Do’s and dont’s of wearing a perfume

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Who does not want all heads turning around at him/her?? Everyone and the reason could be anything like the outstanding outfit, classy clothing, jubilant jewellery and the appealing fragrance of your perfume too. Today wearing perfume has also become a style sigma. But the right fragrance with the correct way to apply can only make it that attractive. Check out some do’s and dont’s of ‘Wearing Perfume’:-

Do’s of Wearing a Perfume

  • You can apply perfume once you have turned fresh and energetic that is after taking a bath. The reason behind this is after the shower your body is completely clean and perfectly prepared to engulf the appealing fragrance of perfume completely.
  • If the purpose of wearing perfume is attracting people around you then don’t over wear it else they are sure to get away from you by getting irritated with an overdose of fragrance. Applying perfume on pulse arenas like necklines, wrist, fingertips, chest, back of earlobes, elbow etc. is alright as it permits the perfume to disseminate speedily. Moreover, these areas are those place of your body where blood circulates nearby to the skin surface.
  • In case if you are wearing perfume with a spray bottle then spray it from a little distance away from your body. This will allow a fair spray all over where ever required. One other way could be to spray it in the air so that it will be absorbed by your body slowly and gently and turn into a lovely light fragrance.



  • If you want your perfume fragrance to last from morning until evening, then the best way is to spray it from down to up. This will result in long-lasting fragrance in you.
  • You need not worry if you feature an oily skin because that retains fragrance quickly due to a natural oil present in the skin but if you are a dry skin holder you need to take care of something. Ones with dry skin will either need to wear perfume several times in a day or use of a good branded moisturiser before putting perfume will solve the issue.
  • Don’t just rush up!! If you love wearing perfume, then apply it to dressing up yourself in clothes an let it dry for sometime else it would stick to your attire thereby resulting in making it wet.
  • Also, remember do not make the mixture of many fragrances in your body at one time. Meaning thereby while you have thought of applying perfume, don’t go with a mixture of other sprays like deodorants, body wash, aftershave liquid etc. else all this would result into a traffic jam of different smells.
  • Climate also plays an important role while you are thinking of wearing perfume. The fragrance will stay longer and deeper in case of hot climatic conditions in comparison to the cool-cool weather.


Dont’s of Wearing a Perfume

  • Everything has got two aspects; similarly, along with doing’s, there are dome dont’s too while wearing perfume which you need to take care of.
  • Make sure you wear perfume before you are completely dressed up with jewellery and clothing because the purpose is to aromatize your body, not the embellishment. This would retrain your jewellery from getting spoiled and clothes getting wet marks.
  • It is often seen that people spray perfume on one hand’s wrist and rub it on the other hand’s wrist, but this is also a wrong way to apply perfume. Do not rub this way as it might change the aroma of your spray.


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  • If you can cherish the fragrance of perfume, do not keep re-applying it repeatedly. As this might happen because of the usage of one type of perfume always, so changes are always good, enrich your dressing table with more addition of perfumes imparting different fragrances.
  • Last but not the least keep your hair safe from the reach of perfume as it might harm them. For example, The chemicals imbibed in your morning shampoo in mixture with the aroma of perfume can result in a bad combination producing a harmful result.