Do AutoZone Install Batteries?

Do AutoZone Install Batteries

Do AutoZone Install Batteries – If you need a new car battery, it is good to know that AutoZone will put it in for free. Rather than watching a YouTube video to learn how to install a car battery yourself, you can just go to AutoZone. There they will do the replacement for free using their professional workers.

Like all good things, there are a few conditions. So this is how it works exactly. Let’s know all about the question Do Autozone install batteries:

Do AutoZone Install Batteries Without Cost?

AutoZone will fix your battery if you buy a new one from their store. They offer a big choice of battery makers. The people who help customers say that they do not need to pay extra for installation when buying a new AutoZone battery replacement. They also take care of your old car batteries for you.

But, there are a few points to remember. AutoZone might say no to putting in batteries in some cases. For example, if the installation needs workers to take apart parts of the car, you might want to start putting in batteries somewhere else.

Also, this store for buying and selling things might not put the battery in if it is in a strange place like under a seat.

AutoZone provides a free check of the car’s battery while it is still in your vehicle. This is done when installing the new battery. Store services vary per location. So, you should call your nearby shop before going there.

Things to Know Before Buying a New Car Battery

First, find out if you really need to change your car battery. Before getting a new car battery, you have experts at the shop do a test to see if your battery is okay.

A car battery can lose its power and just need to be refilled. To see if this is true, you can ask the AutoZone mechanics to check your car’s battery and find out how good it is. This usually does not cost any money.

If your battery is not strong or not working, you might need to buy a new one.

How Much Does a Car AutoZone battery Cost?

At AutoZone, car battery prices range from $50 to $120. What it costs relies on the kind of battery and also your car model and year.

A worker will check your car and give you the different cost choices in front of you. If you want the best battery, it could cost between $90 and $200. Usually, more expensive batteries last longer. Expensive batteries have a longer warranty period.

How much you want to spend on a car battery is based on what is important to you and advice from customers.

What Type of Batteries Does AutoZone Sell?

At AutoZone, they sell:

  • Car batteries
  • SUV batteries
  • Truck batteries
  • Golf cart batteries
  • Motorcycle batteries
  • Marine batteries
  • RV batteries
  • Powersport batteries

What Kinds Of Batteries Does AutoZone Put In?

There is not only one kind of Autozone car battery. If you have a particular type, it might be better to change it at the same time.

AutoZone sells and installs different types of batteries, like these.

1. Lead-Acid Batteries

This is a typical battery kind and also one of the cheapest. They have six cells and go up to 12.6V when they are fully charged. These batteries do not need much care, but you must add back the electrolytes when they get low. It is important to set these batteries up straight so the acid does not leak out.

2. Gel Batteries

Gel batteries are like lead-acid batteries and a kind of wet battery. They are a new style and do not leak often.

Calcium stops acid from leaking out, and silica is put in the electrolytes to make them thicker and turn into gel. It is a stronger battery and lasts longer than usual lead-acid batteries.

3. Deep Cycle Batteries

Deep cycle batteries have a tight material and thick shell. They are strong and use less power, but last longer. Sometimes people call them boat batteries and they are often used in campers, boats, golf carts and motorbikes. They stay for a long time but can cost more than other kinds of batteries.

How Much Does AutoZone Cost To Put In Batteries?

AutoZone will put in a battery for you without cost, but you must buy that battery from them. They will get rid of your old battery for you and swap it without charging you extra.

They will put in a new battery and make sure your car starts easily and works well with the battery installed. They would not charge batteries bought from other places.

If your battery has a hard installation process, they might say no to putting it in. The workers will not put in batteries if they need to take out different parts of the car to get to where the battery is.

How Much Time Does AutoZone Take To Put In A Battery?

AutoZone workers can put in a battery very fast. Installing a battery usually takes around 15 minutes. Workers are taught to put in batteries in various kinds of cars, and some may be quicker at it than others.

You can also put in the battery yourself and get someone at AutoZone to check it for you.

Does AutoZone Deliver And Install Batteries?

AutoZone does provide shipping and teams up with different delivery firms to send their items to the homes of customers. They do not give installation help with delivery.

You can buy a battery online from AutoZone and it will be sent to your home. Then you can take both the battery and your car to AutoZone where an employee will put it in for you.

You will need your purchase paper or packing note to show that you bought the battery at AutoZone. Sometimes, the shop might check your buy by using your phone number.

Check and put in your batteries at AutoZone for free

AutoZone puts car batteries in for free, saving your money. The only rule is that the customer has to buy the new battery from their store. Installing a new car battery takes less than 15 minutes. People love getting their car fixed by AutoZone because it is simple.

If you are not sure if you need a new battery, let AutoZone check the charge. They can check your old battery and suggest a new one to buy.

Some Questions

Where Is AutoZone Located?

The firm is a top shop for car parts in the U.S. Also, as a big seller of auto, they deal in accessories too. People can also buy car chemicals, like motor oil, in almost all of the 50 states. If you need help with car checks and other fixes, they can take care of it for you.

AutoZone has stores not only in the States but also offers services in Puerto Rico, Brazil and Mexico.

Do AutoZone Install Batteries?

Battery tests are quick and correct and you can find them at every AutoZone in the US.

Can AutoZone give me a battery?

Get your battery here and it will be waiting for you at the store near you. Bring the battery to you. Fast Delivery same day or the next day is available for some batteries.

How much does AutoZone cost to charge a battery?

If you do not have a charger, AutoZone experts can help you choose one. If you do not like working on the car engine, take your dead battery to an AutoZone shop. They will check and charge it for free.

Will AutoZone return a battery?

To send batteries back to AutoZone, fill in the Return Form on the shipping invoice and put it with the product inside its original package or box. If you need help with batteries, or oil or want to buy a new car battery at a good price, go to the AutoZone near you for more details.

Does AutoZone provide free battery installation?

Fix your car battery at AutoZone and they help you for no extra money.