Countries with Green, White, Red Flags 

Green, White, Red Flags 

Green white red flag – Let’s look at flags from five countries that have green, white and red colours. Many flags have these colors but we will only look at ones where green is the first, then white and finally red.

These signs can be read from left to right, top-down or bottom-up. Today, we will discuss the flags of Iran, Mexico, Italy, and Hungary among others. Let’s quickly look at each flag, discussing where they are from, what they look like and their meaning.

Iran Flag

Iran’s flag, which started in 1980 after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, has some variations made by people who are not fans of the government. Some have the tricolour flag with the Lion and Sun, while others have the tricolour flag without extra symbols.

The Iranian flag is like this: green, white, red flag stripes from top to bottom. In the middle, there’s the national emblem with the word “Allah” and the Takbir in Kufic script. People also call it the Three-Colored Flag or the Parcame se ring Irân.

This flag tells a story. It is from 1980 and shows the Iranian Revolution led by Grand Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979. The colours have meanings: green is togetherness, white is freedom, and red is for martyrdom.

The Flag of Italy

Italy’s flag is also like the one we talked about before, with green, white, and red flags colours in a tricolor pattern. Way back on January 7, 1797, in a place called Reggio Emilia, the Cispadane. It was the first time an independent Italian state did that. This happened because of what went down during the French Revolution from 1789 to 1799. In Genoa on August 21, 1789, they flew a tricolour cockade, showing Italy’s national colours for the first time.

After that January day in 1797, more and more people liked the Italian flag. It became super famous during the Italian unification, which was officially declared on March 17, 1861. The flag for this new kingdom was the tricolour. 

  • Design of the Italian Flag

The Italian flag has three stripes going up and down- green, white, red flag (from left to right). It got changed from the Cispadane Republic banner in 1797 and got officially chosen as Italy’s flag in 1946.

  • Symbolism of the Italian Flag:

Some people think the green is like the Italian countryside, the white is the snowy Alps, and the red is for the blood in the Wars of Italian Independence and Unification. Others see it in a religious way- green for faith, white for hope, and red for charity.

The Flag of Mexico

Mexico’s flag has roots in the Aztec civilization from the 1300s. The version they use now started in 1821 when Mexico got freedom from Spain. They made it official in 1968.

  • Design of the Mexican Flag:

It is like the Italian flag but with green, white, red flag stripes going up and down (from left to right). There are also a picture in the middle with an eagle holding a snake.

  • Symbolism of the Mexican Flag:

Back in the day, the red part represented the Spanish friends who helped in the fight for freedom. Nowadays, green is for renewal and progress, white is for harmony, and red is for the brave people who defended Mexico.

The Flag of Hungary

Hungary has been using its current flag since May 23, 1957. The design goes back to the 18th and 19th centuries, but the colours have been around since the Middle Ages. The Hungarian flag is just like the one the United Kingdom used in the 1800s.

  • Design:

The Hungarian flag has three horizontal bars of white, green, and red flags (from bottom to top). It goes back to the 1848 Hungarian Revolution when people rebelled against the Habsburgs.

  • Symbolism:

In 2012, they said that red means courage, white means loyalty, and green means hope.

The Flag of Tajikistan

Tajikistan got its present flag in 1991, replacing the one from the time it was part of the Soviet Union. It looks a bit like the Iranian flag because many Tajiks are from Iran.

  • Design:

The Tajik flag has a crown in the middle and three vertical bars of green, white, red flag (from bottom to top). There are seven stars in the crown.

  • Symbolism:

Red is for sunrise, togetherness, and victory. White is for the pure snow on the Tajik mountains, showing innocence and cleanliness. Green represents the rich nature of Tajikistan. The crown stands for the Tajik people (the word “Tajik” means “crown” in Persian), and the seven stars mean fulfillment and perfection.


Oman, an Asian country with over 4.5 million people, got its current flag in 1970 and updated it in 2004. The flag is split into thirds vertically. The left part has a red stripe, and the other two-thirds have horizontal stripes of green (at the bottom), red (in the middle), and white (at the top).

In the upper left corner, there is an emblem called the Khanjar Bo Sayfain. It shows two crossed swords and a sheathed dagger. The white means peace officially, green stands for fertile land, and red is for battles against invaders. Some people also connect the white to Oman’s religious leader, the Imam, and the green to the northern mountains.


Wales, part of the United Kingdom, has a unique flag with green, white, red flags. It has two horizontal parts:  green at the bottom and white at the top. In the foreground, there is a big red dragon with  four legs, wings, and a spade-tipped tail. This red dragon is a symbol of Wales since the 655 AD, and this specific flag was chosen in 1959.

Some FAQs

How many flags are there in the world in 2023?

At the moment, there are 193 flags around the world. These flags are from countries that are part of the United Nations.

Which country has a flag with green, white, red and black colors?

The United Arab Emirates has a flag with these colors: green, white, red and black. In 1971, a person named Abdullah Mohammed Al Maainah made it. He was only 19 years old when he did this. On December 2, 1971 they picked it after winning a big contest for creating the flag.

Which countries have red and white flags?

19 countries have flags that are red and white. These countries are Austria, Georgia, Canada, Bahrain, Denmark, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Latvia, Japan Malta, Monaco, Poland, Peru, Qatar, Switzerland, Singapore, Tonga, Turkey, Tunisia.

Which green, white and red flags has a lion?

The first version of the current Iranian flag came after an important change in Iran in 1906. They chose a flag with green, white and red colors. They put a lion and sun symbol in the middle too.