How Do I Take Care of Natural Hair Extensions?


How can I re-soften my Remy hair? How should Remy natural hair extensions be cared for at home? After washing, how to take care of Remy natural hair extensions. When you search for Remy weaves, all of these queries appear in the search field. Remy human hair extensions may seem challenging to care for, but this article will teach you everything you need to know.

How Do I Take Care of Natural Hair Extensions | The Right Way

One of the best types of extensions is 100% Remy Human Hair. That particular hair is human. It originates from a person’s ponytail. The weave’s dependability and reliability are explained by the source. It still has all of its cuticles. As a result, the strands are all directed in the same way.

This hair is of great quality because of its characteristic, particularly in terms of durability. Many wearers think it is a waste of time learning how to take care of natural hair extensions because of their characteristics. On the contrary, these wefts need to be taken care of. Contrary to popular belief, they need attention because they are human hair.

Understanding Your Natural Extension Type

Understanding the types of hair extensions you own is the first step in caring for your natural hair extensions. Many different natural hair extensions are available, depending on the installation process and use. Some Remy Extensions must be installed using a keratin bond or heat treatment, while others only need a quick procedure.

Your natural hair extensions can be sew-in wefts. These could be tape-ins, clip-ins, or micro-links (i-tips). These synthetic hairs have unique characteristics that call for specific maintenance instructions. Knowing how to take care of Remy hair extensions also requires understanding the texture of weaves.

A different maintenance schedule applies to temporary Remy human natural hair extensions than permanent wefts. Generally speaking, all of them can be adequately washed, detangled, and moisturized. Some procedures need change, though.

Consider the idea of washing as an illustration. It is recommended to remove temporary extensions, like clip-ins, and soak them for 10 minutes before washing. While washing, you must pre-poo for appropriate conditioning before washing permanent extensions like i-tips. The latter is essential because the washing technique works on your natural hair.

The use of moisture is another particular example. You simply need to concentrate on the wefts while oiling temporary extensions. You should also strive to get the oils on your scalp if you have permanent weaves. 

Knowing how to take care of sew-in natural hair extensions is essential. You should never disregard your wild mane because these extensions are simply meant to serve as protective styles. Oils should never be used on the base of extensions, though. That might lead to slippage.

How Do I Take Care of Natural Hair Extensions | Keep Your Tresses Clean

Can natural hair extensions be washed? You can, indeed! You must clean your extensions just like you do your natural hair. They gather debris and goods over time. You must wash them as a result. You must adhere to specific procedures and guidelines to thoroughly clean these tresses.

•Pre-pooing your extensions is an excellent idea, especially if they are kinky wefts. In this manner, you keep shampoo products off your cuticle.

•To clean the extension strands, use a clarifying shampoo.

•Avoid scrubbing or squeezing the weaving when washing. Instead, use your hands to gently rub the strands.

The following step is conditioning. Knowing how to take care of natural hair extensions after washing is crucial.

•After that, let the extension air dry. To dry the hair more quickly, you could choose to blow-dry. However, this process can damage the strands.

•After the hair has dried, carefully brush the hair from the root to tip with a wide-tooth comb (roots).

• Properly store natural hair extensions.

How Can I make my Natural Hair Extensions Soft Again?

How can I re-soften my natural hair extensions? Moisturization is the solution. How should Remy hair be moisturized? The term “moisturization” must be included while discussing how to care for my hair extensions. These hairstyles are synthetic. Unlike natural hair, they don’t get oil from your scalp directly. As a result, they need to be moisturized constantly. 

How can I re-soften my natural hair extensions? Putting moisture on. Knowing the definition of moisture is crucial while caring for Remy Hair Extensions after washing. High porosity strands make up smooth, straight, and wavy hair extensions made of human hair. Light oils like argan and olive are necessary for them. Kinky weaves, however, have less porosity. 

For the latter to effectively seal in moisture, heavier oils like castor are needed. Please remember that these are not your real hair, so use caution while using oils or other moisturizers. Consistency in your hair care practice will help make Remy natural hair extensions last. Use these suggestions to restore the softness of your Remy natural hair extensions.

How Do I Take Care of Natural Hair Extensions | Detangling Process

Due to its delicate, silky nature, Remy Hair Extensions rarely tangle. Yet after a while, it’s normal to start to see tangles. In Curly Extensions, this phenomenon is typical. Detangling becomes simple and less stressful when using a moisturizer.

Combing dry strands could damage them. The strands expand and compress while being washed. The weave’s texture is impacted by this. Moreover, the oils come off, leaving the extensions dry and frizzy. Dry wefts will peel at the cuticles and possibly break if they are brushed. Another result of combing dry hair is shedding. Before combing, always check that your wefts have enough moisture.

The best tools for smooth straight, curly, and kinky curly wefts are wide tooth combs, detangling brushes, and natural bristle brushes.

Your wefts should be untangled at least twice every day. Instead of continuously brushing curly weaves, you should finger-comb them.

Take Care of Natural Hair Extensions After Washing

After washing, always follow up with a good conditioner. During the washing process, your strands undergo some changes. While the shampoo strips the oils, a conditioner soothes the hair and makes it easier to detangle. 

Now that your tresses are clean, dry, and well-conditioned, the next thing is styling the hair. However, styling is also a term you should understand. There are certain precautions to follow while styling your Remy human hair wig.

If you are interested in curling your wefts, you can use Flexi rods instead of hot curling irons. The application involves using a serum or deep moisturizer and leaving the rods overnight. The result is defined curls according to the size of the rods. Do not brush the hair. Tease it a bit to keep the curly texture. This method may be slower, but it protects your extensions from heat-styling effects.

Before you heat style, always use a heat protectant spray or cream. These products minimize the effect of heat on the wefts. Buying textured weaves is one of the best ways to avoid heat styling. It is better to have multiple hair types when purchasing extensions. This way, you can always switch up your look without ruining your tresses with heat. This answers how to take care of natural hair extensions after washing.