Effective Ways To Extend Vase Life


Small vases are a beautiful addition to any home. It doesn’t matter if you’re using small flower vases every week for the dinner table or if you’re using them for aesthetics. The thing about vases is that they will eventually get dirty or defective, leading to them needing to be cleaned. Small flower vases do a lot of work; nurturing flowers, holding them, and serving as a place to arrange them. With all this work, vases can get pretty dirty. Often, the old flowers leave residue in the vase, which also makes it difficult to clean. 

Dirty vases can have a negative health impact on your flowers, which is why it is very important to know how to clean vases and extend their lifespan. A dirty vase is not only unpleasant to the eyes, but dirty small flower vases can cause damage to the flowers and cut foliage placed into them due to their sensitivity. So cleaning your small flower vases not only keeps your vase looking beautiful but also keeps your flowers fresher for longer.

If your vase is covered in stubborn residue or the shape of your vase makes parts of it tricky to reach, there are solutions to making your small flower vase clean; and, in effect, extend its lifespan.

But first, you must prepare the right small flower vases for arranging your flowers. Feel free to also glance through this category of small flower vases for your preferred choice. 

Prepare The Proper Vase

  • Crystal Vase

Cleaning a crystal vase is fairly simple and requires only two household items: salt and vinegar. Here are the instructions:

  1. With half a teaspoon of salt, mix a paste with a little white vinegar. 
  2. Then using the paste, gently rub away the dirt and allow it to sit for about 10 minutes. 
  3. Finally, fill the vase with warm water and rinse it out. 
  • Glass Vase

Water stains are a familiar occurrence with glass vases, and you can easily clean them by making a soapy solution with dishwashing liquid and warm water. 

  1. First, fill the vase with about ⅓ of the soapy mixture. 
  2. Next, add one or two tablespoons of vinegar.
  3. Rinse out the vase and wipe it down dry. 
  • Vases With Narrow Necks

The best way to clean small vases for table decorations with long necks is to pour something fizzy or abrasive inside, such as a can of coke or a similar soft drink. 

  1. Pour the liquid into the vase and then put your hand over the mouth of the vase. 
  2. Give the vase a gentle shake, then let it sit for four to six hours. 
  3. Rinse the vase with clean water and then let it dry out.

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Ways To Extend Vase Life

Before we begin, what is vase life? Vase life is the length of time that a bunch of cut flowers or bouquet retains their beauty. Their beauty of course resides in their appeal and aesthetic value. Vase life is. especially taken into consideration when the flowers are sitting in stagnant water.

The vase life of flowers differs. The more delicate ones like roses tend to wither within a few days. This means roses have a short vase life. Several other flowers though have a longer vase life, like Carnations. These flowers can last up to several weeks if cared for properly.

There are many ways people extend the vase life of their freshly cut flowers. But we will give you a few surefire ways to extend your flowers’ vase life.

  1. Put The Flowers In Water Immediately

Image source: Pexel.com

This should be a pretty well known fact. Cut flowers must be put in water immediately after you acquire them. You first need to get them in water before you can make your arrangements. By arrangements we mean trimming, or cutting them as you desire. 

  1. Keep Your Flower Stems Clean

In an interval of two to three days, you should always make out the time to take care of your flower stems. You can do this by making a fresh trim, angling the cut at the bottom of the stem. This is so that the flowers will have a fresh cut to suck up the water. 

  1. Keep The Flowers Out Of Direct Sunlight

In contrast to popular opinion, cut flowers prefer a cool, dark spot. So try to keep them out of the way of direct sunlight. 

The sun dehydrates flowers faster, so this tip is only for the good of the flowers. Make sure they are away from windows where the sun can shine directly on them. And also place the flowers far from AC and heating vents.

  1. Change The Water In The Vase Every Two To Three Days

It is important to throw out the dirty water in a vase. After throwing out, you should replace them with fresh water every 2 to 3 days. This is needed to extend the vase life of your flowers. 

  1. Feed The Flowers Regularly

Usually, purchased cut flowers come with flower food. So you must always feed the flowers regularly. Feed them properly by mixing the flower food with the water in the vase.


Having flowers in your home is healthy and aesthetically pleasing. You may have gotten them for different reasons, but that does not mean the flowers shouldn’t last longer. Use these methods to extend the lives of your flowers and enjoy them for longer.