of student life. Knowing the form of your eyes will give you a great advantage, as the eye type usually defines which color makeup palette you should use and how exactly you should apply.

This will allow you to emphasize and highlight the attractiveness of your eyes. Examine your eyes, experiment with ways of enhancing them with makeup, and make everyone remember your incredible gaze.

Deeply Embedded Eyes

Such eyes are usually quite bigger than the other types, but they lie a bit deeper in the skull. This produced a feeling of a very strong bone brow even if, in reality, it’s not that accentuated. In this type, the eyes receive much less light because they sit so deep.

To counteract this, you should make use of lighter colors for the eye shadow and put an emphasis on the eye arc with a crayon. Please be aware that due to the eye sitting deeply, the lashes are a bit back, so it is likely that they will inevitably touch lids. Choose a mascara that is highly resistant to any liquids if you want to keep your eyes neat and astonishing.

Flat Eyelid

With flat ones, the brow bone is not as strong, and you will have to go the extra mile to give the appearance of a strong brow bone. To achieve this effect, your brows and eyelids will need to have a stark gradient of distinctly different colors.

Going from the lashes to the brow, you’ll need to mix two colors in the gradient. The more pure, darker shade should be near to the lashes; a neutral combination of the two colors should lie in the middle between the lashes and the eyebrows; the lighter tone should be closer to the brows and quickly fade out on the brow bone.

Eyes with Large Eyelid Hoods

Large eyelid hoods usually fold into two layers, which makes your eyelid to look very small and minuscule. If you have large eyelid hoods, you’ll have to divert the viewer’s attention from the fold. First of all, it looks too small, so you’ll need to dissipate it with a medium-dark eyeshadow throughout the lid. This will give a balanced look to your eyelids, making them look bigger and more homogenous.

Additionally, the lashes will need to be accentuated with powerful mascara, because the lashes commonly get partially covered by big eyelid hoods. Lastly, you’ll have to expand and define your eyelids with stark lines.

Projecting Eyes

The eyes that sit a bit forwards in the skull commonly have the biggest eyelids. This means that the area of eyelids that other people see is much bigger, which gives you a lot of room to play around with your eyeshadows, but you should be careful and manage the eyelids appropriately.

If you don’t take into consideration their size, they can look disproportionate and outright ugly. To make your eyelids less overwhelming, employ darker hues. By nature, dark colors take up more visual space. Ensure to draw thicker shadows as you approach your lashes! This way, your eyes will become so stunning that no essay writer will be able to describe the beauty.

Upwardly Oriented Eyes

You can easily spot upwardly oriented eyes because their outer tips look up! The main issue with this type is that the underside and upperside eyelids are, in fact, unequal. Tackling this problem is extremely easy: just put outline the underside lashes with more defined darker tones, and the upperside lashes should be lighter. This way, both of the eyelid lines look equal and astonishing.

Downwardly Oriented Eyes

The downwardly oriented eyes don’t have the same kind of problem as the upward-looking one. However, they may look droopy if you don’t sculpt the eyes properly enough. This type is great for creating the infamous catty eyes look. Shape your upperside eyelids with fluid liner, and then when you approach the outer end of your eyelids, make an upward-looking tip, and there you go – you have a great symmetrical look.

How Your Physiology Affects Your Makeup Game

There is no debating whether our physiology affects which specific looks suit us and which don’t. Makeup isn’t an all-powerful tool that we can use to completely sculpt an ideal image of ourselves. It’s important to factor in our physiological aspects when we create our looks, and the form of the eyes is arguably one of the most important aspects of us.