Get All the Details Regarding End of Lease Cleaning Here!


If you are confused regarding the idea of the end of lease cleaning, then you should know that it’s also called move out cleaning. End of lease cleaning or move out cleaning accounts for the cleaning services to be attributed when your contractor has been finished, and you have to handover your rented house to the landlord fully neat and clean. Move out cleaning or end of lease cleaning service is an excellent idea. They are experts in this field. However, sometimes cleaning services do not clean up all the way. Well, I have done my homework and have investigated the topic. Here is what I found. It is best to hire an expert who has experience in cleaning up a house in a moving-out manner.


  • One of the things to know before hiring end of lease cleaning company is to ensure that all loose materials are accounted for. This includes rugs, curtains, and every surface in the house. You do not want to leave anything unattended or accidentally leave it there when you come back.
  • Finally, moving in cleaning or bond cleaning crew should pay a visit to the new home and do a first-class job in terms of total cleanliness. A professional bond cleaning or end of lease cleaning company should be able to accomplish this task as well. This would include emptying the trash and recycling bins, removing any clutter and debris, and thoroughly cleaning any surface. There may also be some additional tasks such as stripping of wallpaper and freshening up floors and counters.
  • The last of the things to know before hiring end of lease cleaning company is to be sure that your house is properly vacuumed. It is very important to make sure that everything is properly cleaned up before moving out. A professional end of lease cleaning company should be able to make these recommendations. You should also check the condition of your floors by using a glass cutter.


Moving out or end of lease also entails organizing your things that are to be thrown away. Be sure to hire a professional end of lease cleaning company. They should be able to organize everything and then recycle the items they are going to throw away. There should be no reason to have furniture lying around.

  • Be sure to empty trash cans. Place cardboard boxes in a closet instead of the trash can. Also, this will help prevent water damage.
  • Do not remove the interior cabinets until all furniture has been removed. This also ensures proper ventilation inside the house after the bond cleaning is done.
  • Avoid hanging ladders inside the home. Ladders lead to the possibility of falling and injuring yourself. Also, do not place rugs in the crawl spaces as this may cause permanent damage to the house.
  • Store all metal items in their own rooms and out of the house. There is a possibility that metal objects can cause damages if they fall from the ceilings and tables. If you have the garage, store all metal objects and machinery in there.
  • Don’t store food in the kitchen unless you can store it in your freezer. Food left in the kitchen tends to attract rodents and insects. Also, you may need to clean your garage to remove insect nests and possible insect eggs.
  • Before moving out, have all the appliances in the house charged for making sure that you have enough power to let the light remain on and heat running in the house. Make sure to turn off the stove to prevent fires. Then, by all means, take all the personal items out of the house and make sure that you get them safely away from the house as well.


If you are thinking of the ways regarding how to get the full deposit back before you move out of the house, then you will have to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. The first step will be to study your lease properly. Read all the clauses which are related to the termination and you moving out of the house. Fulfill all the necessary tasks, and see the notice period in which you have to inform your landlord on a prior basis.
  2. Once you are done with the lease, you will need to notify your landlord. Suppose the notice period is mentioned as 60 days, then you will have to notify your landlord at least two months before you move out of the house so that no further objection occurs.
  3. The other thing to follow in order to resolve your doubts regarding how to get the full deposit back is to pay all of your unfulfilled rents. Also, clear the rent of the last month, so that your record gets clean.
  4. Before you move out of the house, and your landlord checks specific errors in the house, you should get them corrected on time. You should pay heed to some small repairs which will cover paint, patch holes, bathroom repairs, damaged or old light bulbs, etc.
  5. The other step to follow is to opt for the end of lease cleaning in which your house will be completely cleaned, including the rooms, windows, doors, carpets, and everything that comes within a home. Before moving in the next day, make sure the carpets, floors, and other hard surfaces are cleaned. This is very important since any dirt or dust on these surfaces can cause major damages. The reason behind the same is that the house should be entirely clean before you hand over the keys to the landlord.
  6. The step to be followed is that you should take the stuff necessary to you for yourself, and throw the stuff that is unnecessary for you. This way, you will empty the house in a way that any new tenant can find space to keep his/her stuff properly.
  7. At last, when you are done with your end of lease cleaning, you just have to return your keys to your landlord so that he/she may return you the full deposit amount.