Ten Amazing Foods for Hair Growth and Healthy Hair

foods for hair growth

Admit it or not, we all love healthy and strong hair. Most of the people wish to have shiny and beautiful hair as they grow older. Hair growth from roots, hence for long and strong hair, it is essential to keep the scalp healthy. We all know that factors like genetics, age, and health are responsible for hair growth.

Nevertheless, do you know diet also plays a crucial role in managing the health and growth of hairs? Yes, you read it right. We cannot control factors like age and genetics, but we can manage our diet and have healthy foods for hair growth . Following the hair growth food list is one of the best hair growth home remedies. Now wondering what to eat for healthy hair? We have got you a list of food for hair growth and healthy hair.

  1. Spinach

Spinach is a healthy green vegetable loaded with iron, folate, and vitamin A, C, which is considered beneficial for hair growth. Vitamin A is helpful for the glands present in the skin to produce sebum, which in turn helps in moisturizing the scalp. Iron boosts hair growth and repair. Hence adding spinach to your hair growth food list is one of the best home remedies for hair growth.

  1. Eggs

Eggs are loaded with biotin and protein, and both the nutrients are beneficial to promote hair growth. Eggs are the best foods for healthy hair and hair growth as they are rich in protein, and it helps in preventing hair loss. Biotin is suitable for the production of keratin, which is a crucial hair protein. The deficiency of protein or biotin in the body is considered a significant cause of hair loss and inadequate hair growth. 

  1. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are one of the best for hair growth and a better solution to what to eat for hair growth? Sweet potatoes are rich in beta-carotene, which are associated with good hair health. Vitamin A is suitable for sebum production, which helps in hair growth. Hence, including sweet potatoes in your hair growth food list is a good idea to promote hair growth.

  1. Berries 

Berries are a rich source of vitamins and compounds required for hair growth, and it makes berries the best food for hair growth. Berries are loaded with vitamin C, which is rich in antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are useful to provide protection to hair follicles against damage caused due to free radicals. Vitamin C also helps in strengthening hair and preventing them from breakage. 

  1. Fatty Fish 

Fatty fish such as mackerel and salmon are rich in nutrients that promote hair growth. They are loaded with omega-3, which is associated with hair growth. Consuming fish oil not only supports hair growth but also reduces hair fall. Fatty fish are the best foods to include in hair growth food lists and are the best hair growth home remedy. Moreover, fatty fish is also rich in vitamin D, selenium, vitamin B, and other nutrients that promote hair growth. 

  1. Oysters

Oysters are the best food for healthy hair as they are rich in zinc. Lack of zinc in the body often leads to hair loss. Zinc helps in supporting the repair cycle and growth of hair. Nevertheless, it is essential for you to remember that zinc should be consumed in limited quantity, as excess consumption of zinc can also lead to hair loss. Consuming oysters is best solution to what to eat for healthy hair?

  1. Beans

Beans are also loaded with zinc, which is necessary for hair growth. Beans also provide other nutrients for managing healthy hair, such as folate, iron, and biotin. Moreover, beans are inexpensive and profoundly versatile, which makes it easy to add beans to the hair growth food list. 

What you put in your stomach develop a remarkable effect on the health of hair as well as skin. Hence, it is crucial to healthy food items to the hair growth food list. Lack of specific vitamins and nutrients restricts hair growth and even results in hair loss. If you are seeking other tips for healthy hair, then read our article related to yoga postures for hair growth. Now stop wondering what to eat for healthy hair and add the above-mentioned items to your meal for hair growth.