Hades Tattoo

hades tattoo

Hades tattoo – Today, we are going to talk about Hades Tattoos. Hades is a Greek god who rules the underworld.

Who was Hades?

Hades was the Greek God in charge of the underworld, where Greek souls went when they died. The Romans called him Pluto.

People were very scared of Hades and did not often talk about him publicly.

However, Hades had an interesting story and many symbols. He kidnapped and married Persephone. His main hades symbols were a sceptre and a horn filled with good things, which showed that the earth was fertile and rich.

What is the process where Hades become the Underworld God

Let me tell you a surprising story about how Hades became the God of the Underworld:

There were three brothers: Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. They were the most important gods for the Greeks. These brothers fought and defeated powerful creatures called titans and giants. After that, they needed to decide who would rule which part of the world.

To make the decision, they flipped a coin. Zeus got the sky, Poseidon got the seas, and Hades got the underworld. So, Hades got the job of ruling over the land of the dead.

Unlike Zeus and Poseidon, Hades did not live on Mount Olympus. Instead, he had a dark and lonely palace underground. That is how he became the God of the Underworld.

Cerberus and Hades Tattoo:

Here is another cool Hades Tattoo. In this tattoo, the main focus is Hades, the underworld god, and he is joined by Cerberus, the dog that guards the gates of Hades’ kingdom.

We will tell you more about Cerberus briefly, so stay tuned.

We really like Eleven Muse Tattoos because they have a unique style that we find very special.

Hades’ Main Story

Hades had an important job. When a Greek person died, here is what happened:

First, they had to get to Stygian Lake, guided by Hermes. Then, they crossed Stygian Lake on Charon’s boat and paid Charon a small coin for the ride.

Charon took the person’s soul to the door of Hades, and there, Cerberus, a dog with three heads and a snake-like body, guarded the entrance to make sure no one could escape.

Before entering, there were three judges: Minos, Rhadamanthus, and Aeacus. They judged the person’s life and decided:

  • If the person was good, they would lead them to the Lethe River to forget all the bad things, and then they would go to the Elysian Fields, a nice place.
  • If the person was bad, the Furies would take them to Tartarus, where they would be punished forever.

Hades and Persephone’s Marriage:

Hades also married Persephone. He kidnapped her and made her his wife, and this is another important myth about Hades.

Hades Tattoo Portrait:

Here is a tattoo of Hades, the God of the underworld, in a different helmet style. You see, sometimes people think of Hades as scary, so they use skulls and horns to show that.

How Hades were married Persephone:

Hermes saw what happened and asked Hades to let her go, but Hades said no because nobody could escape the underworld.

Eventually, all the gods agreed that Persephone could go back to the upper world, but there was a condition: she could not eat anything in the underworld.

However, Hades tricked Persephone, and she ate just one pomegranate seed.

So, they decided that Persephone could spend half the year in the upper world and the other half in the underworld. This story represents the changing of seasons, especially winter and summer, and the growth of crops.

Hades and the Underworld Crew Tattoo:

We like this tattoo for a couple of reasons. First, it is a fantastic piece of art. It is super clear, has a strong design, and everything about it is just amazing.

Second, it shows the three most important characters in the Greek Underworld:

  • Hades, who is the God.
  • Cerberus, the guardian with three heads.
  • Charon, the boatman.

This tattoo was done by Rafael Chavez in Mexico, and it is an amazing piece of art.

Hades Helmet Tattoo:

Look at this cool Hades helmet tattoo! It is made to look real.

The nice thing is you can make the helmet your own. You can add things like a dragon, skull, horns, or even an eagle if that is what you like (or anything else you can think of).

Cornucopia Tattoo:

One of Hades’ important symbols is something strange, it is called a cornucopia.

And this tattoo shows you exactly what a cornucopia is.

It is like a horn filled with different types of food and flowers, which is the usual way to show it. However, you could fill it with gold, jewels, or anything else you can think of to show plenty (maybe even kittens).

Hades Pitchfork Tattoo:

Each Greek God has a special weapon, and Hades’ weapon is a pitchfork with two sharp points.

Sometimes, in these tattoos, the two points of the pitchfork can be the same size, or one might be larger than the other, but the symbol is still clear.

Kim Scott created this tattoo in a style that uses simple lines and illustrations. We like it because, with just a few lines, you can feel the strength of Hades.

More Hades Tattoos for You

We enjoy sharing some Hades tattoo designs in this guide, as seen in this one. However, we like it even more when we have a final section with lots of designs for you.

Realistic Hades Tattoo:

Now, let us talk about another tattoo. This one is more traditional and serious. Here, you can see a realistic Hades tattoo. Hades is looking downward with his eyes closed, like he is in a ceremony, right?

Analog Tattoo in Taiwan is the one who made this tattoo, and you can find many more great tattoos on their Instagram account.

Realistic Statue-like Hades Tattoo:

In this one, you can see Hades in a realistic style, which looks like a statue drawing. There is also Cerberus, the three-headed dog, and a Greek temple in the design, and it all looks magnificent.

This tattoo was made by Cosafina, a shop in Barcelona, Spain, that has been open for over ten years.

Hades and Zeus Tattoo:

Now, imagine getting a tattoo that shows both Hades and Zeus. That is even more full of meaning.

Hades and Zeus are brothers. As we mentioned at the beginning, Hades is the God of the Underworld, and Zeus is the God of the sky. It is like they cover everything from the ground to the sky.

Micheal Hitaua created this tattoo, and we like this artwork. It is a great one.

Hades Illustration Tattoo:

Now, let us talk about a different style, it is like an illustration, see?

This Hades tattoo is awesome. It has strong lines, and the tattoo artist did it perfectly. It’s got much character, and you can also see Hades’ famous two-pronged pitchfork.

Preto Carvao, a great private tattoo studio in Brazil, made this tattoo.

Hyper Realistic Hades Tattoo:

Here is another super real-looking tattoo, but it is even more detailed this time, like super-duper real. At the top, you see a very serious Hades, and below him, there is an angry Cerberus.

We really like how detailed it is and how well everything fits together. It is a really good piece of work. JotabĂȘ Tatuador, an amazing tattoo artist from Moema, Brazil, did this tattoo. He is known for doing lots of realistic tattoos.

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