How to find a village in Minecraft?

villages in Minecraft

You could be on the lookout for a town while you explore the huge open-world (or one of them) in Minecraft, which is signified by a close-knit group of modest house-like constructions. Perhaps you came across one accidentally and had no idea what it was for. There are many intriguing places to visit in Minecraft, and in this tutorial, we’ll explain how to find a village in Minecraft world.

What exactly is a Minecraft village?

A village is a small group of houses with residents such as traders and animals such as sheep and cats. You might think of them as miniature communities, towns, or neighborhoods with helpful goods for you to locate.

Villages, like the rest of the game, are produced at random, thus discovering one isn’t as simple as going to a certain area. When you’re out exploring, it might get lonely, so when you come upon a community, it’s exciting.

Aside from that, they generally have treasure and other goods to utilize, so whether you’re in Survival or Creative mode, it’s a good idea to pay one a visit. Finding them is the most difficult aspect.

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How To Find A Village In Minecraft?

Villages sprout at random around the planet, and at least one will always spawn in each world, as far as we can determine. It’s also conceivable for more than one settlement to spawn.

While there isn’t a foolproof way to locate a village (apart from using console commands, which we’ll discuss momentarily), there are a few things you can do to make it simpler to locate them.

For starters, these are the biomes where settlements are most commonly found:

  • Dessert\sPlains
  • Plains of sunflowers (Bedrock Edition only)
  • Taiga Taiga hills in the savanna (Bedrock Edition only)
  • Taiga taiga taiga taiga taiga (Bedrock Edition only)
  • Taiga hills are covered with snow (Bedrock Edition only)
  • Tundra covered in snow

We also learned that settlements spawn near water, so keep an eye out for bays and beaches. It’s best to avoid mountaintops, jungles, and locations with dense, dense trees when searching.

Villages are small, but they still require space to spawn, thus it’s better to avoid seeking them in densely populated places.

The easiest approach to discovering a town in Survival mode is to get to a high point and stare off into the distance. The same idea applies in Creative mode, except you may soar up to the clouds for a better view.

With that in mind, a reasonable rule of thumb is to go to Settings, then to Video, and last to Render Distance. Increase it to its highest value here to boost the game’s draw distance and make it easier to view locations from afar.

Depending on the system you’re using, your experience with this function will be different. High-end PCs will be able to render far more than a Nintendo Switch or mobile device at any given moment.

Another approach to quickly identify a village is to use the console command /locate Village.

This will display the coordinates of the nearest village on your screen, which you may use to find its precise position. Each universe will be distinct in this regard.

You may construct a new world or enter in a favorite seed to produce a certain world you appreciate if you’re having difficulties finding a town, regardless of whatever mode you’re in.

Using a Minecraft Seed code

Seed code in Minecraft signals what to create when generating the entire world. The details in each seed code may vary as these are custom seeds with specific features, landmarks, pyramids, and villages. with every one seed, you use the type of village will change.

Seeds are among the easiest ways to find villages in Minecraft.

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What you get as a reward for discovering a village?

When you eventually get at a hamlet, take in mind that the appearance of the settlement will vary based on the region you’re in. A town in the Taiga biome, for example, will have spruce log roofs, whilst one in the desert will look to be entirely built of sand.

Villages are full of delights, all of which are randomized. This means you may receive everything from rare to ordinary things, but you will always receive something. Traders live in villages, and you’ll want to pay them a visit and fulfill their wishes.

We came to a beer stand and a blacksmith in the settlement we discovered. Just be sure to look at each house to see what you may discover. Villages are full of chests and beds, which you may utilize to create your spawn point.

Beef, wheat, emerald, coal, paper, maps, and a variety of other commodities are among the possible loot found in settlements.

Your activities might also have an influence on your village’s popularity. Killing villagers, for example, lowers your popularity rating, but trading with a villager raises it. According to the Minecraft wiki, the following is a particular popularity chart:

  • +10 Hero of the Village
  • Increasing the level of a Villager to Expert/Master – +4
  • +1 for upgrading a Villager to a Journeyman.
  • +1 for upgrading a Villager to an Apprentice.
  • Trading for the last offer spot on a villager’s list – +1
  • Attacking a villager carries a -1 penalty. Killing a villager carries a -2 penalty. Attacking a villager kid carries a -3 penalty.
  • -5 for murdering a villager’s child
  • Killing an iron golem in a village – -10

Villages have a slight possibility of spawning as Minecraft Zombie Villages, which have zombies instead of normal residents. In Zombie Village, there are no doors or lights, and the atmosphere is eerie.

According to the Minecraft Wiki, there is a 2% probability of them spawning in the Java Edition, but “approximately” 30% in the Bedrock Edition.

Minecraft village Raids or Zombie siege might take place in a village as well. When you kill a Raid Captain, the Bad Omen condition is triggered, resulting in a Raid. The raid will commence when you enter a settlement with this condition.

As long as the settlement has 20 beds, zombie sieges have a 10% chance of occurring after midnight or during thunderstorms. As if there was a Zombie village siege going on

A village, as you can see, is much more than a collection of buildings. Depending on your luck, they may vary in size and contain extremely unusual riches for you to exploit.

Final Words:

This is all that we had in store in our Minecraft Village guide for “How to find a Village in Minecraft”. You can use various methods like Minecraft village finder, trade with zombie villagers, look at various map features, and find the spawn villages in snowy taiga hills.

Finding villages in Minecraft is not as difficult as it seems. We hope this article is useful to you to find Villages in Minecraft.

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