Find out the top 7 tourist places in Malaysia


Malaysia offers a unique experience in multiculturalism and creates ripples of joy for vacationers. Travellers who are budget conscious and want to have a high definition experience of a fun-filled vacation can visit the cosmopolitan country of Malaysia. With the tantalizing shopping avenues and stunning architectural elements within the city blocks, there is an astounding mix of modernism and tradition. One example of that would be the futuristic Petronas towers and a number of colonial palaces in all their majestic grandeur. Vacationers can get hold of bus tickets to travel to all reputed tourist locations in Malaysia. 

Malaysia is well-known soft and sandy beaches. To infuse new ideas as to how to spend your precious time in enjoying a vacation in Malaysia, here are the top 7 amazing tourist places

1. Petronas twin towers, Kuala Lumpur

Within a jaw-dropping height of 452 metres the Petronas twin towers offer the visitors a heavenly glimpse into the clouds. The towers are a mechanical Marvel with 80 elevators and 92 floors.

This modern architectural marvel is built with reinforced steel and glass. Dangling in the middle is the double sky bridge which connects the 41st and 42nd flows. Tourists can have a stunning perspective of the city from the top of the Petronas towers and this is particularly amazing during night. The total bottom floor is dedicated to shopping with Suria KLCC, a world-famous brand and shopping centre in Malaysia. Reputed corporate companies like Microsoft, International Business Machine and Huawei technologies have their presence in Petronas towers. To satiate the artistic tastes of the travellers, the Petronas towers house a majestic art gallery and have space for a philharmonic hall which keeps the visitors happy.

2. Batu caves, Selangor

Batu caves are just a one-hour ride away from the outskirts of Kualalumpur. These are a complex series of interconnected caves and the whole area exudes divine splendour. The main cave is named the Hope cathedral, which has an amazing colourful full staircase. The church is adorned with beautifully crafted statues and well-designed altars.  The artificial lighting lights up the ancient caves, which make it one of the must-see places in Malaysia. The splendid gold statue of Lord Murugan casts a watchful eye and spreads good luck to all the visitors of Malaysia. Travellers are offered a guided tour and can indulge in a breath-taking exploration of the caves. Come January and the Hindu festival spirit of Thai Pusam begins and the entire cave complex is filled with millions of people joining the celebrations from all over the world. Tourists can book bus tickets online and avoid standing in long queues and save their precious time.

3. Mount Kinabalu, Sabah

Mount Kinabalu offers mountain trekkers an exciting and enchanting experience. Apart from being a UNESCO World Heritage site, it also contains a diverse range of flora and fauna that is consistent with its status as the oldest national park of Malaysia. The amazing environmental ecosystem of Mount Kinabalu encompasses scrublands, grasslands and meadows. Using the services of a mountain guide, you can hit the trails and up to a maximum of 16 people are allowed to join a climbing expedition.

4. Perhentian Islands

This is an ancient trading point between China and Southeast Asia. Transport services in the form of motorized boats offering you a thrilling water journey experience. The shopping avenues in the tropical Islands of Pulau and Besar are filled with local skills and artisanship. This is one of the best family tourist places in Malaysia.

Waterfalls in these islands are much acclaimed in the deep jungle parts. The whole experience at the tropical national parks in Perhentian Island leaves lifelong memories along with a stunning view of nature. Some of the best tourist activities in these islands are snorkeling and scuba diving. The beaches offer a rich diversity of some of the fascinating marine animals. Interested vacationers can also volunteer their services in star turtle conservation.

5. Sipadan Island

A visit to Sipadan island enhances the outlook of life with its blue starry beaches and greenback tops generating visuals of majestic nature. This island is home to the richest marine life repository. The island is also home to endangered turtles, lizards, and millions of coral species. 

A visit to Sipadan Island, one of the best tourist places in Malaysia, is the highlight of your life. Sipadan Island is one of those tourist places in Malaysia which requires advanced permits to visit its mysterious beauty. Up to 120 members per day can conduct their vacationing activities in Malaysia. The nearby Marble Island offers rich environmental protection to all the species. This is one of the must visit places in Malaysia as it creates a unique interlink between man and nature. The snorkelling and diving tours are completed by 2:00 p.m. and it is closed by 3 p.m.

6. Gunung Mulu National park

This UNESCO World Heritage site is the epic home of limestone pinnacles and creates a mesmerizing experience for the tourists. The massive interlay of caves is as old as humanity and offers a stunning perspective. The heavenly rainforest covers ensure that the marine biodiversity is at its full peak. The National park is one of the best tourist places in Malaysia and is home to the biggest underground cave formation.

7. Penang hill

One of the star attractions of Penang hill is the railway line which offers a breath-taking journey into the unique assimilation of modernization into nature. This is one of the amazing tourist places in Malaysia, which offers peace for its visitors. The nature trail across the rain forest is 1.6 kilometres which consist of a number of tropical gardens. Ziplines equipped with the highest safety precautions are offered between mountains, increasing the adrenaline factor of the adventure-seekers. The canopy of the tropical gardens transports you into a fantasy destination, offering mind-blowing views of the mountainous landscape.


The best tourist places in Malaysia are those which offer a perspective of nature along with the modernization elements. Sandy beaches and thrilling adventures across exotic forest helps you appreciate the beauty of nature. The hill stations in Malaysia are a wonderful place to visit all-round the year.

Tourist places in Malaysia