Everything Men Should Know Before Getting Braids

how to care your braids

An excellent approach to loving and protecting natural hair is to braid it. Although numerous cultures claim to have invented the braid, it is impossible to trace their singular origin. This hairstyle comes with a long unknown history, but until this day, it is still one of the most popular and stylish hairstyles that many people love. For men, the braids make it attracts attention and brings confidence to themself. Aside from it, it is a convenient and very practical hairstyle.

Things You Need to Know About Men’s Braids

There are a variety of man braids that you can search on the internet or ask your hairstylist. Thus, if you are one of the men who are planning to get braiding, here are some things you need to know before you get one:

1. Braids are Expensive.

Going to a salon and doing braiding can be expensive. Some hair stylists get paid per hour or 3 per session. Although prices may vary depending on the location, so make sure to check out the prices first before getting a schedule.

2. Expect it to be Itchy and Heavy.

Itchy hair can be a pain, but expect the itching to accompany braiding and last for about a week to a week and a half. Braids can become scratchy for a variety of reasons, including sweat, oiliness, and tight braiding. Tell the hairstylist to loosen up your braids a bit so that you can retain their health. You can choose between short and long braids. However, longer braids will likely be heavier. It will also be difficult to sleep, but all you need to do is tie it up in a ponytail to minimize its weight, or you may Ask your stylist to use fewer hair packets and less dense hair on your head.

3. Limited Styling

The opportunities for styling the braids become limited, especially for a man with short hair. You may get bored of it for some time.

Things You Need to Prepare

The next thing to do is prepare if you’re still thinking of getting braids despite being aware of some of their drawbacks. Before booking an appointment, it is important to know to do the following preparation first:

1. Choose the Type of Braid You Desire

Knowing what you want is essential, especially with the variety of men’s braided hairstyles available. To choose the style that suits you the best, do some research beforehand. You can also consult a hair specialist for advice.

2. Look for the Best Hairstylist

Making an appointment with a hairstylist might be simple, but selecting the finest one who can meet your needs can be challenging. Include this in your research, and don’t forget to compare their prices to ensure that you can buy what you want at a reasonable price.

3. Ask Questions with Your HairStylist

If this is your first time getting a braid, do not hesitate to ask questions about your hairstylist. Ask questions regarding your hair, the dos and don’ts of braiding, and how to take care of it.

4. Maintainance is a Must

In addition to being a pleasing hairstyle, braids may strengthen your hair and enable it to grow out naturally without the use of any chemical treatments or products that might harm your hair. They are also simple to manage and can make you look good. You might never go without braids again if you entrust your natural hair to a skilled, competent hairdresser who can turn your bland style into something gorgeous.

5. Carefully Wash it

There is a misconception that when your hair is braided, you shouldn’t wash it. The plait can accumulate product buildup, dead skin cells, and general life filth. Therefore you should do it. You can’t wash it as you normally would since vigorous washing might cause frizz, and you won’t be able to get all the product out of your braids, which can lead to breakage. Use a cool mist to relax and eliminate mustiness in between washes to aid with scalp sweat and itching. Since synthetic hair cannot be heated, be patient and wait for it to dry naturally.