Dying Light 2 Black Widow Mission Guide

Dying Light 2 Black Widow Mission Guide

In Dying Light 2 Black Widow side mission may be accessed after speaking with Jolly. Only after finishing The Lost Light’s primary mission will the task become accessible. The dying light 2 Black Widow Quest and its possible results, dependent on your decisions, are explained in this article.

Dying Light 2 Black Widow Quest

Elena is the lady who is suspected of killing her lover in this Black Widow mission. The quest’s central conflict is her threat to kill someone.

Jolly, Elena’s father’s recent lover, will initiate the mission. Jolly is concerned since Elena is notorious for robbing her partners of their money and killing them with poison.

  • Jolly can be found at The Wharf’s PK Flying Castle. She will want you to track down Josh, Elena’s former lover so that he may interrogate you regarding Elena’s whereabouts and the mystery of her residence.

Josh: The former partner

  • Josh is usually present at the Fish Eye pub in New Dawn Park during the evening. Josh is a regular at the pub, but the other patrons don’t like him because of his negative attitude.
  • Instead, you’ll encounter a woman who turns out to be Elena. She will leave once you have spoken to her, and another man will address your questions. He’ll advise you to glance up at the rooftop.
  • Then, locate Josh’s hiding place by going to the symbol on the rooftop.

Once virals have located Josh, they will begin attacking. You must turn on the UV light to frighten the virals away if Josh is to survive the onslaught.

Josh will commence to collaborate and reveal the location of Elena’s prepared poison stockpile after the virals have fled.

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Elena: Toxic Stash

Look about Elena’s residence to find the poison supply. After that, Elena will show up and brandish a dagger as you unlock a suitcase.

Officers will storm into the bedroom during your argument with Elena. Your first important choice is this.

  • Elena poison’s subjects: The quest is over. Elena will be executed by hanging.
  • Officers, that is nothing; the quest continues. You will eventually need to provide evidence that it isn’t toxic.

Baba, The Plague Witch: Poison or Medicine?

  • You will need to provide evidence that the mixture is not poisonous if you decide not to inform Elena.
  • It would be best if you tracked down Baba, The Plague Witch, to accomplish this task. On Saint Paul Island, she may work at her store at the Chapel of Resurrection.
  • Baba will instruct you to locate testing materials at the GRE Field hospital. It is advised to visit there at night because of simpler access.
  • Return to the Plague Witch’s store after that. Their baba will confirm if those things are medicine or poison.


Elena: Confirmation of Righteousness

Find out where Elena is being held and return to the PK Inflatable Castle.

The officer will require you to provide evidence because Baba’s affirmation is insufficient.

  • Drink- If you take the medication, Elena will be released, and Jolly will be angry.
  • Avoid drinking since Elena is hanging.

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The Dying Light 2 Black Widow Side Quest Explanation has ended. You will earn Combat and Parkour XP points for accomplishing the sub-task.

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