Cool Minecraft Building Ideas For New Players

Minecraft building ideas

Anyone can grow bored with Minecraft and be stumped as to what to build next. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a collection of great Minecraft building ideas to get you started.

Houses, castles, elaborate nether portals, bridges, and even sculptures are all possible to construct in Minecraft. Choose a project you will like building to ensure you do not become bored or abandon your concept. It’s also crucial to choose a construction concept that’s tough but not too difficult.

Suppose a construction project is overly ambitious or challenging. In that case, you may give up after a few hours and become bored with the game. It’s essential to break down large undertakings into smaller ones to feel accomplished when you finish each one.

Suppose you’re making a castle in Minecraft, for example. In that case, you should start by constructing the walls, then one tower, then other towers, then chambers linking these towers, and so on.

Remember that if you want to create something in Minecraft survival, you’ll have to gather the ingredients yourself. You’ll have to put in a lot of effort to gather all the blocks you need for a truly massive project like a skyscraper.

However, if you’re playing in creative mode, you won’t have to worry about this and may construct whatever you want. So here are some of the best Minecraft building ideas

Cool Minecraft Building Ideas

check out some of the Minecraft build that is popular among the players

Tree Houses

The Treehouse is the first entry to the list of Minecraft Building Ideas. This attractive yet difficult design will likely be one of the first obstacles encountered by rookie Minecraft builders. 

The players should begin by building a platform in the woods and place their base on top, all while avoiding falling down to their doom. First, you must climb the tree to clear some room for your Treehouse.

You can start by placing the first ladder on the trunk’s base. Continue climbing up and putting the ladders in place as you climb the tree until you reach the summit. Next, remove any obstacles obstructing your path to the needed space.

When cleaning up, be cautious not to stand on any Leaf blocks since they will despawn if nearby Wood blocks are destroyed.

Begin by laying a plant layer to build a foundation when you have enough room. This will not only let you walk about more freely among the trees, but it will also serve as a foundation for the remainder of your house. Now you can build doors, walls, and whatever else you need for your ideal Treehouse.

Japanese Pagoda Is Japan’s beauty appealing to you? With the help of SheepGG, you can bring the magnificence of the Far East much closer to you by building a Japanese Pagoda to fit your needs.

It has five storeys of wooden-type blocks that are piled with beautiful symmetry. It’s also finished with a roof finial to complete the look.

You may also cultivate flowering sakura trees to bring forth the East Asian feel in your Minecraft world, in addition to the massive-scale, superbly constructed skyscraper guaranteed to climb the enormous heavens.

Cow Farm

Food hunting might be time-consuming, but you can fully remove this duty by establishing a cow farm with a built-in lava oven. We never said this would be the most compassionate farm you’ve ever seen, but it is certainly efficient.

The main concept is that mature cows breed at the top of the farm, resulting in baby cows falling to the bottom. The cows are then put into lava, where they are instantaneously cooked.

Prepared food is delivered straight to the chest below, ensuring you have access to cooked meat for when you need it.

Villager Wheat Farm

You might start a wheat farm if you want to sleep comfortably at night and want to employ a farming approach that doesn’t damage animals. A wheat farm takes a little longer to build than a cow farm, but once you’ve completed it, you won’t have to adjust it.

Thanks to the Minecraft villager that works tirelessly to achieve, you always have grain in your chests, and the wheat farm operates automatically.

You may also utilize building materials other than basic Stone to freshen up the interior of your home. You can use Stone Bricks, Quartz, or standard Wood Planks to give the structure a distinctive style and feel. It all depends on how much work you want to put in.

Nether Portals

Nether portals are common in any Minecraft Building Ideas in the survival world, and Goldrobin’s Nether Sword Portal takes the concept to new heights.

This design, which has a gigantic Nether Sword that bisects the earth, is ideal for those that seek a large structure with massive dimensions.

Are you looking for a unique concept? The region where the sword collides with the earth may be converted into cracked, rolling ruins that can be used as a foundation for storing your chests before venturing into the Nether.

I don’t know about you, but this design makes me giddy with anticipation for my next Nether mob hunt!

Greek Temple

Where would you go on an adventure if you had the chance to go anyplace in the world?

If you said Greece, we have some exciting news for you! Lytezcraft’s Greek Temple accurately reproduces Greek-style buildings such as the Parthenon, but with a more creative and unique touch befitting a clever Minecraft player.

This temple, which sits atop a mountain and is guarded by a pair of marble statues, is ideal for gamers looking for a spectacular home to call their own.

Underground Bases

Underground bases may be some of the most amazing structures you’ll ever build in Minecraft if you know what you’re doing. This Minecraft Building idea is super unique.

These, like Cliffside Houses, may profit from the fact that they must be dug from the earth rather than erected from the ground up with foundations and sidewalls. All the structural components are already underground for you if you wish to use them.

To build one of these, you must first dig out a large portion of the soil with Shovels. You may also use Dynamite to create enormous craters quickly if you want to save time and effort, but this comes with some danger.

Next, you may start piling the blocks you’d like to use to build your floors, walls, and ceilings after digging out a hole with the proportions you want. Of course, you may skip this step if you like, although Stone appears less inviting than some expensive wood paneling.

It is possible to hide the entrance to your underground bunker if you wish. Secret doors or tunnels controlled by Pistons go a long way toward improving your underground house’s ‘Cool’ quotient. Still, they do need a thorough understanding of the Redstone system.

Minecraft WorldEdit Pyramid

Have you ever wondered how large-scale Minecraft monuments are constructed? Here’s a time-lapse video of a pyramid created with Minecraft WorldEdit.

This tool makes creating enormous constructions considerably easier than doing it by hand. This pyramid took FallenQbuilds a little under 18 hours to build.

However, we believe it would take a newbie far longer.

Fountain Build Minecraft Building Idea

Fountains can be small and straightforward or big and complex. They are suitable for gardens, castle courtyards, and even indoors. Use’steps’ to allow water to flow down and glowstone or glass in the water.

Fountains are a little more difficult to construct today, thanks to Mojang’s adjustments to water flow. They may require some testing to get the water flowing precisely.

You should light up your fountain to make it more noticeable at night for extra beauty. This may be done with flowstone or Redstone lights, for example.

If you’re using bulbs, you could connect it to a daylight sensor so that the fountain only lights up at night.

Floating Bases

Floating bases aren’t just for Skyblock; they’re also fun to construct in survival Minecraft. Build a vast platform in the sky, pull up some construction supplies, and begin constructing a base there.

Make sure you have a safe route down, such as jumping into a pool of water, using a ladder, or falling on slime bricks.

A floating base in the sky can also keep you concealed from other players if you’re playing on a PVP server. As long as the base isn’t too large, it’s an excellent approach to retaining privacy!

Custom Aquarium Minecraft Buiding Idea

You know the saying: having your own personalized aquarium is the epitome of elegance. Make your own aquarium at your house or build a specialized aquarium within your base.

Use Minecraft modifications to add far more fish to the game, or wait for the 1.17 update to incorporate Minecraft Axolotl to take your creation to the next level.

A bespoke aquarium is a terrific way to bring natural color into your house. Sure, you could use flowers like anyone else, but what fun would that be?

Final Words:

So these were some of the best things to build in Minecraft when you are stuck in survival mode. There are plenty of Minecraft house ideas however the important thing to remember is that Minecraft players need not necessarily focus on massive undertakings.

One fun part about the game is searching for ways to enhance the gaming experience by looking for Minecraft builds.

If you are still looking for cool Minecraft building ideas you can check out how to build bridges in Minecraft, lighthouses, medieval castles, and horse stables as well as how to build a Minecraft village.

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