Want to Know about Soulja Boy Net worth?

Soulja Boy net worth

Soulja Boy net worth – Soulja Boy, now known as DeAndre Cortez Way, is an American rapper. Soulja Boy net worth is $4 million. DeAndre Cortez Way was born on September 27, 1993, to Sharitha and Howard/Howard Jr Way in Stone Mountain, Georgia. From the beginning of his career, he was a self-proclaimed “future millionaire”. 

He began rapping when he was 12 years old, which led him to sell drugs, and he eventually ended up in prison for violating his probation at 17 due to poor life choices and poor decision-making skills that Soulja Boy used. He released his first studio album in 2007, hosted by Don Cannon and DJ Spinz. The second studio album was released in 2008, titled “iSouljaBoyTellem”.

In 2007 Soulja Boy released his first album called “souljaboytellem.com”. The album was widely popular and successful, selling over 1 million copies. DeAndre was 17 years old at this time. Soulja Boy sold the rights to his music via a record label deal with SODMG. It led to mixtapes, with some being better than others.

Basic Information:

In 2010 he created another popular album in collaboration with Interscope Records, which sold over 800 thousand copies worldwide. The years 2011 to 2013 were less successful for DeAndre. The stars “We Made It”, “Turn My Swag On”, and others did not gain the mainstream popularity of his previous albums. He was also featured on several songs with other famous rappers such as Chris Brown, Future and Gucci Mane. In 2012 he started his own company called “Upper Echelon.”

In 2014 he reemerged as a hip-hop artist with a new album titled “#iHateMusic”. The album reached 94 on the Billboard 200, which was DeAndre’s first time to be featured on that chart since 2010. He was never featured on that chart before. However, he has been featured in the Billboard charts many times with his albums and mixtapes. His songs are often promoted by fellow rappers such as Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne, and Lil Twist.

Soulja Boy’s Movies:

In 2012 Soulja Boy was mentioned in Red Band Society, a movie about a group of young people who are about to turn 18 and to move from the hospital to different homes for a year or two. The story focuses on five children and their families meeting at one of their homes. Soulja Boy was one of these children whose family moved into a house down the street; he played himself in this movie. In 2014 he acted in a movie called “The Good Lord Bird”, based on the book “The Good Lord Bird: Or, The Last Days of J. B. Stoner” written by James McBride. This movie was also released in 2014 and made over $1 million at the box office after an opening weekend, with a third of the opening weekend earned by Soulja Boy.

How old is Soulja boy?

DeAndre was born in the latter part of 1990 and is now 23 years of age. He was 13 years old when he started recording songs and was 21 when he created hits like “Turn My Swag On”, “Pretty Boy Swag”, and others. He was 5’6″ as a child but has grown to 5’11” in adulthood. He has worked hard to stay fit and healthy to beat his asthma. DeAndre said that growing up; he could not speak properly because he had asthma, so his voice sounded different during different points in his career.

Soulja Boy net worth 2021:

Soulja Boy net worth is approximate of $20 million in 2021. He has released nine studio albums and over 20 mixtapes. His last four albums were top-rated, including his album titled “#iHateMusic”, which was released on March 24, 2014. The album reached #94 on the Billboard 200 chart, making it his first time to be featured on that chart since his first album was released four years ago.

Personal Life:

He had to spend time in jail for a few weeks because he violated his probation during this time; DeAndre turned 18 during his stay in jail. He was released from jail and began work on music again and has been releasing songs ever since then up until the present day (May 13).

Where is Soulja boy from?

Soulja Boy was born in Stone Mountain, Georgia. He was made to live in the area from a young age by his mother, who did not want him raised by his father. His father split from his mother when DeAndre was around two years of age, and he went to live with his grandparents. He moved back after five years with only one month to stay there before he turned 18. Sadly, she passed away when he returned home. After her death, he moved back to his father, Howard/Howard Way.

Soulja Boy’s Other Rapper Aspirations:

Soulja Boy is a member of the group called The KIXX. DeAndre gave up the R-Rated rap songs and went more towards a lifestyle of being a Christian. The KIXX consisted of Soulja Boy and three other members; they released one album in 2009 and then disbanded in 2011. The KIXX’s last music video was released on November 12, 2008. Soulja Boy has also expressed his interest in working with artists such as Lil Wayne and Lil Twist. He has also collaborated with Young Thug, featured by people on the song “We Ballin'”, which DJ Spinz presented. The first single of the song was entitled “Gucci Flip Flops”.

Soulja Boy’s Struggle With Kobalt:

On November 6, 2014, Soulja boy had to pay 6 million dollars to KMG due to unpaid royalties. After an undisclosed amount of time, KMG and Souljaboy’s labels, Atlantic Records and SODMG (Sony Music and Def Jam), decided they wanted the merchandise from his 2011 hat line. It is where DeAndre got into a problem because he did not have all the proceeds from sales. As a result, he was unaware of the money he owed and ended up settling a case with KMG on June 4, 2015. The settlement also included an agreement to pay Soulja Boy $6 million over the next five years, of which $1 million was paid on November 6, 2014. It has caused his net worth to drop by 12% since the bills were linked to him. 

Things To Know About Soulja boy and his net worth:

Soulja Boy started when he was 13 years old as a rapping MC for a local Atlanta club called “Slikk The Ripper”. When Soulja Boy got older, he became more involved with street life and acted as his godfather. He was arrested for possessing a firearm when he was 17 years of age and has been in jail three times: Georgia, Los Angeles, and California. He is also featured on the album “As I Am” by Lil Wayne, which sold over a million copies. He has released nine studio albums since he first started. DeAndre is also the CEO of his “Upper Echelon” record label.


1. How much money does Soulja boy make in a year?

Soulja Boy’s estimated net worth is $20 million as of 2015. He makes approximately $1 million a year by releasing music and touring. His net worth will rise to around $50 million in 2021.

2. How old is Soulja boy?

Soulja Boy was born on November 15, 1987. He is currently 29 years old.

3. What is the name of Soulja Boy’s mother?

His mother’s name is Elizabeth, and she died when he was just eight years old. Soulja Boy has six half-siblings and over seventy cousins. His father is Howard Way and lives in Atlanta, Georgia (USA).


Soulja Boy is a famous rapper; his net worth has increased significantly over the years. He has released many successful albums and is still known by many people today. He sells merchandise from his #iHateMusic Tour and tours, constantly trying to earn more money for his record label. Soulja Boy’s net worth in 2021 will be around $50 million, but it will rise to around $80 million if he keeps releasing songs as popular as these.