Curly Bangs: Yay or Nay?

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Ladies, if you’ve ever considered yourself a little bit of a retro diva coupled with a modern tastemaker, you have GOT to try curly bangs. We know, we know, curly bangs are one of the hardest hairstyles to pull off, making them hotly debated in the hair world. But, when all is said and done, we’re voting curly bangs as a great big YAY for today. With that being said, it’s important to note that, as any ’do, there are some nays that go along with it. Check out the breakdown below to see if this is a style you should try.

  • Yay: It’s SO Retro—The curly-banged look is about as disco as the afro-puff—just ask the bang queen herself (Donna Summer, God rest her soul) or Gloria Gaynor. You can make it especially retro if you fuse bangs with big volume, topping off massive curls that honor all the era’s most legendary divas and starlets.
  • Yay: It’s Also SO Modern—What we adore about this look is that, even though it brings us back to the disco era, it also has a contemporary freshness about it. It doesn’t hurt that some of the biggest black hair icons of modern day have been known to rock the curly front-cut. See: the inimitable Jill Scott, the gorgeous Kelly Rowland or the biggest hair icon of the moment, the sassy Ms. Lizzo.
  • Yay: It Frames the Face Perfectly—All bangs—whether straight, kinky or coiled—have the power to flatter a wide range of face shapes. They look especially amazing on people with long, oval and rectangular faces, but they really don’t look bad on any face shape. They can also be used to play down a larger forehead or to soften an angular jawline.
  • Yay: It’s Easy to Achieve—You don’t have to have a specific hair length, texture or color to achieve show-stopping bangs. And you could quite literally have bangs in a matter of seconds in the salon chair with the right stylist. (SIDE NOTE: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CUT YOUR BANGS YOURSELF.) There’s no relaxing, layering or coloring involved. It’s a quick, easy way to give your ’do a fresh upgrade.
  • Nay: It Takes Maintenance—If you’re cutting your natural hair into bangs, be prepared to be a slave to the trim every two weeks or so. You can get around the high-maintenance style by cutting bangs into a weave or wig. That way, all you have to worry about is redoing your entire head of hair every couple of months.
  • Nay: It’s a Commitment—If you’re cutting bangs into your natural hair, be prepared to wear bangs for the next couple of years or to endure an awkward grow-out phase. Short strands in the front of your head can make it challenging to get the hair into cornrows or braids that are long and tight enough to hold a sew-in, so this may not be the best choice for ladies who love to switch things up between natural and weave on the regular.

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How to Slay Curly Bangs


As with any hairstyle out there, you’re going to get much better results with your bangs if you learn how to properly cut and care for them. Here are a few basics to follow if you’ve decided to hop on the bang train.


  • Use Curl-Boosting Products—Regardless of if you’re going with your natural hair or styling a curly virgin hair wig, the care is equally as important. With curls, it’s all about moisture, moisture, moisture. We always recommend using the LOC method to care for curly extensions as well as natural hair. LOC stands for liquid, oil, cream and offers a super easy solution for locking in oil and keeping hair deeply moisturized so those curls have perfect bounce and body at all times.
  • Try It with a Lace Frontal—Without a doubt, a lace frontal is the best way to achieve curly bangs without the commitment. Lace frontals have much longer front mesh pieces, which means they have longer hairlines that are much more realistic and versatile. Make sure to select a frontal that has high-quality, virgin hair so your curls have a soft, realistic look and feel. Your lace frontal is an investment, so make sure to take it to a hairstylist you trust to cut your bangs!
  • Don’t Cut Them Blunt—Blunt bangs may be trendy for straight-haired people, but they don’t do us curly haired divas any favors. Instead, ask your stylist to chop them in different layers or lengths to add some dimension and bounce. Oh, and cut them a little bit longer than you think you should, since curls tend to shrink up. Bangs that are too short can totally miss the mark. You definitely want a little bit of those shaggy, fall-in-your-face vibes going on.
  • Learn How to Style—You know that curls are deceptively high-maintenance. Even though you won’t have to do a ton to make your curly bangs look good every day, a few styling products and techniques will make them look extra-fabulous. After you’re done washing your hair, put your bangs exactly how you want them to fall when dry. For a little bit of extra hold, you can add in some styling products while your hair is still wet.

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A Must-Try for the Modern Hair Trend-Setter

So, as you can see, the curly-banged ’do is definitely a must-try for any modern hair trend-setter. This is a universal hairstyle that’s both classic and modern, soft and edgy, so it suits virtually all personalities perfectly! We vote a big YAY on the curly bang trend!