Do Tattoos on the Neck Hurt? How to Get a Neck Tattoo and What You Should Know Before You Do

do neck tattoos hurt

Do neck tattoos hurt – Tattoos are more commonplace now than ever, and individuals are becoming creative with their designs. It’s a 21st-century fashion statement that appeals to individuals of all ages. Tattoos are more commonplace now than ever, and individuals are becoming creative with their designs. Many ask, ‘do neck tattoos hurt’ as it is one of the most tattooed body parts. 

Some people still choose for the tried-and-true floral or animal motif, while others have ink in less conventional spots. Tattoos on the neck are becoming more common. Anyone wishing to make a bold statement might consider getting a neck tattoo, which may be either classy and refined or edgy and risky.

A neck tattoo may be a bold statement about your individuality and taste. They are also a standard solution for those who wish to hide imperfections or scars on their necks. There are, however, specific considerations you should make before having a tattoo on your neck. In this post, we’ll cover the many factors you should consider before getting a tattoo, including pain, recovery time, and more.

There are many techniques for applying tattoos on the neck. Most tattoos are created by having the artist directly mark the skin. You may use stencils or your freehand skills for this. After the design is sketched onto the skin, the artist will use a needle to puncture the dermis and inject the ink. After getting the tattoo, taking steps to cure it and prevent infection is essential. Let’s discuss an answer to do neck tattoos hurt in detail. 

Scarification is a different term for getting a tattoo on your neck. Tattoos are traditionally made by cutting into the skin using a scalpel or other sharp object to form the desired design. Scarification is a more invasive tattooing technique but may provide striking aesthetic results.

Do your homework and choose a qualified tattooist who can give you the neck tattoo of your dreams, whatever route you decide.

Do Tattoos on the Neck Hurt?

Getting a tattoo is never pleasant, but it depends on your pain tolerance. However, the location of your tattoo may significantly alter the degree of pain you experience; still, many people ask whether do neck tattoos hurt.

A tattoo on your neck will hurt; that much is certain. Your neck has thin, sensitive skin, so the needles will hurt more there than anywhere else. Your tattoo could hurt more since the artist has difficulty keeping the needle stable while working on you because your neck is continuously moving.

No one can tell how much pain you’ll suffer since we all have different pain thresholds. A tattoo on your neck may not hurt any more than having any other kind of tattoo, especially if you have a substantial pain threshold. If you are very sensitive to pain, you should think twice before getting a tattoo.

When Inked on the Neck, Why Does It Hurt So Much?

Why do tattoos on the neck pain

A few factors might make getting a tattoo on your neck more excruciating than getting one anywhere else. The neck, for one, is a very delicate region. Since the skin on the neck is thinner than the skin on the rest of the body, the tattoo needle will have to go deeper to get the desired effect. This may aggravate the existing discomfort. Many people ask whether neck tattoos hurt is because neck tattoos look highly aesthetic, and everyone wants to get a tattoo there. 

The lack of subcutaneous fat in the neck also reduces the amount of cushioning the needle has when inserted and removed. Finally, any swelling or bruising in the neck will be quite noticeable and may take longer to recover because of how exposed the region is. These causes are why getting a tattoo on your neck might be more painful than getting other tattoos.

However, remember that everyone has a unique threshold for pain, and what hurts one person cannot hurt another. Discuss your pain threshold and any other concerns with your tattoo artist before getting a tattoo on your neck. The answer to do neck tattoos hurt depends upon several factors, including the type of skin and needles being used in the tattoo. 

Discomfort Caused by Tattoos on the Neck

Although getting a tattoo on your neck may be a stunning and original self-expression, you should be prepared for discomfort. Getting a tattoo on the neck may be particularly painful because of the region’s high concentration of nerve endings. It’s vital to know what you’re getting into before getting a tattoo, and there are a few spots on the neck that may be very uncomfortable.

If you’re thinking about having a tattoo on your neck, these are the four most painful spots:


One of the most painful places to get a tattoo is at the base of the neck because there are so many nerve endings. Depending on your pain threshold, the discomfort here may be mild, moderate, or severe.


Tattooing the sides of the neck is likewise an unpleasant experience due to its sensitivity. This area often causes moderate to severe discomfort.


Another sensitive spot that may cause discomfort during tattooing is the front of the neck. This area often causes moderate to severe pain.


The least painful place to receive a tattoo is the back of the neck, although even that may be terrible. In this area, pain is often low to moderate.

It’s crucial to be prepared for the discomfort of a neck tattoo if you’re contemplating having one. If you want a less unpleasant experience, discuss your pain tolerance with your tattoo artist and ask where they suggest you avoid being inked on your neck. Your neck tattoo might be something you’re glad to show off with some forethought and preparation.

neck tattoos hurt

Reduce Neck Tattoo Discomfort by These Eleven Steps

There are ways to lessen the discomfort of having a tattoo on your neck. The following are eleven suggestions:

Pick a qualified tattooist. This is the single most crucial aspect of reducing discomfort. A skilled artist will be familiar enough with your body to know where to put the tattoo to minimize any discomfort. They’ll be able to get more done in less time, saving themselves a lot of sitting.

Go with something uncomplicated. More excellent intricate patterns take longer to implement and cause more significant discomfort. Feel free to seek advice from your artist if you have no idea what you want.

Those regions should be avoided at all costs. For instance, breaking your neck will hurt more when the skin meets the bone. It would be best to be careful around any major arteries, veins, or nerves.

The tattoo should be done in many settings. In this manner, you may spread out the time you spend waiting. And the time between treatments will allow your skin to recover.

Break up the session with some downtime. Tell your artist if the discomfort becomes unbearable, and take a break. Have a glass of water and take it easy until you feel refreshed.

Prepare for the tattoo by using numbing cream. It would be best if you didn’t experience as much pain after taking this since it will lessen the feeling. Don’t go wild with the cream; use it as directed.

Do not get a tattoo without first taking pain medication. The pain will be less intense and more manageable due to this. Don’t take aspirin or anything else that might thin your blood.

It’s essential to drink water during the tattoo process. Consuming large quantities of water may aid in recovery and inflammation reduction. It will also aid in keeping you calm throughout the session.

When having a tattoo on your neck, don’t drink alcohol. Avoiding alcoholic beverages might help you feel better after having a tattoo on your neck in many ways. Alcohol, for starters, causes blood to be thin and may lead to severe bleeding. In addition to increasing the discomfort of getting a tattoo, this may lead to improper healing and premature fading.

In addition, alcohol causes skin dehydration, which increases sensitivity and lengthens the healing period after getting a tattoo. Last but not least, if you plan on getting a tattoo, consuming alcohol beforehand is not recommended since it might cause you to get dizzy and lightheaded. So if you don’t want your tattoo to hurt more or take longer to heal, don’t drink alcohol before having it.

Get a good lunch in you before you get your tattoo. Food in your stomach can ease discomfort and make it easier to bear the agony.

You may tune out the pain by listening to music or watching TV. Taking your mind off of discomfort might be a helpful coping mechanism. Remember to communicate with your creator if you need a break.

If you follow these steps, your neck tattoo should be relatively painless. To ensure the healthy healing of your tattoo, be sure to follow aftercare instructions. And don’t be shy about consulting your artist or physician if you have any questions or concerns.


Does getting a tattoo on your neck hurt?

Tattoos on the spine and neck are notoriously uncomfortable since they are such sensitive spots.

How difficult is it to get a tattoo on your neck?

Tattooing the neck and throat is complex and needs much more talent than tattooing the arm or leg, so many artists avoid this region. If the pressure is too high, it will likely explode. If you apply insufficient force, it will rapidly come loose.

Which tattoo causes the most minor discomfort?

Tattoo discomfort may be affected by a person’s age, gender, and pain tolerance. Ribs, spines, fingers, and shins are the most painful places to tattoo. Forearms, stomachs, and outer thighs are the most comfortable places to have a tattoo.


Beautiful as they may be, neck tattoos are not without their drawbacks. Before being tattooed, make sure you know what you’re getting into. We hope you’ve learned some new information about neck tattoos from this piece.

Does getting a tattoo on your neck hurt? It is case-by-case. There are fewer nerve endings in the skin of the neck, which may explain why some individuals report that having a tattoo there is more painful than elsewhere.

Some people report that it hurt less than they expected. Consider consulting with tattoo artists who have expertise working on the neck before being inked there. As always, I appreciate your attention to this matter.

The above-listed portion thoroughly explains the answer to do neck tattoos hurt.