How Intermittent Fasting Benefits Body and Keep It Healthy? Say Goodbye to Tasteless and Stressful Diets

Benefits of intermittent fasting
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This post is based on the benefits of intermittent fasting and how it is much better than following tasteless diets.

During the holiday season, we have eaten so many high calories, sugar, and friends with our loved ones. Thus putting up weight is the problem of everyone during this celebration season. You may probably be thinking of starting a strict calorie less diet after this holiday season. However, you can opt for intermittent fasting which has numerous benefits to your health.

The fasting method may need your patience, but doctors showed that it helps patients see the scientifically-proven health benefits to several people to avoid toxins and unwanted fats easily, researchers explained in the article published in New England Journal of Medicine

Intermittent fasting methods vary as per the need, for instance, some practice involves alternating eating between certain periods, and another involves eating no food all day, stated co-author Mark Mattson, a neuroscience professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Another form of fasting restricts eating after a gap of six to eight hours per day and other limits eating one moderate-size meal in a day.

Mattson said in the publication, “We are at a transition point where we could soon consider adding information about intermittent fasting to medical school curricula alongside standard advice about healthy diets and exercise.”

The eating patterns in intermittent fasting can increase stress resistance and improves the regulation of blood sugar while decreasing blood pressure, as well as lipid levels, thus give resting to heart rates, said Mattson wrote. 

The study also reveals to avoid intermittent fasting to groups who are the patients or not suffering from overweight.