Essential Wedding Tips & Ways to Make Your Wedding Memorable

Unique wedding ideas
Unique wedding ideas

Everyone has this feeling inside to make one’s D Day extremely special. Because a wedding is something that happens once in a lifetime, and you must explore some worthwhile wedding ideas to throw an unforgettable wedding. There are several unique wedding ideas, but all cannot be followed while planning a course of single marriage.

Let’s explore the ways to make your wedding memorable:

Add Some Spices to Your Guest Book

One among all of the wedding ideas is to break the stereotypes and leave behind the traditional guest book. Rather than make your guests sign conventionally, you can make them sign on any of the exciting attributes that suit your personality, be it a guitar, a ball, or a globe. Also, you can ask your guests to write a personal message with their signature. To make it more special, introduce a Polaroid guest book, and surprise your guests with something different.

Represent Your Guests with an Exclusive Venue

Have you ever thought of panning an unforgettable wedding while representing unique arrangements, such as summer camps, art galleries, venue on a mountain with ski lodges, amusement parks, etc.? If not, give it a shot. Planning your wedding like this will prove to one of the aptest ways to make your wedding memorable.

Amaze Your Guests by Giving Them Small Surprises

Surprises will never go cliché and come under the unique wedding ideas forever. You can surprise your guests with something unusual, such as providing them with salsa dancing lessons, a shot that represents the theme of the wedding, impressive wigs and clown shoes’ pair & make them dance, etc. Also, you can get them into old and conventional yard games, or a selfie booth full of lollipops, and colorful attributed all around. If your wedding is in the winter season, arrange a place for your guests with a fireplace, with some music and a gramophone, and avail your guests with the coziest place they’ve ever visited at a wedding.