Explore New Twists on Classic Games


Once upon a time, board games had something of a reputation for being a geeky, nerdy activity enjoyed only by the super-brainy. Chess, for example, almost became a byword for intellectually gifted yet socially inept people. Thankfully, we’ve left this stereotyping firmly in the past. The modern world of gaming is flourishing thanks to the introduction of countless online options and a subsequent resurgence of interest in board games, card games and other table games alike. 

Many people now like to plan games nights with their friends, whether in-person or online, and a whole new industry has sprung up around watching pros and amateurs play games live via streaming services like Twitch. The burgeoning success of eSports has a lot to do with this increase in interest, but classic games like chess, Scrabble and roulette have also found their place in the modern online gaming world. 

If you’re interested in exploring one of the new takes on a classic game, whether online or IRL, then read on for some of our favorites. 


Even before Netflix’s breakout series The Queen’s Gambit, chess was undergoing a change of character in the public eye. The popularity of online platforms like Chess.com has seen this stimulating game introduced to a whole new generation of people, encouraging them to try out exciting new variations such as Crazyhouse, Bullet and Atomic. Whether you already fancy yourself a Grand Master or are just getting to grips with the game, chess is the perfect option to play either solo or with friends in order to give your brain a real workout. It truly is a fascinating game and well worth diving into, with plenty of different rules, chess terms and opening gambits to explore before you even move a single pawn. 


If you’re looking for something with a more glamorous sheen to it, then roulette can offer that in spades. Long hailed as a classic of the casino, roulette is a fast-paced and exciting game favored by cool characters like James Bond and Humphrey Bogart’s Rick Blaine. Whereas once upon a time it could only be played at the nearest gaming hall with a physical roulette wheel, it is now accessible to plenty more people via reputable online platforms. And the good news is that with greater accessibility has come greater variety. There are now many variations on the classic that we all recognize, including high roller options and variants which cross the seas to take in American and European ways of playing. Live dealer options can even beam a real-life croupier into your living room via streaming tech, bringing even more of the classic casino vibe to the online game. 

Crime & Mystery 

Although strategy-based games are a firm favorite with many people, others prefer a more story-led approach to playing. Fortunately, this is just as available in the world of table games as it is in video games and other more modern innovations. If you’ve ever played the game of Cluedo, then you’ll know how exciting it can feel to track down the ‘killer’ as you move around the board. New takes on this genre include the popular Chronicles of Crime, a board game which asks players to interrogate suspects, scrutinize crime scenes and assemble a case, all whilst using their smartphone as an investigative tool. This blending of analog and digital technologies has proven a big hit and is the perfect excuse to have some fun whilst getting those little grey cells working.  


The longstanding linguist’s choice, Scrabble, is still a brilliantly engaging title. However, modern variants on the theme provide fans with different ways of playing. Words with Friends is a mobile app heavily based around a classic Scrabble setup, but you can play with anybody, friend or stranger, no matter where you both are in the world. The app’s unique turn taking mechanism means that games can stretch on for days or weeks without anybody missing their chance to play. Alternatively, the global phenomenon of Wordle is still going strong since its move to the New York Times online gaming platform. A new puzzle is published every day where you will have 6 guesses to determine a five-letter word. You can then share your results with friends and compare your brainpower.