How to Change Spotify Payment Method | Update Spotify Payment in 8 Easy Steps

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How to Change Payment Method on Spotify – Spotify has broken down walls between genres of music. When you have access to every recorded song, it’s impossible not to become obsessed with Spotify. If you don’t have the patience for commercials, upgrading to Spotify Premium is the way to go.

As a result of the regular occurrence of Spotify payment method update problems, many users have resorted to routinely switching between payment methods. All the information you need to switch your Spotify payment method is here. Many people wonder about the question of how to change payment method on spotify. 

When Spotify saw an opportunity to grow, it jumped on it. The free edition has seen increased advertisements to get users to upgrade to a paid plan. As a result, Spotify premium users get unlimited streaming and high-quality music. In addition, Spotify offers a student discount and a plan for two persons sharing an account. Do you want a discount if you buy a family of four?

Frequently, program help pages are useless, either because they provide incorrect solutions to problems or because they never consider the query that can be asked. Here, I’ve compiled various issues you could run into when attempting to switch your Spotify payment system and highlighted them as clearly as possible. Keep reading to learn about the latest Spotify payment options. But first, let’s discuss the answer to the question ‘how to change payment method on spotify’ in detail. 

Spotify: how to change payment method on spotify? 

When Spotify premium adds the ability to create playlists with a more excellent selection of music, I won’t dispute your motivation to upgrade. Added a What’s the deal if I can’t switch my Spotify payment method?

If you need help updating your Spotify payment method, try one of the localized options Spotify recommends for your region. Please check the list here to find out whether Spotify accepts your preferred payment method. To change your Spotify payment method, please get in touch with Customer Support using the details below.

  • First, load up Spotify.
  • Go to the menu, and choose about.
  • Select Contact Us from the Service and Support menu.
  • Initiate communication by selecting the Send button.
  • Choose Payment Options from the suggested links and describe the problem.

Now, to provide speedier customer service, every application builds bots containing the most often-asked questions and their answers. If you have any questions or concerns, the Spotify bot in this dialogue box will do its best to answer them. When users select “Help with anything else,” Spotify immediately connects them to a live agent.

Ways to Pay for Spotify?

Spotify’s preferred form of payment may change depending on where you live. To find out what kinds of payment options are accepted in your region, click the link on Spotify’s support page. Likewise, you can change your Spotify payment method depending on where you call home. Here are some of the preferred ways of payment that Spotify recommends.

A bank or credit card

Money-reserving card


Mobile Payments

Substitute: gift card

Pay as you go 

If you want to upgrade from Spotify’s free tier to the paid premium one, use one of these options. You may switch how you pay for Spotify to one of these options at any time.

Here’s How to View Your Spotify Billing Information

Your Spotify billing information is always accessible on the Spotify website. To give this a go, use the Spotify web player. If you go to Your Plan after you’ve logged into your Spotify account, you’ll see the pricing details. You can generate an invoice by self by visiting

Spotify: How Do I Register My Credit Card?

Following are the measures you need to take to add a credit or debit card as a Spotify payment option.

First, load up Spotify.

 Enter your login details into Spotify.

The next step is to choose the Profile button in the upper right.

Go to Account.

 Go to the area labeled “Your plan” below. 

Under the Payment section, click Update.

In the space marked “Change Payment Details,” enter the information for your credit card.

Select the “Change Payment Details” option below to make the necessary adjustments.

You can now use Spotify using your credit card since you added it. Follow these simple instructions to change your Spotify payment method.


Which Spotify Plan Should I Choose?

There are a few different Spotify subscription options available. If you’re using a free version and considering upgrading, follow these steps.

Start by opening Spotify.

Open a “Login” window to your Spotify profile.

Choose “Profile” from the menu at the upper right.

Go to ‘Account.’

Go to the area under “Your plan” below. 

Select “Join Premium” to become a Spotify Premium member.

If you’re already a premium Spotify user, go to your account page and click the Change Plans button.

 If you’d want to keep your premium Spotify membership but downgrade to a free version, try switching to the Duo plan.

8. Access the “Spotify Student plan” discounts by signing up with the student-specific Spotify website.

That wraps up the process of altering your Spotify playlists. Have you ever wondered what more Spotify has to offer? If you’re looking for a Spotify plan other than the $9.99 one-month basic, you can find them here.

1. The Two-Person Spotify

If you and a roommate share a home, the Spotify Duo plan is ideal. Spotify’s dual plan costs around $12.99 monthly and gives you two individual premium accounts.

2. The Spotify Premium for Students

Recent weeks have seen Spotify’s student plan become more popular. The premium Spotify subscription plus ad-supported Hulu or SHOWTIME is available to students for only $4.99 per month.

3. Family Premium on Spotify

For $15.99 monthly, Spotify provides family packs with six subscriptions and a Spotify Kid mode.

In what ways can I stop Spotify from automatically charging my card?

Is Spotify’s automatic credit card billing for updates causing you trouble? Count on me to be of assistance. There are two ways to prevent Spotify’s recurring charges. If you want to use Spotify without paying, switch to the free tier in your account settings. You will continue to enjoy premium service until your next subscription cycle begins

You may disable automatic renewal in the Spotify app’s settings on an iPhone. Click on the ‘Settings’ menu. Fill out the fields labeled “Name and Apple ID” The ‘Subscription’ button should be tapped. Pick Spotify> Select the “Cancel Subscription” option.

Exactly What Should I Do If I Want to Stop My Premium Spotify Account?

If you are unhappy with Spotify Premium, you may cancel anytime. Follow these steps to terminate your Spotify account:

Open a Spotify account.

To access your account, choose the Account tab.

Go down to “Your Strategy”

Select the option to Modify the plan.

Find the option to cancel premium and press it.

Your Spotify subscription has been terminated successfully.

Spotify Live Guide to Changing Your Payment Method

Here’s something that might clarify for you regarding Spotify’s various payment options. You can watch this quick video if you want to change how you pay for Spotify. In conclusion, the accessible version of Spotify is excellent, but the premium ad-free edition is tempting. If you want to listen to Spotify without interruption, you’ll need to upgrade to the premium plan. So here is a complete answer to the question of how to change payment method on spotify. 


Why can’t I change the payment method on Spotify? 

Check out the Account Summary page.

Please refer to your plan further down.

To get in touch, just hit the “Payment” tab.

Can you update the Spotify payment on the app?

Enter your login details into the appropriate fields. You may change your payment information by clicking UPDATE next to your plan. Change the method of payment here.

How to pay for Spotify without a credit card?

Payment by check or debit card is acceptable.

  • Prepaid cards
  • PayPal.
  • Money Cards.
  • Use your phone as a payment method.
  • It’s a pay-as-you-go system.

The above-listed portion explains the complete answer to the question ‘of how to change payment method on Spotify.

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