15 Best Girly Heart Tattoo Designs & Ideas

Girly Heart Tattoo Designs & Ideas

Girly heart tattoo designs & ideas – It is no secret that a tattoo of a heart is a symbol of love or affection. Indeed, people have been getting girly heart tattoo designs & ideas for many years, and it has become a trend where people put in their arms, legs, and other parts of the body to show their love for someone. But with the increasing choice and styles, one might want to look behind the heart and know the origin of its symbols. 

Regardless of the design and the different girly heart tattoo designs & ideas, and elements you choose, the symbol remains one of the most popular and recognizable across all cultures. With every passing day, there is an increasing choice of different styles, designs, and styles used to portray the message of love. The heart symbolizes feelings of love and affection. This article talks about the best girly tattoo ideas you can use to convey your feelings to your loved ones.

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Best Girly Heart Tattoo Ideas:

1. Heart Tattoo with Butterfly

The butterfly can be regarded as a symbol of hope and happiness. Butterfly tattoos have been used in various cultures for years, but this design remains one of the most popular. Butterfly tattoos are linked to femininity and most likely will bring you much attention from your partner if you have this tattoo on your body.

The butterfly itself is an elegant girly heart tattoo design. It is primarily symbolic of love, joy, freedom, and beauty, yet it also brings out the feeling of vulnerability which represents the feeling of something fragile. But despite their seemingly-fragile appearance, butterflies are incredibly hardy creatures that can survive for long durations in even harsh conditions like starvation or drought.

2. Small Red minimalist heart tattoo:

Red is a color that is often associated with passion, love for your partner, and good fortune. It is also one of the most natural colors that could be used in the design of tattoos.

Many women have chosen red in their tattoos to express this feeling attractively. Every woman dreams about her child, and if you desire to express your feelings, then you can get a small tattoo design of a small heart on your partner’s finger or hand as a symbol of love and devotion.

3. broken heart tattoos:

Broken hearts symbolize those who have lost their partners in this world. If you have been through the heartbreak of losing a partner, you could use a tattoo design to express your feelings.

This girly heart tattoo design & idea is usually used because it brings out the feeling of hopelessness and despair, which is sometimes hard to explain with words. However, it is also one that many women choose to express their feelings because there are shades of red related to passion and love, especially if they have been firmly attached to the former.

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4. Black small girly heart tattoo designs:

Besides the shape, another important thing that makes black hearts unique amongst other designs is the emotional implications that can be seen in them. The reason such tattoos are called so is that they symbolize the pain and despair experienced by those who have lost their partners, especially in life, as it turns out that it is more common for women to be victims of this kind of pain than men. Some women even feel sadder when they lose someone important to them, so if you feel like expressing this, you can use one of these designs on your body.

5. Heart tattoos with the name:

There is also another way of expressing yourself through a tattoo. You can have the name of your partner or that person you love written in a heart tattoo design. This is quite common as many people first write the name of their partners on their bodies as it is one of the most common ways to show their love for their partners at the beginning stage of relationships.

6. Watercolor heart tattoos:

Watercolor tattoos will be the best choice if you want to make a statement and stand out with your girly tattoo design. They are trendy among women and are undoubtedly one of the prettiest designs you could use on your body.

7. Flower growing on heart tattoo:

Another option for a girly tattoo for women would be a tattoo design that involves flowers. Again, there are many designs that you can choose from. For instance, you can have flowers growing on the heart tattoo or around it, as this would also look amazing.

8. Heart with vines tattoo:

Vines are one of the most popular things to incorporate into your tattoos if you don’t have tattoos already, but if you have, then adding vines along with your other tattoos will surely make your tattoos more attractive and detailed.

9. Girly heart shape tattoo

You can also choose from many designs for girly tattoo designs around the back. They could be small and simple ones as well as complicated designs. Whatever you choose, you should use something that looks good on you and suits your personality.

10. Dagger in heart tattoos:

A dagger design is perfect if you want to use a more unusual girly tattoo. Many women use dagger designs to symbolize love, passion, and cruelty. It is because it is used in some places to symbolize the love between lovers, but most commonly, it is used to symbolize the cutting of flesh. This design also goes well with the red color as it stands out compared to other designs.

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11. Anatomical heart tattoo drawings: 

Some like to go with the symbolism of the heart. It is one of the most common girly heart tattoo designs & ideas that you could use if you want to express yourself more deeply. This type of design is usually adopted by those who have broken their hearts or feel like they are broken. The design usually tends to be larger and look good on any part of your body, but choosing one that fits you well is best.

12. Star within a heart tattoo:

Another option for a girly tattoo around the heart would be an image inside the heart itself, and stars would be one example of such a design. These are not commonly used designs, but girls who have no idea what kind of tattoo they want to use can always use this. You can choose any design you want based on your personal preference.

13. Girly heart tattoos with flowers:

If you want to express yourself girly, then adding some flower designs would be perfect for you. They are often used in girly tattoos, but there are many more exciting ways to incorporate them into a tattoo design. The critical thing about flower tattoos is that they must be high enough for the flowers to stand out and look good, so you should get these designed at professional tattoo parlors as it would save time and money and ensure that the result is excellent. 

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14. Infinity Heart Tattoo:

Heart tattoos are so popular that they have become a universal symbol of love and passion. If you have already decided on one of the designs we mentioned above, then a tattoo design incorporating infinity symbols would be perfect for you. 

The infinity designs are pretty impressive, and there is no doubt that they have become trendy amongst women. An infinity symbol looks very good when used with this kind of design, and the color red, automatically makes use of the background look extremely attractive. The girly heart tattoos with flowers alongside infinite symbols will also be an excellent option if you want to express your girly nature with flowers as part of your tattoo design.

15. Heart with Wings Tattoo:

Another design you can choose from to accompany your heart tattoo is that of wings. Most women opt for this design as this looks pretty good, and it is also an exciting design. The important thing here would be to choose a wing shape that you like so that you will not have any problem looking good in it. You could pick many attractive wing designs, so choose one of these and look beautiful in your new girly heart tattoos.

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

What are some girly tattoo designs? 

Well, it is no secret that the best girly tattoo ideas come in various shapes and styles. So if you want to make a statement, you will undoubtedly have a lot of options. One of the most popular and colorful feminine tattoo art is butterflies.

Do look butterflies look good on females?

 If you are into butterflies, there are many designs that you can put on your body. You can choose if you want it big or small. As long as it is relevant to the design that you place on your body, then it would be okay to have. Butterfly tattoos are cute and colorful; hence they make an excellent tattoo design choice for girls, especially if they like butterflies.

Other designs incorporate hearts with butterfly tattoo designs. It makes excellent girly tattoo ideas that attract attention and exude femininity in any woman who sports them.

In addition to butterflies, you can choose from many other girly tattoos. For instance, several designs involve rose or bow tattoos. The roses and bows portray love and devotion towards your partner. Some girly tattoo ideas involve stars. It symbolizes purity and innocence; hence you could use it to convey the feeling of love towards your partner.

What are some other girly tattoo designs?

There are also girly tattoo designs that you can use based on other things like books, music, or even a specific person. For instance, if you want to use a girly tattoo design that involves a love for books, you can choose cover-ups or even full-book tattoos. For example, you can use it for the book of your lover. There are also girly tattoos that are related to music. If you want to express the feeling of being romantic, you could use a girly tattoo design incorporating music notes or even a guitar-like design.

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