OVO COOL MATH  – Many players of OvO visit OvO Cool Math Games, with good reason. The platformer compares favourably with popular Cool Math Games titles like the Run series. However, some parts of OvO Cool Math Games can be incredibly challenging; therefore, many players look for level guides. You may learn to complete every level in Ovo by reading this guide.

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How to Finish Every Level of OvO on Cool Math Games

Basics Chapter, OvO Level 1

Simple and straightforward, level one only requires you to walk to the right (using the arrow keys) followed by a leap once over the gap (using the spacebar). If you’d like, you can take the coin from the opening first.

Level 2 of OvO

Go to the right & leap twice on this level. A wall will ultimately appear in front of you. When touching this wall, proceed exactly next to it and jump. You’ll be able to jump considerably higher and hop over the top.

From here, move to the hatching lines, jump, and then smash through by pressing the down arrow key. Get close to the above platform, perform one more smash, and then leap to the next one immediately. After that, get at the flag.

Level 3 OvO

Go towards the wall to your right and then fall down the wall directly in front of you. Wall-jump into this wall, then the left, and continue until you achieve the platform. You can reach the flag from this location.

Level 4 OvO

Run, hit the down arrow key to slide below the first wall, and stop. Before falling off the edge, perform another slide while jumping. You can then leap across to the flag from this position.

Level 5 OvO

Slide and then jump up on the small platform after jumping over the primary set of spikes. You can jump and dive across to the flag from here. While in the air, click the downward arrow key to jump over.

OvO Grade 6

leap once, dive across to the platform, and then leap again as soon as you touch down. This will enable you to proceed to the next location. From here, you can climb to the platform’s top by stepping onto springtime in front of you. Move to the right & descend. After sliding under the wall, you can proceed to the following spring.

Utilize the following spring and keep jumping when necessary until you’ve reached the wall’s jump location. After performing several wall jumps, you can go to the flag.

Level 7 OvO

For the first half of this level, the wall jumps until you touch down on the highlighted lines. To pass the platform, jump and then crash down. You can then get to the flag by doing a couple more wall jumps.

Level 8 of OvO

You must leap over the first pair of spikes before getting off the following platform to complete the Cool Math game  OvO level 8. When you strike the ground, dive, then immediately jump. You’ll be sent up over the flag from spring as a result.

OvO Chapter 9: “Getting Serious”

Level 9 is where things start getting more challenging in Cool Math Games OvO as you work through each level. The flag will be visible to your immediate left. A wall will fall in front of you if you attempt to walk through it.

Then, jump and dive across the spikes after moving to the right. Go approximately to the other end of the wall and jump over the opening in the ground. As soon as you touch the wall, jump to the next level. Then, the wall jumps to the top after hopping up to the ledge.

When you are between the wall & the spikes, slide under them, jump, dive, jump once more, then smash down through the down arrow key. The flag will then come into view. Here, timing is crucial.

OvO Level 10

You must slide through the first “Strong” spring on level 10 to be transported up to the “Weak” spring, which will then send you to the following platform. Utilize the opening in the left sidewall to leap down and strike the side spring. You will be redirected to the next area.

You can hop over the spike from here and proceed to the following spring. Reach the springs by jumping over the next spike. You may also wall jump to get an additional boost as you bounce up walls until you reach the top. After that, step into the following spring and spring diagonally by jumping up.

To get above the spikes, proceed into the spring corridor & dive (the down arrow key) as soon as your character starts to move higher. Walk through the flag from here.

Level 11 in OvO

For level 11, leap over the first spike and then turn right. To avoid hitting the spikes when you slip under the wall on the left after dropping down to the following section. Smash downward as soon as you clear the gab during your jump.

Entering the spring requires sliding under the next wall. Once you have gotten through the spikes, you have two options: smash downward or hold down the left arrow key & tap it till you fall without injury. After this, climb springs that are to the flag by jumping. If necessary, at the top, wall leap.

Level 12 of OvO

This level’s first segment focuses entirely on how well you time your wall jumps. You must wall jump to several platforms above the spikes to go over them. You will quickly cross the bridge if you keep wall-jumping whenever possible.

You’ll be able to wall jump again in the following section, but this time, to avoid landing on the spikes, tap or hold the left arrow key until you get to the top level. Jump over the spikes, jump to the left, and dive through the air to get to the flag.

Level 13 of OvO

You must pass beneath the first rows of spikes & walls to reach level 13. Go gently, then move on to the next section. As you near the top part, work upward up the opposite walls. Move towards the flag by jumping over the ascending spikes.

Level 14 of OvO

As soon as level 14 begins, leap up to the left or right where the word “Here” is displayed on the screen. Then, you can wall jump back to at least the top and proceed through the tunnel. You can exploit the openings in the shelters to jump upward to escape the moving spike wall. You can drop two spaces as well.

Continue walking until you reach the point where you can wall leap over the spikes & dive to the flag.

15th OvO level

In level 15, try to stay as near the middle as possible to avoid spikes and moving walls. A wall jump across the middle will ultimately be possible, allowing you to reach the top of the flag.

16th OvO level

There is a cunning shortcut you can utilize to get to level 16. This can be accomplished by leaping off the extreme right side of the platform, turning around, and running straight down to the bottom flag. The only requirement to finish the level is to walk about to avoid the spikes going via the platform.

Level 17 of the Order of the Phoenix

In level 17, you can slide down the walls while pushing against them to slow down. To avoid the spikes, make short hops off of them to the wall on the opposite side. You will quickly reach the flag if you continue doing this throughout the level.

Level 18 of OvO

You can use the first spring on this level to propel yourself upward to the platform beneath the hatched lines. After jumping through them, climb the wall. Reach the other side, then descend through the following set of hatching lines.

You can return to the main area and reach the flag by jumping through the last set of hatched lines.

Level 19 in OvO

You must mix several slides, hops, and wall jumps in level 19 to progress. Avoid its spikes and dive when necessary. Your jumps will take you quickly to the flag to the top if you keep moving.

OvO Level 20

You should start this level by moving to the left, sliding across the first set of spikes, and then jumping over them. Hug the left wall (or stand near it) before jumping over the following row of spikes to land on the spring.

OvO is an excellent Cool Math game. Wall jump and avoid the spikes as you progress through the level until you reach a centre area having a spring facing diagonal. Then, climb up through the hatching lines by jumping into this. You must slide, jump, and dive to get to the flag.

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In conclusion, the article has attempted to explain “OVO COOL MATH”. I hope the language in this post is clear and understandable. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) How can you win the OVO Cool math Games game OvO?

Ans. You must complete every level of OvO to win the game. The scenery and stick figures in this understated game are plain and basic. To get the flag, you must swiftly manoeuvre through each level while escaping the spikes and other perilous obstacles.

Q2) Is OvO a difficult game?

Ans. Is OvO challenging to play? With simply the arrow keys on the keyboard, OvO’s controls are pretty basic. OvO’s rules are hence relatively easy to master. OvO’s timing is the only challenging aspect, but this should not take too long.

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