How To Choose The Right Toy For Your Cat

How to Choose the Right Toys For Your Cat

As much as dogs like to play with toys, the same is true for cats. To make your feline healthy, cheerful, and happy, the cat owner must choose the right type of toy for their kitty. Selecting the right toy also helps satisfy your cat’s natural play instincts and encourages exercise activities for her. 

You may have heard that cats do not get as much pet love as dogs. And this makes people believe that petting a cat does not need as much care and attention as dogs. This creates a low-maintenance reputation for cats. But the fact is that cats need proper mental and physical stimulation that helps them to thrive and stay active. 

This stimulation consists of playing and choosing the right kind of toy that keeps your feline engaged. Thus, selecting the right kind of toy for your cat can keep your cat happy, healthy, and contented kitty.

So now you come to know that to take good care of your cat, you could buy some toys for her, but you may probably have difficulty choosing the right kind of toy. With so many options available online and in the offline market, you may get confused. Here are some points we laid down that may help you buy the right kitten toy. 

Remember the following criteria in your mind before choosing any toy for your cat. 

Safety Measures – Always check whether the toy you are choosing can be lodged in your cat’s throat or can it choke the cat’s throat. 

Size of Toy – Check the size of the toy, whether it is too large that might hurt your cat or too small that it would choke the cat’s throat.

Exercise Purposes – Is the toy you are buying facilitating the exercise activity for your cat or not?

The durability of Toy – Check the toy’s durability; whether you have replaced the toy so many times or the toy is dangerous, it will fall or crash.

How To Choose Right Toy For Cat

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The sweet little kittens are active and always ready to play, so their toys must reflect that. If you ensure that you will buy a perfect toy for your feline, you are also making sure that your kitten will live a healthier and happier life and remain active rather than sleeping all day. 

Young kittens have abundant energy, and if their energy is not utilized with the right physical outlet, they may become a little destructive. Thus, choosing the right kind of toy ensures that your kitty will remain content and not destroy anything that she gets in her paws. 

Tips To Choose Right Cat Toys

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Even if you make an initial selection decision, you must pay special attention to a few things. 

Unfortunately, not all toys are made from good quality stuff and methods. This means you have to pay more attention to quality when buying any toy. 

Safety Of Cat 

Cat lovers always worry about their cat’s safety, whether from other animals or toys. You must avoid buying those toys that might get easily choked, tangled, or hurt during their playing session. Also, make sure that if any part of the toy gets dislodged from the toy body, the cat might swallow them easily. So do not buy such toys even. Instead, buy chewy interactive cat toys that cats chew but cannot swallow. 

Choose Catnip Toys

Cats respond to catnip toys instantly and love to play with such toys. Catnip toys instantly change the cat’s behavior and make them swing their mood on high happiness levels. This is the best type of cat toy that every cat owner must buy for their cat. 

Buy Toys That Moves

You can also buy toys for your cat that moves like ping pong, Hartz cat toy, fishing pole, pop & play cat toy, and wand toy. These types of toys help in increasing the cat’s interest in playing, and toy playing activity will become a cat-loving activity. Remember to buy award-winning and best-rated toys from the store or check their reviews before buying any.