Let’s Identify What Is My Eye Shape And What Makeup Suits Me?

Eye Shape

What is my eye shape?

Eyes are delightfully different, arriving in a wide assortment of sizes, tones, and shapes. Also, with each eye shape comes different cosmetics, deceives, and tips to upgrade. Not certain what eye shape you even have? We take care of you. 

Ahead, we invested energy talking with Giorgio Armani Celebrity Makeup Artist Tim Quinn to get his master counsel on all the cosmetics tips for each eye shape and how to emphasize the interesting qualities of all. 

Yet, recollect, any eye shape can wear any kind of cosmetics they please. These tips are just ideas for how to decide and complement your novel eye shape.

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How to identify my eye shape?

Round Eyes : 

One of the principal attributes of round eyes is that your wrinkle will constantly be discernibly apparent. One more method for translating assuming your eyes are round is by gazing directly in the mirror and seeing whether you can see white on the top or lower part of the iris. Assuming that you’re ready to see any white it’s unmistakable you have round molded eyes which frequently now and again show up more open.

Monolid Eyes:

If you don’t have a lot (or any) of a wrinkle where your eyelid meets the skin underneath your eyebrows (and the state of your cover will in general be complimentary), that is a decent sign you have a monolid eye shape. With this shape, the wrinkle of the eye isn’t noticeable when your eyes are open.

Downturned Eyes: 

The most straightforward method for deciding whether you have downturned eyes is to take a gander at the furthest corner and see whether it lifts or descends. On the off chance that the external corner focuses down, you realize you have downturned eyes.

Improved Eyes:

Similar to the method involved with deciding if you have downturned eyes, do interpret assuming they are improved you will take a gander at the external corners to see whether they slant up or down. On the off chance that the eyes slant up, you have improved eyes.

Almond Eyes: 

If you see a noticeable wrinkle while taking a gander at your covers and the iris of your eyes contacts white on both the top and base, you have almond-formed eyes. You will likewise see in almond-molded eyes that they turn somewhat vertically in the external corners.

Makeup ideas as per eye shapes:

Cosmetics for monolid eyes: 

All you want to improve a monolid eye shape is a smidgen of eyeshadow. “Supplement and broaden this eye shape by utilizing a similar shadow on your upper cover and lower lashline and mixing the shadow outward and interfacing them,” says Renee.

Cosmetics for hooded eyes: 

A hooded eye shape can normally cause the eyes to seem more modest, so you’ll need to make an eye look that gives the deception of opening up the top, like a cut wrinkle. “Add profundity and aspect by mixing a more profound shade to the external 66% of the top,” says Renee. Notwithstanding, “Try not to apply the more deeply conceal farther than the middle point on the cover, to forestall shutting in the eyes,” she prompts.

Cosmetics for improved eyes: 

“To upgrade improved eyes without contracting them, have a go at utilizing a tight line method with your pencil eyeliner,” suggests the cosmetics craftsman. “Line as near the lashes as could be expected and smirch into the lashes to make a full lash line.”

Cosmetics for downturned eyes: 

Your magnificence item closest companion? Highlighter. “Make more lift for this eye shape by keeping away from weighty shadows under the eye and truly hyping the feature on your temple bone,” says Renee. Or on the other hand, attempt an exemplary feline eye to draw the eye up. “This eye shape can shake out a winged liner like no one’s business! An exemplary regular conditioned top and wing liner is consistently an incredible choice to improve this shape,” says the cosmetics craftsman.

Cosmetics for round eyes: 

Your eyes are a fresh start — make use, and test with eye cosmetics! “To emphasize your eye shape and exploit your eyelid space, attempt a splendid variety washed across the entire cover,” says Renee.

Cosmetics for almond eyes: 

It’s tied in with the making aspect with that wrinkle. “Complement your almond shape and open the eye by adding a more profound shade to your external wrinkle and lash line and pulling it outward in a V shape,” suggests the cosmetics craftsman.

How do eye shapes affect vision?

Eye shape can be influenced by large vision. Assuming there is an issue inside the eye, you’ll have to see an eye specialist.


Ptosis while hanging eyelids can impede vision. It happens when the upper eyelid line falls adequately low to some extent or completely covers the understudy.

An individual can have ptosis in one or two eyes. It very well may be available upon entering the world or foster over the long haul because of nerve issues or muscle infections.

Serious ptosis can make somebody make up for vision deficiency by lifting their eyebrow, which prompts pressure cerebral pains.

Treatment for changes, yet ptosis medical procedure is a choice.


Moreover, the state of somebody’s eyeball additionally influences vision. Prolonged eyeballs are a sign of partial blindness or nearsightedness. This implies the issues of the individual experience of seeing far away.

A great many people with myopia can see very close. However, distant things cause haziness, and attempting to concentrate can prompt eye fatigue and migraines.

Astigmatism is additionally brought about by the cornea having an unusual shape. At the point when the curve is excessively serious for the eyeball’s length (or the focal point of the eye is excessively thick), partial blindness can happen.


Abbreviated eyeballs are a sign of hyperopia or farsightedness. Individuals with farsightedness battle to see close-up objects. They could experience issues perusing or taking a gander at a PC or telephone screen.

Serious instances of farsightedness can likewise influence distance vision. Farsightedness likewise happens when the cornea has too slight a curve.

Much of the time, eye shape is just a tasteful issue. It assumes a little part in the vision. Be that as it may, eyeball shape can fundamentally affect vision.

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Final words “What is my eye shape”:

There are various eye shapes out there, and you could have one or a mix of two kinds (for instance, you could have hooded eyes that are likewise downturned). It’s critical to understand that regardless of what eye shape you have, all are wonderful. 

Exploring different avenues regarding different cosmetics stunts and methods should be tomfoolery and something you appreciate, as it will facilitate your insight on the most ideal ways to highlight your singular eye shape. 

Take a stab at all that you want to attempt; there truly is no restriction to what you can make when you’re in the mindset to be lively with your eye cosmetics. Whether you love to wear striking tones or more normal enlivened looks, go ahead and get as imaginative as you need.