How to Make Money Betting on IPL


The 2023 TATA IPL (Indian Premier League of Cricket – the top tier of men’s professional cricket in India) is now in full swing, so if you’re looking to make money betting on the IPL, you’ve come to the right place.

Several useful tips for placing strategic bets that are more likely to return you a profit are revealed on this page.

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How to make money betting on the IPL this year

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What about making money from bets?

Before placing a bet on the IPL, try and conduct as much research as possible into the two teams playing. For example, read the latest team news and find out which players are injured or currently in form. What’s the weather like? What were the previous results between the two teams when they last faced each other?

Finding out this important information can help you place more strategic bets. Also, take your time to learn the different betting markets and how the different odds formats work.

Some people prefer viewing the betting odds in the European decimal odds format, whereas others prefer the American/moneyline odds format or the UK fractional odds format.

What are the main bet types in cricket?

The main bet types in cricket that you can find at trusted online bookmakers today are pre-match betting markets, outright cricket betting markets, and in-play betting (aka live betting) markets.

Other bet types include:

  • Toss winner (home or away team)
  • Top batsmen
  • Dismissal method
  • Player of the match
  • Total runs (over/under)
  • The first team to score 50, or 100 (e.g., first half-century, first century)
  • Most run-outs
  • Highest opening partnership
  • Future betting
  • Odd/even runs
  • Highest total number of runs in first 15  overs

Many other betting markets are available in cricket, so take your time to learn them before placing a wager. You may find that you have a knack for a certain type of bet.

Others include series winner, boundary–over 1, and wicket–over 1, the team with the top run scorer, the top run scorer, the maximum score in an innings, maximum fours, best bowler, match outcome and so many others.

A closer look at how the odds formats and implied probability rates work

With all this in mind, you are one step closer to making money betting on the IPL. Let’s take a look at a few examples of how the different odds formats look and how this equates to the implied probability rates.

At the time of writing, you will see that there are two joint-odds-on favourite teams to win the 2023 TATA IPL season outright – the Gujarat Titans (GT) and the Lucknow Super Giants (LSG). Both teams are currently priced, on average, at around 5.00 in the European decimal odds format.

In other words, both teams currently have a 20.00% chance (implied probability rate) of winning the IPL this year outright. If you were to change the odds format to the American/moneyline format, 5.00 would look like 400, and in UK fractional odds, it would look like 4/1.

You also have the Chennai Super Kings – currently, the Super Kings  the second odds-on favourite team to win the league outright – or third team – depending on how you look at it. They are currently priced at around 6.00, which means they have a 16.70% chance of winning the league outright (500 in American/moneyline odds or 5/1 in UK fractional odds).

Final note

The most important thing to do when placing bets on the IPL is to gamble responsibly. In other words, don’t place silly bets with outside/long odds that are least likely to occur. These bets are not likely to return a profit.

For example, there are ten teams in the IPL, and the team that’s least likely to win based on the current odds are the Delhi Capitals. They are currently priced at around 34.00 (3,300, or 33/1), meaning they only have a 2.90% chance of winning. However, you should also bear in mind that no bets are guaranteed.

If you place a bet on this market right now with these odds, and the Delhi Capitals go on to win the league, your payout would be huge, but it’s very UNLIKELY to happen, so avoid placing bets like this. Try and read between the lines and understand the odds that are being offered to place more sensible bets.

Finally, one of the worst things you can do is chase your losses. Also, never spend money you can’t afford to lose, and try not to place bets out of sheer necessity. Where possible, set deposit limits, and try your hardest to stay within your budget.