How to Find a Good Contractor for Home Improvement: 10 Pieces of Advice


Unfortunately, there are a lot of unscrupulous contractors on the market who delay deadlines, perform work with defects, deliberately increase the amount of work, impose unnecessary work on the customer, and so on. In this article, we will describe a few basic tips for finding a good and reliable contractor according to HomeQuote.

Begin the Search

At first, you need to identify a few prospective contractors whom you would entrust the repair. They are determined by the portfolio, reviews on the Internet, or friends. Once the main candidates have been identified, you need to move further.

Check the Legality of the Contractor

It is recommended to choose the contractor who agrees to sign a contract with you. Before signing an agreement with a company, specify its form of activity. Meanwhile, the time of registration of the company and the amount of the authorized capital should be clarified. 

Make an Acquaintance

Visit the company’s office, evaluate the working environment, and make sure that the office is permanent, its address is recorded on the company’s website, and it has employees and traces of the company’s activities (papers, folders, documentation, and so on).

Ask About the Activity

If the contractor delivered 1-2 objects over the past year, think again about the advisability of working with them. Most likely, you have a newcomer in front of you, for whom, your apartment will be just a platform for gaining the necessary experience. 

Carefully Study the Portfolio

A company or team with a good reputation will not hide their work. You can easily get acquainted with the portfolio, which will contain photographs of completed projects, including those taken in the process of work.

Visit Completed Objects

The photographs of the work are very good. However, how can you verify their authenticity? It is good if there are photos of not only the final version but also those made by the contractor during work. To be sure of the professionalism of the company, ask for a tour of the current facilities.

Ask About Specialists

Do not believe a contractor who is telling you about universal craftsmen. The fact is that different types of work should be entrusted to different specialists with proper education and permits for such work.

Check What Tools Are Available

The presence of a good professional tool greatly speeds up the work, so this factor usually affects the timing. By the way, it is not necessary that your craftsmen have a professional and expensive tool; it can be a simple and budget series.

Clarify Payment Methods

Specify the method of payment for services and what document the contractor will give you in return for payment. Also, clarify the schedule of payment for work. Trustworthy companies accept payment upon completion of the repair.

Get Feedback

Most likely, the contractor will have video reviews of customers or contact phone numbers of those customers who could give them a recommendation. You have the right to know them and call them. 

As you can see, it is difficult to choose a good contractor for repairs, but it is possible. Follow our advice, and your money and time will be saved.