The Symbolic Significance of the MLB Greene

green ribbon MLB

Green ribbon MLB -The significance of the green ribbon MLB is to raise awareness of mental health issues. When it’s May, the Tampa Bay Rays have a green ribbon over their left cap. Multiple mental health conditions, including depression, bipolar illness, and mitochondrial disorders, are represented by the ribbon. One of them is education on mental health and related disorders.

 There is a national focus on mental health throughout May. More and more baseball players are speaking out about their mental health problems, making cognitive wellness an increasingly pressing issue in the sport and beyond.

Drew Robinson, Ryan Sherriff, Andrelton Simmons, and Chris Devenski are just some of the players who have spoken publicly about their experiences with mental health problems. As reported by the WHO, one in five persons has cognitive health issues in the years after a war. The league’s 30 clubs have joined forces to provide information and aid to athletes going through this difficult time. Here is everything you should know about green ribbon MLB, so let’s dive in. 

How Significant Is the MLB Green Ribbon?

The MLB and its clubs are trying to raise awareness about mental health by wearing green ribbon MLB on their jerseys. It’s a universally recognized emblem of self-awareness. The Tampa Bay Rays were the first major league baseball club to use this logo on its jerseys. All of May 2022 was spent in this fashion.

Recently, several prominent athletes have spoken publicly about dealing with mental health issues. Drew Robinson, a former utility player for the Cardinals and Rangers, attempted suicide with a pistol and survived.

He lost his sense of smell, taste, and sight in one eye. Since then, he has been an outspoken supporter of opening up about mental health, inspiring many people with his tale Alive: The Drew Robinson Tale.

Randy, after hitting the first 2022 home run.

Pitcher for the Royals Danny Duffy and reliever for the Diamondbacks Ryan Butcher have both been open about their battles with depression. There have been several additional cases of athletes needing time off to focus on their mental health or abandoning their careers.

Several factors might contribute to the increasing prevalence of players experiencing mental health issues. Examples are daily competition, the need to demonstrate one’s worth, and similar stresses. The uncertainty of being traded or released adds another layer of stress and worry. Moving your family and starting over with a new team is a lot more work than it seems like it would be.

There is also the role that fans play in sports. Fans on various channels continually interrupt A player’s career, some of whom criticize every aspect of their play. Therefore, it is essential for both the players and the spectators to be aware of these concerns. The Bay Rays’ effort has sparked a revolution that will benefit other athletes.

Rays Wear Green Ribbons On Uniforms

The Rays’ green mental health awareness mental health ribbon is worn in honour of Jean Ramirez, their bullpen catcher. In January 2022, he took his own life. After three years in the Minor League with the Rays, Ramirez, at 28 years old, spent 2019 in the bullpen. A native of Puerto Rico, the athlete was reared in Texas before enrolling at Arkansas. 

Nonetheless, he completed his education at Illinois State and was selected by the Rays in the 28th round of the green ribbon MLB draught. No one knew that the athlete was experiencing mental health problems. His death was confirmed on the team’s official Twitter account. May 2022 was Mental Health Awareness Month, so the club honoured its bullpen catcher.

In honour of Mental Health Awareness Month, Tropicana Field was illuminated in green.

The number 98 was painted onto the pitcher’s mound as the Rays observed a pregame minute of silence in his honour. The players also wore mental health ribbons across their chests and helmets with the same number. Carlos and Toni Ramruz, Ramruz’s parents, were there to see the game. The Rays’ loved ones stood by their side during the silence before the game.

Sporting his son’s jersey, Carlos embraced his wife and the Rays’ bullpen hurlers before the game. The pair hugged catcher Mike Zunino, third-base coach Rodney Linares, and outfielder Kevin Kiermaier. The Ramirez family’s chosen charity, Keeper of the Game, will receive $5,000 from the Rays Baseball Foundation. The charity offers unique baseball opportunities for kids and teens with special needs.

The organization also revealed plans to sell off the Rays’ No. 98 spring training outfits. The Tampa Crisis Centre received 100% of the auction’s proceeds. Throughout May, the Florida crew accomplished just that. Ramirez’s parents and the club have since prioritized educating the public about protecting brain health. They have also been involved in several community-oriented initiatives, both on and off the pitch. They have kept up their efforts throughout the 2017 MLB season.


What Does a Green Awareness Ribbon Mean?

While traditionally associated with mental health issues, green ribbons are increasingly used to bring attention to environmental issues. However, they are also often linked to leukaemia, renal failure, and Lyme disease.

Why wear a green ribbon for mental health?

The green ribbon has become a worldwide symbol for mental health advocacy. If you want to express your support for mental health awareness, wear a green ribbon to show your friends, family, and neighbours that you care. Furthermore, it may be worn as a symbol of remembrance for a lost loved one.

What’s with all the green ribbons?

Spinal cord injury awareness campaigns are only one of more than 40 causes and medical illnesses for which the traditional green ribbon symbolizes support. Liver failure. This condition is known as cerebral palsy.


The Rays wore the green ribbon MLB on their breast for the first time since April 2023 for their first game in May. They got off to a great start in the month by beating the Pirates, 4-1, at Tropicana Field. It was only appropriate that right fielder Harold Ramirez won the game’s MVP award.