How to Clip Cat Nails – Tips to Trim Your Cat’s Claws Easily

How to clip cat nails

If you are a new pet parent and plan to trim the cat’s claws for the first time, it can be a daunting task. You might be searching the net for cat nail clipping near me; however, you don’t need to do that as you can clip cat nails by yourself.

While some of the cats do not mind occasional trimming, most cats do not like to sit still during the session. Most people are scared to clip cat nails as they are unsure how to do it. Never be afraid to clip your cat’s nails; all you need is to use the right technique and make your cat comfortable.

The first question that might come to your mind is, can you clip cat nails? The answer to the question is yes. It can be a do-it-yourself. While clipping cat nails, keep in mind that cats’ personalities vary widely, and some cats do not easily allow humans to touch and clip their claws. 

How to Clip Cat Nails

How to clip cat nails

Now the question is how to clip cat nails? Here are some steps to follow to trim the nails of your cat.

  1. Make the Cat Ready for Clipping

The first thing you need to do is make your cat ready for clipping. Ideally, when your cat is a kitten, introduce them to the nail clipping. Take your cat to a silent room to make the cat ready and set the mood. 

Take your cat in your lap and get her when she is relaxed. The best time is the after-meal state, as your cat might be sleepy during that time. Keep in mind that the cat cannot spy on wild animals, birds, or any activity outside the window. Moreover, make sure that there is no other pet in the room when you take your cat for clipping. 

  1. Make Your Cat Comfortable

The next thing that you need to do is make your cat comfortable. For this, please take one of your cat’s paws between your fingers and then massage it gently till the count of three. If the cat is not ready, it will pull away from the paw. Do not pinch or squeeze; manage gentle contact in such a case. 

When ready again, take her paw and press the pad gently to extend the nail. As soon as the nail extends out, leave the paw. Don’t forget to give her a treat. Do this every other day until you get to know all her ten paws. 

  1. Use the Right Clipper

Different types of clippers are available in the market. You can choose from different types of pet and human nail clippers. Below mentioned are some of the types of clippers:

  • Scissor-type trimmer
  • Nail clippers for cats and cats
  • Guillotine style ClIppers
  • Human Nail Clippers
  • Dremel

Choose the clipper that you are comfortable using. In addition to this, make sure that your cat is also comfortable with the clipper.

  1. Make the Cat Aware of the Clipper

how often to clip cat nails

The next step you need to consider is making your cat comfortable with the clipper. Your cat should be comfortable with the sound of the clipper before you start trimming her nails. Put a piece of uncooked spaghetti in the clipper and hold it near your cat.

Now while massaging her paw, press her toe pad. When her nail extends, clip the spaghetti while holding your cat’s paw gently. Now release the toe quickly and remember to get her a treat. 

  1. Never Cut the Nails of Your Cat to Quick

The pink part of the cat’s nail is known as quick. The blood vessels and nerves of cats are present quick. Remember not to cut the pink part as it is the most sensitive area. Cut only the white part of the claw. 

It is better to cut less of the nails than the quick part. Cutting the quick part can lead to bleeding, so try to avoid it. In case of bleeding, use styptic powder. Always keep the styptic powder or stick near you while clipping the cat’s nails. 

  1. Finally, Clip the Cat’s Nails Gently

The final step is to cut the nails of your cat gently. Take the cat on your lap in the position she faces away from you. Now massage and press the pad of your cat until the nail extends. Once the nail extends, check how much to clip cat nails.
  Also, notice where the quick of her nails begin so that you don’t cut them accidentally.

The next step is to trim the sharp tip of one nail. Once you trim it, quickly release her toe and give her the treat to pamper her. Do not trim more than two claws until your pet is comfortable; okay with it in one sitting. In addition, make sure to pamper her and reward her nicely. 

How Often to Clip Cat Nails

cat nail clipping near me

The other question is, how often to clip cat nails? The good idea is to clip the cat’s nails every two weeks or ten days. If your cat does not allow you to cut her nails, look for cat nail clippers near you. All the cats are different, and sometimes it is better to seek professional help from certified groomers to clip cat nails. 

What to Avoid While Clipping Cat Nails

While cutting the cat’s nails, make sure that your cat is comfortable. Below are some of the things that you should avoid while clipping cat nails.

  • If your cat resists and is not ready to clip nails, do not punish her or raise your voice.
  • Do not try to reim all her claws at one time
  • Never try to clip her nails if she is upset
  • Do not cut the quick part of cat nails
  • Cut the nails slowly and gently so that you do not cut quick part
  • Do not declaw