Is it feasible to utilize “make or destroy water 5e” to murder people in the D&D universe?

make or destroy water 5e

Destroy water 5e – Want to learn how to create or obliterate a destroy water spell in D&D 5e: Within the range, you can produce up to 10 gallons of clean water in an open container. Alternately, the waterfalls fall as rain, dousing the nearby area’s open flames in a 30-foot cube of water. Obliterate water Within the range, you obliterate around 10 liters of open water. Alternately, you eliminate fog at a nearby 30-foot cube.

When you use a spell slot of the second level or higher to perform this spell, you make or destroy ten more gallons of water, or the size of the block grows by five feet for each spell slot level above the first.

Examining the most devastating spell in 5e, witch bolt 5e will serve as a contrast. Nobody can offer the text of this spell as copyrighted material because it has not been made available from the SRD by Wizards of the Coast. A glance at the Players’ Handbook reveals that the witch bolt is a first-level evocation spell that delivers 1d12 turbo damage and is available to sorcerers, warlocks, and wizards. It often does 6.5 harm.

Let’s consider the power word kill 5e one last time.

It is a level 9 spell capable of killing, but only if the target has fewer than 101 struck points. It reads as follows.

“You complete a power word that causes one creature you can perceive within range to die instantaneously. The monster you selected perishes if it has less than 100 hit points. The spell is useless in any other case.

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5e alter or eliminate water

You might consider adding or removing water from a body to drown or severely dehydrate yourself. Additionally, you can consult the 5th Edition.

“Typically, you must select one or more targets for the spell’s magic to affect. By reading the description, you can determine if a spell targets creatures, objects, or a point of origin for an area of effect.

This excerpt is from the section on spell targets on page 204 of the Player’s Handbook. It will always be clear if you can target a creature with a spell. Make or Break Water Only a container and the effect are targeted by 5e. Containers are not living things.

Do the lungs suffer from creating or destroying water 5e?

But keep in mind that the human body has components! Consequently, it is a container! Not in your life, no. Because if you claim that the human body is a container, you have effectively rendered the word meaningless as a tool for communication. A container is a receptacle for holding other objects, which implies that it was made to hold other objects in mind. People are not made to be diverse in any way.

It is only a matter of realism that this spell does not affect the lungs, despite the balanced viewpoint. Power Word Kill 5e is the only immediate death spell available, even at level 9, provided your target has 100 or fewer health points. An instant kill weapon renders all encounters the same and makes earning a first-level spell out unfun. Then why does anything other than battle teams of clerics employ C/D Water support by counter-spelling wizards? As a DM, that will make my life much easier in session preparation, but god is boring when the fifth TPK of the last three sessions takes place.

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Can you murder someone using make or destroy water in 5e? Most DMs will rule no if you’re asking whether killing someone by destroying the water in their body is possible. Installing personnel in this way would likely be considered improper. That doesn’t mean the spell can’t be used to murder someone. You have to think outside the box. But it is feasible.

In Dungeons & Dragons, spells that create water or some types of ice might make a surface slick enough for humans to trip and fall. You may make a 5e fog cloud with a flame spell. Anyone who stumbles or cannot see ahead could fall victim to a trap the party has placed. You can make a pool of water and a character with powers.

So, yes and no are the answers. The spell description in the current 5E rules says, “Any water made falls as rain.” This needed to be clarified in earlier editions, as we can see. For example, a 16th-level wizard in 3rd Edition could conjure 120 lb. of liquid water 65 feet inside a person’s head. 

Let’s say the target was transfixed or preoccupied. In those older editions, you might have to decide that it counts as half diminishing damage: 1d10 for every 10 feet (or half of 6d10). That is an average damage of 15 points. Create or destroy water 5e , then. A spell in 5e D&D can murder humans. 

  • Player’s Handbook as a source
  • the first stage of transformation
  • One motion of casting
  • 30-foot range
  • Parts: V, S, and M (a drop of water if creating water or a few grains of sand if destroying it)
  • Instantaneous duration
  • Water can either be produced or eliminated.

Produce water. You can produce up to 10 gallons of clean water within the range in an open container. Instead, a 30-foot cube of water falls as rain within range, putting out any flames nearby.

Obliterate water Within the range, you can obliterate up to 10 gallons of open water. Alternately, you can eliminate the fog nearby in a 30-foot cube.

Greater Levels. You produce or destroy ten more gallons when you use a spell slot of the second level or above to cast this spell.

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Uses for Making or Ruining Water?

I believe Create or Destroy Water is only beneficial in three specific circumstances:

  • You require clean water.
  • You must extinguish a fire.
  • You must remove the haze.

Do I have something missing? Are there imaginative applications for this spell that I still need to include?

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