How to Choose the Right Water Feature for Your Garden


When you’re ready to take your home exterior to the next level, a water feature will do the trick. Adding a water feature to your garden can increase the enjoyment of your garden. As it will help bring a nature-like relaxing scenery right into your backyard. Also, the soothing sounds of water flowing in a fountain, pond, or fall will give your outdoors a peaceful and relaxing feel. However, before you put up a water feature in your garden, many factors will influence its installation, from your water supply to the overall maintenance of the space. How do you set up the right water feature which suits your needs? Below are savvy tips you should follow when selecting the right water feature for your space.

  1. Suitable Type

Water features vary in shapes and sizes. They can range from simple ponds to large outdoor wall fountains that cover your entire backyard. They also consist of different materials like granite, ceramic, glass, or even stainless steel. Besides, you can select one with either still or moving water. Water features, having still water are simpler to install and maintain. You can also opt to have a free-standing fountain rather than a pond with plants and wildlife. Most water features have an inbuilt lighting option; this will add fancy and flair into your landscape garden. Water features can be categorized as being rocky, native naturalistic, minimalist, etc. With so many types of water features in the market, it is crucial to make the perfect selection that will match or coordinate with your garden.

  1. Price

Water features can be a bit expensive. However, the price might vary depending on the size. Small water features are quite cheap compared to large ones. The price also depends on the material used. To save some money, purchase water features that come as an entire package, with accessories, lights, and even a water pump. Do some research to know what is the cost of buying, installing, and maintenance of the water feature you want. Have a budget, and be sure to get a water feature that fits well within your budget limit.

  1. Location

For plants, fishes and other creatures to thrive in your garden, your water feature should be strategically located. The water feature should receive direct sunlight. The water feature should also be set up in a slanting manner, allowing the water to flow. This will ensure there is abundant oxygen for the creatures. Also, when choosing where to place your water feature, make sure it is not under an overhanging tree and shrubs as they will shed leaves inside the feature; this translates to more maintenance work for you. If you want to generate the best possible results, then you must place your water feature in the center of your backyard.

  1. Maintain Safety

Safety is important, as you select your water feature, be sure to consider its safety measures. There is no doubt your kids will be curious about the water feature. So be sure to educate them about the dos and don’ts around the water feature. You can also install a pod gate or use protective covers around the feature and inspect it regularly to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your children.

  1. Know the Maintenance Requirements

After putting up the water feature, you will have to maintain it, so it retains its appealing nature. Think about its cleaning process. With time the water will become dirty and slimy. Understand how you can dismantle it and drain the water. The next step should be clearing out the dirt. Alternatively, be aware of the cost of calling a professional to do it. Water features get power from electricity or solar energy. Opting for a self-circulating solar-powered one as it will be less expensive in the long run and environment friendly. Also, do not forget to ask about warranties.

  1. Understand Your Local Permit Requirements.

When choosing a water feature, it is essential to check what the local government requirements are. You may need a permit for the water feature. Ensure to analyze if you require any necessary documents. It is crucial, especially if you plan to install an elaborate water feature that will require some plumbing work.


Water features are a sure way of adding tranquility, calmness, and appealing appearance of the outdoor space of your home space. Numerous options suit any budget and space requirements. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t add beauty to your outdoor space with a water feature.