How To Keep Mosquitos Away From Yard

How To Keep Mosquitos Away From Yard

When you go outdoors just for a minute, especially at the dusk time, you may have noticed there is a Mountain of mosquitoes buzzing over your head. The mosquitoes, when you go outside, start buzzing around your ears, stick to your exposed legs and arms,  increase the chance of so many infectious diseases. Mosquitoes are thus considered dangerous and nuisance insects that can harm the human body with chronic health risks.  

Data shows that there are hundreds of people going sick and attacked by dangerous diseases that are caused by the mosquito bite

The mosquitos in your yard may also enter the house if someone mistakenly leaves the door open or even after going in and out several times. In this post, we will discuss how to keep mosquitoes away from yards with just simple steps. 

Make Sure To Remove Any Stored Water

The female mosquito lays eggs in still or standing water. Make sure to remove or empty the area around and in your yard with standing water. It is found that all the four stages of the mosquito life cycle occur in the and without water mosquitos cannot reproduce. 

If there is standing water in your yard, then there are sure chances that mosquitos are growing, and they attack your arms soon. Thus, careful look for standing or stored water in your yard and even an object and empty it right away.

Keep Mosquitos Away From Yard

Clean Debris From Your Yard

Mosquitos also move around where there is debris, such as piles of fallen leaves and trimmed grass. Always keep your yard clean and do not store any kind of debris, so that mosquitos will not bother you. This step will help you organize a barbeque party with your friends and family without bothering about any mosquito. 

Trimmed The Over Growing Bushes

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Mosquitos also get their food by sucking the plant nectar. They hide under the overgrown bushes and grasses and enjoy their food. So from time to time, cut off or trim the tall grass, bushes, and shrubs of your yard so that mosquitos do not hide there. Heavy vegetation is the home for this dangerous disease causing bacteria. Thus experts say that keep your garden sweet and nice and mosquito-free by regularly shaping(trimming) its beauty. 

Grow Mosquito-Repelling Types of Plants

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There are so many types of plants that work as the mosquito repelling. These are some of the natural ways to keep away mosquitos from your garden. You can grow plants like Citronella, marigolds, peppermint, basil, lavender, and catnip to avoid the mosquitoes from your yard, and even these plants keep your garden fragrant with a pleasing smell.   

Call For Professional Help

These methods mentioned above sometimes do not work because of climatic conditions. In such a situation, you have to call for professional help. They will spray the mosquito barrier treatment chemical that kills the adult mosquitoes as well as spray the larvicides that prevent the larva from growing and killing them before growing.