Foam Party Hats Story On Shark Tank 

foam party hats

Foam Party Hats – Shark Tank India 12th season episode 5 featured a firm manufacturing foam party hats. This business creates chic hats for celebrations and other unique occasions. 

Grace Rojas & Manuel Rojas, the founders of this hat firm, requested $100,000 from the sharks in return for a 15% stock stake.

Companies that make foam hats provide a wide variety of headgear. It is a distinctive hat brand. The market is estimated to be worth around $10 billion, per the news. Shortly, the business’s rate of expansion can be compared.

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There are already big businesses working in the hats market because of their working skills and different kinds of ideas, and that’s why they are successful. 

What do foam party hats do?

Foam party hats is a fun theme hats-making company that makes foam hats for every occasion. It is a Texas, Houston, United States-based company.

People distinguish themselves by doing something different. Everybody wants to look different. Therefore, they do things like to modify their clothes and accessories and accomplish so. 

 The foam party hats business was established to promote individuality through hats. Birthday parties, weddings and Corporate Events make up most of the family business and increase revenue. It creates distinctive hats for cruises, palaces, festivals, sports events etc.   

On its website, it lists a head covering in +600 different models. You can submit your idea for design on this website if you wish to create your design. He started a portion on his site titled Shark Tank Hats after appearing on Shark Tank. 

Who finds the foam party hats? 

Grace and Manuel Rojas are the company’s founders and owners of this foam party hat.

Manuel, a co-founder with a background in chemical engineering, attended school in Houston, Texas. In this company, Grace is in charge of hut design.

Manuel, who has experience with the advertising side of this business, also works in chemical engineering. A small group of people works on their internet hat shop. This makes him accessible on a website like Amazon online.

Before Shark Tank

Foam party hats had good sales before coming into the shark tank. Their main sales come online. Their products are also available offline, their products are also available in retail stores in Texas, and the scaling is excellent.

Did Foam Party Hats Crack a Deal on Shark Tank?

Foam party hats investors Grace Rojas and Manuel Rojas, mother and son, presented captivatingly on shark tank. Sh sharks received This presentation well and then examined the usability and product quality.

Shark was asked to invest $100,000 in the founders’ company in compensation of a 15% equity stake. There was much contention between the investor and the founder on this. 

Finally, Mark Cuban, along with Lori Greiner, decided to make investments in their company. The shakes will do so in consideration of a $100,000 investment and a 25% stock stake. 

After Shark Tank

Before participating, foam party hats in shark tanks were just known in Texas Cities. After appearing in shark tanks, they gained a large following in the country.

Considering their concept, numerous individuals are in the business, but since people trust foam hat companies, their revenue is also quite high. They arrive during a peak sales period.

These party hats are also currently offered on Amazon; if you would like to purchase one, click the link selling item 1674 of this brand. Crocodile Hats were sold In June 2023.

This American company exports hats to over 30 nations, including Spain, the UK, Singapore, France, Italy, Canada, New Zealand, Israel, and more. 

At the “Mardi Gras! Galveston” celebration in February, crocodile hats of this company were on display. This brand’s goods are sold in more than 750 shops nationwide.

Updates On Shark Tank Foam Party Hats 

The owners of this business are mother and son Manuel and Grace, who were excellent in Shark Tank. In Shark Tank, this innovative hats business received successful funding. Many folks even purchased hats from this company for parties after receiving funding.

March 3, 2023, During Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 15, information regarding this brand’s sales was disclosed. Since the company first appeared on Shark Tank through March 2023, revenues have exceeded $1.3 million.

 The entrepreneur has invested much in technology to automate the manufacture, and the company’s goods are sold in more than 750 stores nationwide. Since Shark Tank, this business has been growing incredibly well.

We will continue to monitor Manuel and Grace Rojas’ business for updates.

How Much Are Foam Party Hats Net Worth?

The worth of the foam partying hats company following the deal when it first appeared on Shark Tank was $400,000.

With a starting price of $39.99, they provide a wide variety of hats. An online purchase worth over 250 dollars qualifies for free shipment to the US. Foam Party Hats are expected to be worth $1.9 million in 2023.

Do Foam Party Hats Currently Sell Products?

Before appearing on Shark Tank, this hat business was doing quite well. The public is responding positively to this brand’s Amazon store.

After receiving investment, this company’s sales grew quickly. For this business, Mark and Lori turned out to be investors.

According to its LinkedIn profile, this company has its official headquarters in Houston, Texas, in the United States, and employs 5–10 employees.

As of March 2023, Foam Party Hats remained in operation.


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Q1) Which Foam Party Hats model sells the most well?

Ans. Jester and Crocodile hats are the Foam Party Hats brand’s top sellers.

Q2) Did Shark Tank make a sale of the foam party hats?

Ans. Shark Tank provided funding for Yes’ foam party hats. Mark and Lori bought stock in this business.